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The ticket was booked as part of a larger award using American Airlines miles, and I would be flying in first class from Tokyo … As mentioned earlier, it’s tough to earn Japan Airlines miles as the airline only partners with Marriott Bonvoy. Boarding was a very efficient process. It’s only after I landed in Tokyo that I found out that these seats do have, in fact, a large extra storage compartment somewhat hidden behind the headrest. I flew Business Class in a Boeing 777-300ER on Japan Airlines (JAL) from London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR) to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport (HND) in Japan in June 2016. At the press of a button, the seat can be lowered into its horizontal position to create – together with the ottoman – a fully flatbed. ANA or JAL Business Class to Japan. Solo travelers should go for the window seats. Business tends to slow down during the school holidays and airlines cannot fill their Business Class seats, hence selling them at an impressively discounted price, that – in some cases – matches the price of tickets for the seats in the crammed back of the plane. Although we took off during sunset, the sun rose again after only 3 hours of flying because of the arctic summer. Upon boarding Japan Airlines business class passengers receive an amenity kit including skincare and toiletries. Business class passengers receive Panasonic noise-canceling headphones on routes between Tokyo and London… What are the worst Business Class seats on JAL’s B77W? So made a dash for the boarding gates about 15.25. Ok maybe more of a sprint! Seats in row 5 are located in their own private cabin, which offers a more intimate ambiance. Flight Information Date: May 9, 2018 Flight No. JAL does not have its own lounge in Terminal 3 at London’s Heathrow Airport. However, JAL’s staggered configuration means that you never directly face the passenger seated next to you (which is the case with the British Airways Ying/Yang seat plan). If you’re interested in booking JAL business class as an award, AA will charge you 60,000 miles each way to/from Japan, or 70,000 to the rest of Asia. Japanese Menu Amuse-bouche: seafood ceviche & fennel panna cotta Irodori Gozen: a selection of seasonal and colorful Japanese delicacies, including: Squid dressed with green miso Braised potato julienne, braised taro, and Yuba fish cake King prawn with white miso jelly, sweet vinegar jelly, and chopped okra. Amuse-bouche: seafood ceviche & fennel panna cotta. While clean, there was really nothing special about the restrooms and I did miss the presence of some luxury brand toiletries. All seats face forward, and all of them have direct aisle access, except for the middle seat in each row. The lounge is very similar to the British Airways’ flagship Galleries lounge at Terminal 5 (which I reviewed here), albeit it’s a less glamorous version. Upon request, the crew provides a highly resilient airweave mattress, which will send you off to dreamland even if you are like me and have trouble falling asleep on a plane. This is really a complete trip report. Anantara The Palm is a great place. The Latest News We Think Every Lover Of Luxury Travel Needs To Know. Contact me to get a resort credit and two personalized experiences (for two) at any Soneva resort in the Maldives or Thailand. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is a waterfront sanctaury, published on my travel blog (link in profile) a to, I published on my travel blog (link in profile) a, British Airways B77W Business Class Tokyo to London, world’s best airlines for longhaul Business Class, most luxurious First Class suites in the sky, I almost never pay a full price for a flight. Unfortunately, a technical problem occurred, which delayed our departure by one hour (and which I recorded with my camera; you can watch it in my Youtube clip from 6’18’’ to 8’05’’). Manage your booking and check in online. My Business Class ticket cost was €1,349 EUR, including taxes, for the roundtrip from Brussels to Tokyo via London. Click here for a seat map. Japan Airlines’ 787-9 business class … Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. All seats face forward and all of them have direct aisle access, except for the middle seat in each row. The lounge features British Airways’ signature contemporary decor that can be found in the airline’s lounges around the world, with stylish design chairs, an oak wooded floor, and an impressive lighting fixture above the bar. Apparently, I was hungry since I ordered several snacks during the flights, such as octopus fritter balls (a famous street snack from Osaka) and Japanese seafood curry. Alaska charges 60,000 miles to Japan as well, but just 65,000 miles to the rest of Asia, so you might as well tack on an additional flight (like my Tokyo … There are retractable privacy dividers between the seats, which can be lowered when traveling with a companion. Time + Tide Miavana, the world’s best resort, Amanzoe, the most exclusive hotel in Greece. Airline: Japan Airlines (JL) Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER Flight #: JL 61 Route: Los Angeles (LAX) > Tokyo-Narita (NRT) Date: November 7, 2018 Duration: 11 hr 45 min Cabin & Layout: Japan Airlines Business Class… # WALK-UP BAR: JAL does not have a walk-up bar on its Boeing 777 planes, but that’s not a problem at all since you can order several snacks from the menu at any time you wish. Last month, I enjoyed a lovely trip with one of my best friends in scenic Japan. The entertainment system itself will make the hours fly by with hit movies, games and audio programming covering everything from the latest pop tunes to traditional Rakugo-style Japanese comic monologues. # LAVATORY: Business Class onboard the Boeing 777-300ER has 4 lavatories, 2 at the front and 2 at the rear, although passengers from Economy Class seemed to use them as well (which is not a problem for me of course). Although the problem was a minor occurrence, it made me feel uneasy since I suffer from a fear of flying, although it did help that the professional cabin and flight crew kept us well-informed during the event. As it’s a Oneworld member airline, you can redeem American Airlines AAdvantage miles or British Airways Avios for this 6,772-mile flight. Japan Airlines offers everything from the latest pop tunes to traditional Japanese comic monologues (rakugo) OnDemand. JAL offers fee-based WiFi on its Boeing 777 airplanes, although I did not try it out. Hi.. Just found your report. It is worth noting that window seats and middle seats have a narrow entrance, making getting in and out of them tricky. In addition, although part of the lounge has large windows on one side with views of the apron and runway, the lounge itself feels quite dark. Fly direct to Europe via Tokyo, or via Hong Kong/Kuala Lumpur and then on to Tokyo with the option to stopover at one or both. Business Class seats in JAL’s Boeing triple seven are placed in a staggered 2-3-2 layout. The cloth’s checkered pattern on top of each seat adds a subtle Japanese touch to the overall warm cabin ambiance. The stylish menu featured a la carte dining with a Western and Japan multi-course dinner to choose from. Seats in row 5 are located in their own private cabin, which offers a more intimate ambience. It’s fairly comfortable, though not particularly lux, with good food and beverages o… Onboard cuisine was the surprise on this flight, as it was by far the best food – both in terms of presentation and taste – I ever had in all my years of flying Business Class. Whilst Narita Airport gets a lot less love these days than Haneda Airport due to its considerably closer proximity to the centre of Tokyo, it is still as efficient as ever and after a smooth check-in, I was quickly through immigration and on my way towards the quiet enclave of the Sakura (Business) Lounge. The flight was booked as a British Airways ticket (JAL codeshare) during a British Airways promotion. Most of us will completely ignore any Business Class fare as it seems out of reach. I understand that planes always have extra fuel onboard for potentials diversion and weather-related problems, but it came to my mind that they should surely have enough fuel in the tanks to cover five minutes of extra taxiing on the runway, unless there was a problem with the fuel pressure indicator itself. # INTERNET: JAL does offer WiFi on its Boeing 777 airplanes, although I did not try it out. The Sakura Lounge is a classy affair, split over two simple but stylish levels with a quiet zone on the lower level including sleep pods an… It’s a fee-based, in-flight WiFi connection that supports passengers’ smart phones, notebook computers and other wireless LAN devices. Today (July 27th, 2016): Trip report: British Airways B777-300ER Business Class Tokyo to London. The JAL Suites are not fully enclosed but they are probably the most private of the open First Class … : JL749 Route: Tokyo Narita to Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airline: JAL Japan Airlines Type: Boeing 787-8 Registration: JA840J. While getting in the suite via the narrow entrance during the boarding process was no problem at all, leaving it upon landing was a more challenging affair. Remarkably, together with my travel companion and a male flight crew member, we were the only non-Asian people onboard the flight. Instead, Business Class passengers have access to the British Airways lounge, dubbed ‘Galleries lounge’. Solo travelers should go for the window seats. Delicious! In this review (more information & photos below my Youtube clip & slideshow): *** Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for a daily moment of travel inspiration ***. Wednesday newsletters always feature a hotel and/or flight review. Another issue with the window and middle seats is that at first sight, they seem to lack a decent storage compartment, except for the overhead bins and the space below the ottoman (all other seats have an extra storage compartment on their side). Windows seats in row 11 miss a window and are best avoided. Learn how your comment data is processed. Travel contests & sweepstakes: win luxury holidays & travel later! Zucchini & shiitake mushroom, with sesame vinegar Chicken & burdock rolls, grilled tuna steak with sesame soy sauce, grilled squid & mashed potato sushi-style, minced egg with soya bean jelly, tomato jelly with scallop, and spinach roll with smoked salmon and cream cheese Dainomono: Fried lotus root cake rolled with grilled conger eel, grilled chicken & fried tofu dumpling, seaweed sauce, steamed rice, miso soup, and Japanese pickles Dessert: strawberry trifle pot, Western Menu Amuse-bouche: seafood ceviche & fennel panna cotta Hors-d’oeuvre: snow crab meat timbale with salmon roe & caviar Main dish: sea-bass fillet with artichoke parmesan sauce Dessert: strawberry trifle pot. The wider business class seat is only one of a long list business class amenities provided by the air carrier. It’s a somewhat similar system to the one you find on British Airways’ planes. A very nice touch is that Business Class passengers are also offered a pair of slippers and a cardigan. As mentioned above, every Business Class passenger has a 23-inch (58 cm) LCD entertainment screen (one of the largest in its class), which can be controlled by touching the screen or by remote control. If you or anyone you know are looking for one way business class ticket to japan from the United States email me. As previously explained,  I almost never pay a full price for a flight, as I mostly use my hard-earned miles for booking a premium class seat or make the booking during an airline’s promotion. # FLIGHT PATH: The flight path took us over the northern parts of East Russia and Siberia, flirting with the coast line along the way. From the lounge, it was about a 10 minute walk to the gate where – unfortunately – the JAL Boeing 777-300ER was partly hidden by the jet bridge. Unfortunately, you have to be careful when booking a business class … The passage to the lounge is somewhat unappealing as you have to make your way through a long tunnel, before you enter the reception area where you find the separate entrances to the Spa, the Business Class lounge and the First Class lounge. The 3 middle seats are ideal for passengers traveling with a child. The seat itself is very comfortable, albeit a tad narrow, with a width of 25,5 inch (65cm). JAL’s business class is within reach for most points-and-miles collectors.

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