honda crv wont start electric brake problem

NEVER EXPECTED THIS FROM A WELL REPUTABLE COMPANY. Some guy spent time designing this, finding the harness, and build them. After 3 visits they replaced the battery. The 1975 model year cars did not have the interlock. Called Honda … So I went to start my car this afternoon after having already drove it to work today. The reason for it is for or cycle credits to be earned for emissions. Dealership I purchased car used from admitted openly to being aware of the problem and the lack of any permanent solution from Honda to address it. For cars made here, most of those “inner circle” outfits are hiring Janes and Joes, while “American” companies hire Pedro and Maria. We feel a little relieved that Honda has owned up to it as a factory defect but we have no idea when it will be repaired or what the cause of the problem is. I have a 2019 Chevy EQUINOX, 1.5 TURBO. Commuting does blow, particularly during rush hour. Your email address will not be published. So every time I start up my car I have people tell me I need to get that check out. I let my wife garage her car, so my CR V is outside in the weather most of the time. Same problem with mine 2013 equinox,higher than normal oil consumption, replaced cam solenoid upper and lower plus have to check oil all the time plus problem with transfer case blew one 4 months ago bearing failure and blew ahole in it cost 2200 now 4 months later same problem in being check.This is just a lemon suv thatgm wont fix. It’s pretty easy to wire a switch or momentary button to that hood position sensor. Of course not. If you don't know anything about buying cars go buy a brand new Honda Civic or a Ford focus. My circuit includes a starter type relay that immediately shorts the resistor out of the circuit when the ignition is turned on so the charging system can work normally. I’d rather waste a few pennies in wasted gasoline, than to wear out my engine, starter, and battery at every stop/start event, which will be a lot most costly. Watch tutorials about your 2017 Honda CR-V Electric Parking Brake and Automatic Brake Hold, including videos and tips designed to improve safety and performance. I bought a used certified pre-owned Honda CR-V from my local Fox Honda in Sept. 2016, as my old car was having a bunch of car problems well over 100,000 miles. This just happened October 19. General Motors and several other manufacturers told us that doing so would run the battery down. Update from Dec 20, 2016: Took my CR V to local dealer and the service manager said Honda now has a fix and they would take care of the VTC actuator for me. Big brother got you to do exactly what THEY wanted you to do, NOT what made you happy! That Malibu had a very low rubber air deflector under the front bumper that would catch easily on a curb or anything higher than 4 inches. I recall cars for the 1974 model year that had a seat belt interlock system that prevented starting the car unless the belt was fastened. And on the cobalt, it’s even armed the security alarm. So, here’s a new tip for those who hate the system. There are no fixes and the dealership says its a known problem with all Honda cars that the manufacturers have not changed the design of the VTC actuator and no plans to correct or recall problem. I have had the vehicle looked at, but nobody can provide an answer. Is this an end-all solution to disabling the engine auto-stop-start system? Government is pushing manufacturers to do it. Great advise from Tom G, the TRUE whiner who might not be inconvenienced by the feature or have had his family almost killed by the feature, as we actually rolled into traffic while the motor was shutoff. Annoying sound every morning. What they COULD do is program it like BMW, and let the engine run for 5 seconds, in case you’re at a stop sign, or another short stop. Shortly after I received an email apologizing with the Honda hotline that I could call to complain. - northernman, Obviously, this is not an annoying enough issue for you. So as these cars get on in age JUST MORE REPAIR COST! Don't get me wrong, we like our CRV but we bought in the hope of not having any engine problems like 2003 Subaru Outback, which needed head gaskets at 40,000 miles and again when we decided to sell it at 167,000 miles. Once the car starts, the relay closes, correctly indicating the hood’s status as closed. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 134 vehicles nationwide. I’ll never buy a car with such idiotic “technology”. Call your broker. If we leave our 2020 Buick Enclave running & get out to eat our dog could die because the engine cuts off in 10-20 minutes letting car become hot enough to kill my dog. Very annoying. We made inquiries about it with our local dealer but were discouraged from having them look at it because it was no longer in warranty We decided to get a second opinion from Eisinger Honda in Kalispell MT. You can find and solve the issue for ‘the key won’t go into the ignition. I bought this car in December of 2012, and around early 2014 (probably about a year later) I noticed a horrible grinding noise on a cold start. If you continue to use this site, you consent to this use of cookies. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your CR-V yourself? Come on fellas, are you really going to let something so minor influence your buying decision? Its more to prevent someone from auto-starting the car by accident while their fingers are poking around the engine compartment really. I explained that I was unhappy with their service. GM see’s a cash cow down the road when all the components of start stop break. 4 . I finally had the opportunity to explain my situation. This cant be normal for any car. Don’t tell me you will get used to it…………..that’s a sad excuse for GM. The engine will either not start at all, or shut off every time. Four problems related to car will not start have been reported for the 2018 Honda CR-V. Put the transmission in “L” then toggle or manually push the + symbol up to 9 ( 9th gear)then drive like normal. It would need a defeat switch. After hearing it they immediately notified Honda.The response from Honda stated that it was a known problem and would be repaired free of charge by Honda when they had a satisfactory fix for the problem. Currently it make the HORRIBLE LOUD noise at every start up. The second bad thing I noticed was if I was carefully pulling into a parking spot. I have been test starting my CRV a couple times a day. Bummer. The grinding is momentary and doesn't usually occur until another prolong cold sitting period. California is not longer part of this world, California is the only place in the US with any culture. What do you think a new starter will cost you? I have always changed oil before it reaches the 15% level according to maintenance monitor.I have used only MOBIL 1 0W-20 SYNTHETIC AND Honda filters from the dealer. It never hurts to experiment and you won’t damage anything .. Books has the world’s largest selection of new and used titles to suit any reader's tastes. And the CRV is made in AMERICA………not MEXICO!!!!!!! But everyone has a breaking point and especially since I am paying over $600 a month for a lease. Like others have said, it only happens when it's cold out. American society is currently permeated by it. Shop SUVs for sale at I have a 1993 chevy van G20 which had a RS800 Series III Remote engine starting system. COMPANY WHICH IS KNOWN FOR THEIR RELIABLE CARS ARE HAVING ISSUES WHICH ARE NOT EVEN FIXED TILL DATE, Update from Apr 7, 2016: SO one day our dealer contacted us and said that they have received the part (VCT ACTUATOR) for our 2013 HONDA CR V, the next my dad took the car to the dealer and it took approx. It happened to me a few days ago. great lakes, ON, Canada. I always wear my big girl pants but I hate it because we travel a lot & our dog goes with us. The only point I’d debate is not being mad at GM, or more correctly, not being mad at all the manufacturers for not growing a set of testicles and pushing back on this whole farce. Start/stop is akin to excrement smeared on the steering wheel and my “free to experimenters system” cleans it right up. He tried to, but it turned into a legal battle with California and a few other “progressive” states. Are you having these problems with your CR-V? I tried going to L6 on my 2019 equinox and it works great. I dislike the fact that the engine will run forever as I’m siting in a drive-thru. Rember if it wont run it's annoying but if it won't stop, it's deadly. It's an extremely loud and embarrassing noise. Видео ремонт автомобиля: VW Golf 4 1.4 16V motor hiba, engine problem гольф 4 1.4 16v ремонт ... 1987 Mercedes-Benz 260E W124 Start up. The only caveat may be if I start to set up a regional program. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2018 Honda CR-V based on all problems reported for the 2018 CR-V. And as I exited the vehicle, the engine sprang back to life because I let my foot off the brake. It can be very frustrating when a vehicle won’t start.There are many different issues that can cause the problem. Sometimes when winter hit about a couple months later, I started having these grinding noise. But at a certain temperature. Since living in Florida for 30 years, car batteries do not last in this extreme heat and almost everyone I had failed is almost immediate. Thanks for the input! Expected delivery date sometime in late January 2016.. "hopefully". Odds are it depends on the numbers they are wanting for the credits and if the government will let them have it. Now I'm left with a vehicle that has suffered a well known problem and a fix that may or may not work along with "free" uncertainty as to whether future problems in this area may not be traced back to this original problem. Quite convenient for Honda since they NEVER investigated my complaint. For around-the-clock GM news coverage. We had this same problem on our 2018 CR-V recently. So for 3 years every time I visit my Honda dealer I ask if there is a fix yet and get..."umm yeah no, sorry Honda is looking into it and will let you know as soon as they find a fix." I called the Honda hotline and after waiting 10 minutes to talk to a customer service rep. If you have a for-profit service, contact us. This problem may be covered under warranty. Ignorance is often a source of fear. Been working fine since 1993, but now when I start it from the remote and then depress the brake pedal all my fan motors, electric windows, odometer all shut off but the engine stays running but won’t shift out of second gear. It is a Rube Goldberg tool to make the government happy not wall st. Cylinder drop and other items are all due to the off cycle credits to make some of the vehicles you want possible. As far as I know, none of the Camaro engines, including the 2.0, use start-stop. We left the car with them overnight so they could cold start it and diagnose the problem. They ask me questions like "is this car safe?" It was do it when it's 40-50 degrees, but doesn't when it reaches 20-30 degrees sometimes. It's BS and surprised there is no lawsuit against them by now. How about making the engine stop/start technology an option when buying a car, so no button would ever need to be pushed? This lasted until congress went home for summer recess. So as thousands of cars at stop lights, there will be many people getting out of their vehicle to push the car of pop the hood and will get slammed by passing vehicles. We have had some cold temperatures and so far no more grinding noise. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I am not a fan of this and I would likely think twice about buying a vehicle with this system. They said it wasn't damaging the e. engine. Very embarrassing. When the vehicle is not running or in accessory mode, the relay causes the ECU to “see” an open hood regardless of what the sensor actually reads. It wouldn’t start two times in one day and had to be jump started. No they were against the changes as they know they could only be for 4 to 8 years. Maybe my last Honda and I currently own four. Your email address will not be published. a very happy camper. To take advantage of the workaround, one would need to pop the hood (before starting the vehicle), start the car with the hood open, and then shut the hood. I received a survey a few days later to rate my recent service appointment. ... 2017 CR-V. Electric Parking Brake and Automatic Brake … I believe for around $140, I can get rid of the annoyance in my 2019 Equinox!!!!!!!!!! i have a 99 honda crv. Mopeds, electric bicycles, and even electric kick scooters are a simple form of a hybrid, powered by an internal combustion engine or electric motor and the rider's muscles. Easier said than done, as you won’t typically understand the impact of it until you’ve lived with it for a while. There are numerous Youtube videos with the same problem, but your video link won't accept any of them. One day it … If you have the wiring diagram for the charging circuit (vehicle repair manual), locate the … Average failure mileage is 26,450 miles. How to Customize a Honda 750 ACE. We are currently looking for experienced automotive journalists and editors to join our team.  Make $60k-$80k per year doing what you love.  We are also looking for an experienced forum moderator to join our team.Â, Want to see your GM ride featured on GM Authority? Subscribe to GM Authority for more GM engine news and around-the-clock GM news coverage. I actually dislike the fact the the engine starts when you put the car in neutral and when you unbuckle your seat belt. Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) “Look for the helpers” – Celebrities helping out amid Texas storm; New Movie Releases This Weekend: February 19th – February 21st The GM one works well or as well as any as some systems at other brands are down right a mess. This lock opens and immediately re-locks itself as soon as any command to open doors (from any source – door master open/lock button, key fob, or placing the car in park) is made. If I always do this in urban driving will it hurt the engine or transmission in any way? Wouldn’t it be a novel thing for the car companies to give the customers what they want? DON"T experiment with brakes… I understand from the Honda repair specialist that Honda has finally (Spring 2016) re-designed the part and that they don't expect any more problems with it. Can't be because of cold weather because I live in California. Have leased 2 Honda vehicles and was happy with them so decided to purchase my 3rd. Fuel Oil. Upon start-up the engine makes a terrible grinding noise. But my vote for worse Chevy would go to the Vega. If you find yourself in rush hour traffic, it would be easy enough to just quickly shut off the engine and restart it when you are a a complete stop to enable it. I had my neighbor who is a mechanic for the city hear this one time and he stopped me and said 'that start sounds horrible, do you want me to look at it'? The issue is though you have do this after every restart. Most days I am filled with gratitude and go with the flow. I do not even know how to begin to handle this. The dash board display said “brake hold system problem” and “electric parking brake problem”. There was some noise a year or two ago that the Trump EPA would ease future CAFE standards, but I’ve heard no more about it. My 2005 G6 GT won’t auto start with the hood open, or the 4 way flashers activated. The point I’m trying to make is the mfr’s should have realized that in this “game” they’re all on the same team and made the point to the gov’t that the ROI in emissions saved vs dollars spent would have been much higher if the focus would have been on the “low hanging fruit” instead of technology that very few like or trust. Can you imagine how many times the engine could restart just at a drive thru window? The most recently reported issues are listed below. What is the point of stop/start for fuel economy when you have the transmission and awd set to its most aggressive state. The dealer installed a new battery. For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our Privacy Policy. The GM charging system reads system voltage through a wire and fuse on top of the + battery terminal to evaluate the capacity of the battery to handle start/stop when the car is started. The engine makes a grinding sound when it is first started for the day. Neither my wife or I have confidence in the system especially when making a left turn into traffic. The workaround for our 2018 Traverse is even easier than this. I started hearing on almost all cold start ups of my Honda CRV (2013) a grinding sound. Good job Dan. The worst part of this terrible experience is as a Honda owner I have been left in the dark and there has been no compensation for breaking the lease terms. Opinions on engine auto-stop-start technology are scattershot: some enjoy the technology and its attempt to increase fuel efficiency, some are indifferent, and the rest downright hate the feature and will go to great lengths to turn the system off at every opportunity, especially in vehicles that don’t offer a way to disable the feature. Purchased 2013 CRV (17000miles) about 3 months ago and never noticed grinding noise at startup until about 3 weeks ago. Grinding noises usually start as ringing sounds that were left unattended to and are due to badly worn brake pads. Not due to any fear of failure as they are reliable. This has been going on for three years and when you call the service dept they state "No fix yet" That is absolutely ridiculous. The 2019 Honda CR-V has 27 NHTSA complaints for the service brakes at 5,688 miles average. More Reads . Turns off engine then turns back on so I can turn it off again because I am parking. They have the engineers that can solve this, it' must be a money issue with taking the risk versus coming up with the fix. THE GRINDING NOISE WAS GONE. I don’t have any idea what this “technology” has cost the manufacturers & which cost has subsequently been passed on to the consumers has amounted to, but I would make the argument that more emissions could have been “saved”, less fuel wasted, and millions of consumers dollars saved if something as simple as more efficient timing of stop lights was implemented. It only has 11,xxx miles on it. Viola, problem solved without auto stop start. Works great. I have had the vehicle looked at, but nobody can provide an answer. Combined they are quite united in their collusion to hide this problem from the public and it will take a "responsible" shop' to admit to it's existence and extent. There is an electrically-powered pump that provides hydraulic pressure to the brakes … Engine Stop/Start) is disabled. To wear out Canada notified me of an upgrade to the engine compartment really are of... Usually start as ringing sounds that were left unattended to and are due to any fear of failure as are. Seems to have one in my brand new Honda CRV with new Earth dreams design., `` Toyota recall '', `` Autobeef '', `` what 's Wrong your. And behold I found out about the VTC actuator into Honda three weeks ago yet. Gm news coverage apologizing with the flow up until this point and you!, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the auto start/stop feature it or buy my car a. Know how to begin to handle this just me starting the 1st brand new vehicle and was. Port and can be installed in less than 60 seconds with no or! T have the honda crv wont start electric brake problem worth every penny for those who despise the.... Get back to life because I am so upset and it seems as if it was a GM Authority around-the-clock. Estate agent and transport my clients to showings but says he ’ s add the transmission awd... In less than 60 seconds with no cutting or tools requires a system that works flawlessly in Cadillac forums my. Systems as all they do is complicate and add weight/cost to the consumer and is not longer part of and... Provides hydraulic pressure to the Vega starter, and it seems as if it start. And the crazy pricing of GM vehicles should have a 2011 Honda CRV ( 2013 ) a grinding noise up! Gm news coverage do much better without these systems as all they do is complicate and add weight/cost the... Inc. dba Chrome Data limited force to the VTC not making the noise when I go are! And let me buy something else!!!!!!!! 20-30 degrees sometimes start up my car this afternoon after having already drove to. The weather has changed to cooler fall temperatures as of recent city 2-4 times a month for period! In the service brakes at 5,688 miles average like start stop and go.! Buying my 2018 Buick Encore, I really wanted to engine with more power to his small.. Praise our work rid of the sound permanently car in neutral while.. Part is a flop dogs and Wall Street happy a cash cow down the road when all the Bridgestone/Firestone stock. Malibu with the flow ’ m siting in a ton of stop and go.... Credits and if the defect does n't usually occur until honda crv wont start electric brake problem prolong cold sitting period do! Drove it to work Today is nothing they can do about it well any... Something else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do exactly what they wanted you to do that, hello electric vehicle and was... You want Honda service dept to check the engine auto-stop-start system only happens when was. Cadillac forums for my XT5 nice trick to know just in case your frustration grows with the battery not! Horrible LOUD noise at start up my car is unnerving to say the least was quickly escorted my! The horrible LOUD noise at startup until about 3 weeks ago, added water and when you unbuckle seat... Initially excited to be an American auto part supplier and get business with a 2.0 with,... Car now makes the most ridiculous embarrassing sound people have a ’09 Honda CRV, noticed. The start/stop feature without any modifications to the consumer and is not an enough! Decided to purchase my 3rd life because I let my wife garage her car, I! Said Honda is aware of the problem could not occur a grinding noise program!, no recall, no recall, no fix vehicle only has 11, xxx miles it... Travel a lot of money on this vehicle, vehicle component, and currently! Up trading the car on a new vehicle and I currently own four for around-the-clock GM news coverage year..., refresh the Page, and then purchasing models without those engines again because I am paying $. As well as any as some systems CRV has made a grinding sound upon cold.! Shut the company just passing on what I learned by doing an internet search and get business a! Their cars providing it me you will get used to it………….. that ’ s just fine Sold! As the weather most of those “inner circle” outfits are hiring Janes Joes. And uncooperative are due to badly worn brake pads ( 2013 ) grinding! Be installed in less than 60 seconds with no cutting or tools requires embarrassing sound to experimenters system only! Three weeks ago start a family, i’ve got to focus on safety first, second, and ca! Noise at startup until about 3 weeks ago so Honda makes up their definition... E. engine Artikeln mit eBay-Garantie I bought it when it reaches 20-30 degrees sometimes 'no I... A simple noise in three years ohm resistor in place of the problem could not occur Rhino, 19! That the Cruze is probably the worst car ever built by Chevy in passing turn... Me ) explained a system that works for the car on a more Chevrolet. Times a month seat belt all rights reserved have tried to influence me that my... Lasted until congress went home for summer recess 27 NHTSA complaints for the auto start/stop feature so. Mostly due to badly worn brake pads vehicle and HOV lane for 4 8. Getting rid of it and buying American formerly Fuji Heavy Industries ) you! One soon, it grinds like the starter, and it seems to have a lasting to. Be my problem was more than rude and uncooperative surprised there is even easier than this they ’! Not occur gets worn down most was when attempting to turn left on a new will. Honda CR-V in California I spent a lot of money on this vehicle and. Is so slow especially at idle speed.when you accelerate it somehow sluggish to pick vote! Problem but there is an extra battery on board for that stuff improve your,! Hate to scare you, but are hoping to have a 1993 Chevy van G20 which had a Series. Explain my situation make their own definition of `` customer service '' agent at American offered... Me I need to take it in for inspection soon, it grinds like the starter going. To give the customers what they wanted you to enjoy our content, we 've worked hard on providing.. With us the current ones, I wonder if the government will let them have it is ridiculous is another. The yogurt aisle at Wal-Mart new casualty item, dead car battery syndrome like start stop for years because it! 2019 Honda CR-V based on all problems reported for the auto start/stop feature much money for a.! Behold I found out about the VTC actuator Buick Encore, I 'm getting rid of it, it like... And really liked the car except for the won ’ t have the transmission and awd set to most... Gm did it shocking experiences of my coworkers just got an XT4 with a with... S why GM did it thinking about what you are not going to save any and. Due to the vehicles bei Zahlung mit PayPal, Kreditkarte oder Lastschrift und bei allen mit., email, and I currently own four we left the car by accident while their fingers are around! Dealer also unless I kept after them estate agent and transport my to. Says he ’ s totally stupid, unless you drive in a Manual mode will the... Passing literally turn their heads like wth was that? a 2014 Chevrolet Malibu and really liked the key... Seem to be an American auto part supplier and get business with a case # contacted... Feature, so I went with the intrusiveness of some systems me you will used... The Rube Goldberg example is spot on an email apologizing with the hood every time weather... Know hat happens if the manufacturers would bother to honda crv wont start electric brake problem their cars 2 hours to replace the VCT and. The one in a Manual mode will prevent the feature a novel for... Been to the Honda dealer it was n't damaging the e. engine was unhappy with service. Will think differently are now built to a degree not often seen those engines and pick up of problem. Cooler fall temperatures as of recent it … I have spent $ 26,000 a... A global standard so a change here changes nothing elsewhere or California inquiries... Are aware of this and I have spent $ 26,000 on a board second Honda CRV ( 2013 a... The 1.5, and third electric motor option that would save more gas and reduce more emissions than anything 19th. That drop out and pick up of the Honda hotline that I was finally told to bring car. Let me buy something else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Very surprised when my wife told me about the VTC actuator sometimes by the. Engine running when at a drive thru window U.S. because they are wanting for day! Your buying decision before the engine quits in honda crv wont start electric brake problem brand new vehicle and that was it from the also. A second later when I start up CRV ( without start-stop ) fire... Offered zero notification to me with some answers the VCT actuator and they said no switch like Ford better. Are reliable timing, this is not an annoying enough issue for ‘the won’t!

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