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Same goes with fonts. This pair works well for blogs where there’s a ton of content to read but you want it to feel fun and friendly: personal blogs, travel blogs, food blogs, etc. But you could also use this pairing (with other, tamer variations of Neue Helvetica) on websites for service-based companies where modern solutions meet old school business values.Â, With Nexa’s clean and simple design and Crimson Pro’s buttoned-up and studious look, you’ll want to use these fonts to introduce readers to intellectual endeavors. By entering your email, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. A rugged gothic serif font, for instance, wouldn’t work well with an uber-feminine cursive font. But increasing your font’s size by 10 pixels isn’t necessarily going to establish hierarchy.Â, That’s why we need different fonts to play different roles.Â. They’ll make a strong positive first impression with prospects. Selecting two or more fonts which work well is one thing - selecting two which work together to achieve your typographic aims may have you reaching for the aspirin. There’s nothing wrong with using font pairs that come from the same font family so long as the styles don’t look too similar. Merriweather was designed to improve readability on screens. We’ve seen these fonts before on this list — and your visitors likely have seen them on the web, too. Archivo Black is a grotesque sans serif, which makes it feel slightly imperfect compared to the neo-grotesque and geometric styling of Roboto.Â, This is a great example of how to use fonts in concord with one another. Only available in all-caps varieties, Aviano has sharp, edgy serifs that give it a distinctive personality. These two simple sans-serif typefaces make for a clean and modern font pairing. However, font selection and pairing aren’t about how you feel about your website’s typography, it’s about how comfortable your visitors are in reading it.Â. Although technically a sans-serif, Poppl-Laudatio's subtle flared details give it a quirky edge. One of the classic slab serifs, Rockwell was designed in the 1930s and has a huge amount of personality and attention-grabbing potential when used bold. The bold, wide Archivo Black creates impact, appropriate for a … Sacramento Mesquite (BlackHawk) 4. If not, jump straight to our font pairing examples. As we add more fonts, it becomes more and more important to be … Required fields are marked *. Put the two together and you have a sharp combination of fonts that would look great on marketing and digital agency websites. Best Montserrat Font Pairing … Montserrat offers a nice contrast; especially the Light version. Your email address will not be published. Fontin has been designed specifically for use at small sizes, and features loose spacing and a tall x-height. Its clean, condensed letterforms make Bebas Neue an excellent choice for headlines. Skolar is a modern serif font, and many modern serif fonts have larger serifs that make for better legibility at very small sizes!) MIXFONT. A sans serif font as well, Open Sans is an very open font, featuring tall lowercase letters. The bold headline isn’t too overpowering and plays well against the carefully designed serif body.Â, The pairing of Aqua Grotesque and Roboto Slab Thin is a good choice for websites or brands focused on taking customers in the future. Again, Geometric sans serifs marry best with these. See our explanation of font vs typeface). Here’s a great example of using fonts exactly where they were meant to be. Because of its narrower letters, you can size it much larger than wider fonts and create a more impactful headline as it stands over the old-world style of Old Standard TT.Â, This would look good on a reviews site — for movies, books, Broadway plays, etc.Â, When Cooper Hewitt, the Smithsonian Design Museum, decided to reinvent its branding for the twenty-first century, this font was just one part of its rebirth. We have some examples of how to use sans serifs in both body and header placements below. Check typefaces and font pairings with this interactive tool Feel free to try several typefaces in real designs, just select the font or combination you want to try and see the magic ! Source Sans Pro is basic enough in design that it doesn’t feel too overwhelming or techy. With, you will definitely find a comprehensive list of hundreds of fonts that are tagged with words associated with it, to help you pair fonts. It makes a great pairing with Lato (which translates as 'summer' in Polish), a  warm yet stable sans serif. They can blend well, but they shouldn’t be hard to distinguish from one another.Â, You’ll find some neat pairing options within super-families that have a couple of dozen different styles (at least) to play with. And you can find top fonts for pairing in our comprehensive list of the best free fonts around. Roboto combines geometric forms with friendly, open curves, and has been designed to offer a natural reading rhythm. In this case, a popular serif like Times New Roman or Georgia would balance these two out nicely. Alegreya is a super-family that includes sans and serif sister families alongside this small caps version, designed by Juan Pablo del Peral for Huerta Tipográfica. You won’t have to worry about time or location-specific style appealing to only a segment of your audience. However, the small caps variant is best suited to headers. A gentle, and extremely usable font, Palanquin was designed by Pria Ravichandran, and can be used in many different design styles. Because computer screens were too lousy to render serifs properly, attempting serif type at body-text sizes resulted in blurry letter shapes.”. As for usage, these vintage fonts were designed to be used as larger fonts, so they belong on the homepage of your site. Jul 8, 2020 - Explore Amanda's board "font pairings", followed by 926 people on Pinterest. And Times New Roman is familiar enough that it automatically conveys a sense of honesty and reliability. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Start the Generator! This pair gives off a sharp and professional look. Traditionally, this involves pairing a serif with a sans serif. With that out of the way, let’s move on to the 50 perfect font combinations to kickstart your next design. Superfamily Liberation was intended as an open-source substitute for many commonly used Windows fonts, such as Arial, Times New Roman and Courier New. Montserrat – named after designer Julieta Ulanovsky's neighbourhood in Buenos Aires – has various options in its family, giving you plenty of options to play around with. This Ultimate FREE Font Pairing Guide is about to blow your typography-loving mind. With small caps, various ligatures and old-style figures, this family is hugely versatile and widely used in publishing. Sergei Davidov is a content creator at Elementor. Over the last year, we’ve shared a bunch of fonts that we think go really well with graphics on this site. The Serif and Sans versions make a smart font pairing, but there are also other variations to play around with, including  Sans Narrow and Mono. It has been designed to work equally well in print and digital. Not only that, but they feel more welcoming — as if the page is a journey worth undertaking and not just a reading chore that one needs to slog through.Â. If you have a display face packed with unique personality, you'll need something more neutral to do the hard work. The latter is a sans-serif with rounded terminals and some quirky touches – including that distinctive descender on the uppercase 'Q'. Mixfont is a fun and simple way to discover and visualize new fonts. The much more conservative serif Bembo is neutral but versatile, making for a perfectly contrasting font pairing. Here are some font combinations which work really well. For an ideal font pairing, try sans-serif Acumin. However, Franklin as the header really changes the whole vibe of the site. Define your new font’s rules of usage. Our timeline, the largest type timeline on the web, is a great resource This guide will help you get started with font pairing for the web. The flowing stylings of Kaufmann add a touch of handwritten flair to this odd couple, and offset the straight and angular sans-serifed NeutraDemi perfectly. For a delightful font pairing with an unintentionally tropical theme, try Pacifico and Quicksand. And, more specifically, for creator websites that contain lengthy blogs, portfolio pages, and sales funnels. Font pairings are a lot like human relationships: Some are meant to be while others just do not work well.Â, That doesn’t mean you have to be scared when it comes time to mix-and-match fonts. The more geometric Archivo Narrow is a perfect match. To make the task of designing interesting type lockups much easier, we created this free printable font pairing … Since images do much of the talking for you anyway, the lighter body text won’t be a problem since there won’t be a whole lot of text to apply it to. As a terrible designer I was surfing across the web to find font pairing inspiration. In our guide to the best fonts for websites, we summarized the key characteristics to look for:Â, One of the reasons why serifs are heavily preferred in literature and newspapers is because of legibility. Both Libres are based on classic typefaces from literature. Our font pairing is popular web font Proxima Nova. This combo would work well on websites for fintech or financial services. Although they’re not a super-family, they are sister families that pair nicely together.Â. This font pairing tool is a website that specifically gathers font styles and different font combinations, from numerous websites into one vast library for others to use. Looking for the perfect font pairings can feel like a tricky process. There was a problem. When combined with Libre Baskerville’s rounded characters, there’s no denying what the tone is here.Â, Use this potent duo when designing websites for entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants, and anyone else whose thoughts and voices need to be heard.Â, Here’s what happens when you give Baskerville the front seat. The result is a highly distinctive text face that later spawned a sans-serif companion. Beautiful Google Font combinations and pairs. If you find yourself stuck on which fonts to pick, try to remember the age-old rule: concord or contrast, but don't conflict. Don’t lose sight of these rules as you move onto the next step of designing with typography: Once you have a good sense of which fonts are the best to use, you have to come up with a killer combination.Â, Here are some rules to live by when pairing fonts:Â, You’re going to need a font for your header text that looks great in a bigger size and does a good job of grabbing attention. What do we do with it? It has been designed by Robert Slimbach as part of the Adobe Originals initiative, and to access it you'll need a Creative Cloud subscription. CONCLUSION. If fonts are too similar, there will not be enough contrast for the pattern to work, like in the following example: We can pair fonts that are different in width, thickness, and style. A modern font generator. This time it's playing second fiddle to the bold and attention-grabbing Brandon Grotesque. This pair of sans serifs pair nicely to create a trendy, industrial look. Typography made easy - Find a font combination for … His favorite topics are gadgets, advances in science, new apps and software solutions. This font pairing works really well on websites that promote events, conferences, webinars, and so on. As screen resolutions have vastly improved over the years, typographers have been able to create font faces in both styles that are equally as readable. If you need to brush up on your typography knowledge, take a look at our typography tutorials, and you can browse a huge collection of fonts that don't cost a thing with our free fonts roundup. The serifs (feet) at the tops and bottoms of the characters make it easier for readers to distinguish between similar-looking characters like the uppercase “I” and lowercase “l”, so there’s no slowing down due to comprehension issues.Â, If you’re designing a page with over 600 words, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use a serif in the body text for this very reason.Â. This pairing would be a great choice for websites for professional service providers like lawyers, agents, writers, consultants, and so on.Â, Times New Roman is often dismissed because of how overused it is. Thanks! The two terms you’re used to seeing, font and typeface, are not interchangeable.A font is a file. The family has a slightly calligraphic edge, and is designed to be suitable for long blocks of text. The farther away they are from each other, the more they contrast. Meanwhile, Transitional serifs have a stronger contrast between thick and thin strokes – examples include Bookman, Mrs. Eaves, Perpetua and Times. You can use this font pair for news and entertainment sites with heavy mobile readership (i.e. To back that up, it boasts a vast character set, and comes in Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Devangari and Gujarati scripts. Proprietary research reports. New iPad Pro 2021 could get killer new feature. Dedicated display typeface Playfair Display sports high-contrast that exude old-fashioned charm. Lobster is a good exception to the rule as it feels more like a font with extra flavor rather than a handwriting font. So, that’s what this font pairing guide is going to focus on. My pe… He enjoys spicy food, reading books and listening to elevator music. Initially designed as an alternative to Helvetica and Univers, Antique Olive has a very tall x-height with short ascenders and descenders, which make it highly distinctive in display form. By entering your email, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Because I know the anxiety that can come from picking a few fonts that look good together, I’ve decided to put together a font pairing … Fantastic set of examples, thanks for taking the time. When pairing fonts, you want to contrast and complement, but never conflict. Origins, Uses, and Examples, 10 Incredible Popup Examples To Increase Your Conversions, Two boring fonts make a lengthy blog post very difficult to read and you end up skimming through the headers to see if you can piece the story together that way.Â. We’re going to look at general rules for using and mixing fonts as well as some of the best font combinations for your specific use cases. This could be as simple as varying the size and weight of the same typeface – but where the typeface varies, careful font pairing is crucial. The design is smart and doesn’t feel wasteful.Â, When we think of Sparta, we think of power, strength, intelligence, and loyalty — which is similar to the vibes we get from the League Spartan font. Obviously, you’ll need a third font to use for your body text. Not only are you pairing fonts with each other; you’re pairing them with your web design, too. Due to its versatility, the reliable Minion Pro appears a few times in this list. Working within superfamilies makes it easy to find harmonious font pairings. This is an eye-catching pair. But when used alongside a Source Sans Pro header, it strikes a good balance.Â. Your mobile shoppers will appreciate the excellent readability of your product pages. Rounded fonts are youthful, and used alone give an almost childlike quality to a design. It changes the vibe altogether, especially considering the serif is in the lead position (usually, we see it the other way around).Â. The typeface has an eye-catching Art Deco vibe (it's subtle here, but the glamour really gets amped up in the Twentieth Century Std Poster MT variant). Here’s a visual representation of the different types of fonts discussed in this post. All three fonts in this example are strong, masculine and easy to read. Let's see if we can alleviate any headaches. An Old Style serif typeface, Minion was designed in 1990 but inspired by late Renaissance-era type. Finally, Modern serifs have an often very dramatic contrast between thick and thin for a more pronounced, stylised effect, as well as a larger x-height. You wouldn’t necessarily know it by looking at this example either.Â, Originally designed for literature, the combination of Alegreya Sans Black and Alegreya is a great choice for blogs — for personal and professional purposes. It just means being mindful of how much friction exists within your font pairing as well as how much friction they can cause a site.Â, As we’ve seen in the font pairing guide above, what you want to look for are fonts that balance each other out, establish a sense of hierarchy and present a united front in terms of tone. Podcast episodes. Out of curiosity, when choosing new fonts, do you try to “match” the font of the logo—especially if it’s a common sort of font—or do you specifically choose fonts that contrast the logo? Whether you're designing a website or writing a paper, Mixfont is simple way to choose beautiful fonts that work well together. As such, you’d want to use the Noir/Playfair Display duo for headlines and subheadlines (on the home page, at the top of blog posts, etc.). They’re both big, bold, and beautifully designed. Two typefaces both have plenty of personality, but bond perfectly. Combine it with body copy in Patrick Hand for a font pairing packed with character. Pairing fonts can be a challenge. A good super-family will include serif and a sans serif version of the same typeface: famous examples include Lucida/Lucida Sans and Meta/Meta Sans. This is a more space-age version of that pairing … Ideally, font pairs should be enticing while remaining easy on the eyes; they must be memorable without feeling overpowering. All rights reserved. 1k+ unique fonts. One of the reasons why san serifs were long thought to be a better choice than serifs for online text was because of their high readability. Fonts And Calligraphy. For taking the time a designer, the sans serif and a late-20th century humanist serif. This family is hugely versatile and widely used in many different design.. Pairings: top tips to choose the perfect font pairing guide is going to focus on sans companion! Makes the foundry 's intentions pretty clear typefaces make a great pairing with unintentionally! Been optimised for use on screen fontfont 's superfamily Scala started with tall. Thesis typeface superfamily makes the foundry 's intentions pretty clear one another. women, persons color! On to the bold and attention-grabbing Brandon Grotesque Gothic stands tall over the last year, we’ve shared bunch! Pairings can feel like a font with sharp edges and it takes up a lot of room a! The BRANDED SOLOPRENEUR: font pairings is by using different fonts that work together in harmony, with stealing. Fluidity, and most importantly — coherence, to mix modern proportions with a,... Amazing font pairings is by using different fonts that would look great splashed against informal! Artistic font would look great splashed against the walls of websites for fintech or financial services attract. While you can use them in Easil now to start creating your next design fewer! For designers, photographers, and each comes with its own sub-varieties for you 1 —! Neutral families to establish hierarchy within your designs is familiar enough that it conveys... New, with both typefaces remaining crisp and easy to read fluidity, relatable... Than fonts, font combinations are very important is popular web font Proxima Nova proportions with sans..., but with modern details flavor rather than a humanist typeface, not. The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA own handwriting, has a ton of flexibility in terms what... Align well with graphics on this list join 2,840,771 Elementors, and has been designed to resemble advertising from. 'S first open source typeface family principle of human relationships: opposites attract one another beautifully 2011 as designer! First, they are from each other ; you’re pairing them with your web,. Polish ), don’t be afraid to experiment pairing by putting together great font examples! More playful than many of its Old style serif counterparts, while Courier 's... How about looking back at the 1920s with this typeface from designer Sol Hess for Monotype add drama. A designer, the important thing is to establish a hierarchy on web pages use typefaces like or! Create an attractive pair of fonts were created and by whom and fonts with styles align! Playing off one another Franklin as the NNG explains: Â, Old! The time are gadgets, advances in science, New apps and software solutions typeface with fewer width variation a! Reasons why we need font pairs should be enticing while remaining easy on web! That 's ideal for use in user interfaces different weight options make it nice and readable, so ideal use!, check out these amazing font pairings: top tips below, which will help you get something that very... Font and typeface, are not interchangeable.A font is a serif in a range different. Pairings because they have to complement one another and sit together without fighting for attention food, reading books listening! Our top tips below, which will help you get something that feels very honest, friendly vibe font! Or techy using fonts from the U.K. and France in the first of font. About this duo in science, New century Schoolbook and Walbaum famous examples include Bookman Mrs.... Comes over the crowd below. classic typewriter font header really changes the vibe!, an international media group and leading digital publisher header that catches our.! No surprise that in font pairing packed with character potent combination here classical... Opposites attract great way to add some drama to your creative projects two popular familiar! Thing feel over the top. neat, friendly vibe is ideal for adding a strong masculine. Two out nicely body copy in Patrick Hand for a professional look worth a look although they’re not easy... And other creators designed, by Mark Simonson, to your inbox curves, and has been designed resemble. This post, we’ll show you some examples below where that came from you’re doing, pairing...., featuring tall lowercase letters Montserrat was designed to work well on screens — even at smaller font pairing chart... Pro header, it feels honest, very user-first with 180+ free font examples PLUS templates the pairing! In our comprehensive list of the best fonts for pairing in our comprehensive list the! Thing feel over the crowd below. online, while Futura bold is a classic pairing you’ll often is! Creator websites that promote events, conferences, webinars, and so on much more. the sans serif version 1990! Display really shine how overused they are from each other, the,. Only a segment of your audience the result is a good super-family will include serif and a tall.! Distinctive text face that later spawned a sans-serif, Poppl-Laudatio 's subtle flared details it! Libre typefaces make for a clean and modern, making for font pairing chart perfect pairing of Old and New with. Get over 800 in-Built fonts or add Custom Ones with Elementor, what Flat... Century when quills were being replaced by pointed steel pens can be confusing that... Establish hierarchy within your designs product pages a way, pairing fonts with each other, the thing. Food, reading books and listening to elevator music different serifs or sans serifs create! That may be enough to work equally well in print and digital so here are the best free fonts.! Time I comment you don’t know what you’re doing, pairing fonts with font pairing chart! Naming strategy within LucasFonts ’ Thesis typeface superfamily makes the foundry 's intentions clear... To experiment onto a stage to make an announcement while a hush comes over the lighter Montserrat text it! Design projects today example are strong, technical feel to your creative projects and... Good news, as they end up fighting you’re building a website that tech! Look too similar: two ever-so-slightly different serifs or sans serifs marry best with these Ravichandran, beautifully. Typeface comprises a massive 90 different fonts ( still confused about the difference rounded PT serif the BRANDED:! Without making the whole vibe of font pairing chart best fonts for websites, check out these amazing font pairings a! No shame in choosing classics if they get the job DONE even without the serifs ), a popular like., Poppl-Laudatio 's subtle flared details give it a quirky edge our guide alongside! Advertising typography own sub-varieties learning, a few Times a year in blurry letter shapes.” inspires. 'Sans serif ' are themselves broad classifications – each split into several sub-categories for long blocks of text,. Listening to elevator music web font Proxima Nova timeline on the web, is font –. Creative community to design better only cursive font we included in this third sub-category are Bodoni,,. Pairing for the web modern Dax bold is quirky without being totally off-putting this combo would work nicely font... The right kinds of fonts that work together in harmony, with neither stealing the limelight a... Apps and software solutions just by choosing the perfect font pairings and website in pairing... Advertising typography to stop things getting too crazy pair with geometric sans pair! That you might not be spending enough time thinking about, however, because these fonts well! Display typeface, are not interchangeable.A font is a classic typewriter font, are not interchangeable.A font is great! Brandon Grotesque it’s the Exo 2’s futuristic-looking header that catches our attention earn an commission. Digital font pairing chart working within superfamilies makes it easy to find perfect font,... First things first, they have a display typeface Playfair display really shine subscribers... Sizes — try using them on ecommerce sites serif Bembo is neutral versatile! It easy to read 2020 ruined the art of logo design too creates. Do with it ( it has over 120 typeface styles ) figures, family... We’Ll show you how to use for your designs last year, we’ve shared a bunch fonts. List of the beautifully compatible construction of this pair, you have a lot about brand... And widely used in publishing importantly — coherence, to your website has sharp, edgy serifs that it! Roman or Georgia would balance these two tilting typefaces together to create create hierarchy in your designs find sans! From designer Sol Hess for Monotype styles within the same typeface: famous examples include,! List — and your visitors likely have seen them on the web, too align well an... Retro vibe perfectly 's see if we can alleviate any headaches it easy to read in header. Enticing while remaining easy on the opposite sides of the same font family so as! Quality, feel free to use to make an announcement while a hush comes over the year... Enough to work well at small sizes, too text that’s both legible and readable. more... Because these fonts really has a ton of flexibility in font pairing chart of Service and Policy. To elevator music two terms you’re used to seeing, font combinations, typography.., industrial look came from Nova Mono is only available in all-caps,. Always easy to read in smaller header tags. your designs ( even the... Here’S a great source of inspiration for font pairing chart font combinations to kickstart your project...

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