can puppies eat watermelon

Dogs are curious creatures that love our company. Besides, a growing puppy can be hard to deal with. Why does my female cat stomach area hang so low? Puppies under that age should be kept on a strict diet of puppy food to help with their growth and development. Though dogs may safely nibble at the light green insides of the fruit, this part of the watermelon is firm and difficult to chew. For puppies and senior dogs, it’s advised to remove all the seed and give you puppy the flesh of the watermelon. Dogs can eat watermelon, yet before you feed your dog this delicious organic product, there are a few things you should know.. Are watermelon seeds dangerous for puppies then? How Often Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Is Watermelon Good for Dogs & Puppies to Have? If your puppy likes you, it will eat anything you layout in front of it, Eat watermelon in front of it. Too much sugar can lead to gastrointestinal upset in the short term and diabetes or obesity in the long term. Stick to the seedless, fleshy part of the fruit when sharing it with your dog. Many dogs have different dietary needs, and some have medical conditions that might make watermelon a bad choice. Should they eat it daily? While the rind and the seeds aren’t toxic, they’re hard to chew and digest, therefore it could pose a threat to your pup's teeth and digestive system. However, since their tummies are young, consider giving them a smaller amount than you give your adult dogs… Can dogs eat watermelon? Like people, dogs can suffer from food allergies. The skin of the watermelon is also very difficult to digest and can cause further blockage. Follow any safety tips your vet gives you for feeding your dog safely. How to eliminate set-in dog urine smell from carpet? A few cubes are usually more than enough for a small dog. Just like adult dogs, you can give your puppies fruits and vegetables as long as you are following some rules, such as how much to give and at what time. You can also have a patch test by feeding your puppy one spoon of watermelon in a day and see if it shows any negative reaction or any stomach issues. The answer is yes, dogs can eat watermelon—but with a few limits. Apart from filtered water, you can give your puppy watermelon that contains both water and vitamins and minerals. Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? However, those health advantages can only be exploited when the fruit is provided in the right amount. Have you ever fed your dog watermelon? Watermelon is a safe fruit for dogs to eat – as long as you remove the seeds and rind. Furthermore, don’t buy any artificial watermelon from the store as that will most probably contain sugar and other artificial flavors you don’t know about. The answer is yes, with a couple of precautions. But is it safe for them to eat? Otherwise, I’d recommend you to feed your puppy fruit with a spoon. Today, we’re going to look at the watermelon and why it’s good for your dog. This situation has the potential to turn deadly very quickly if you do … Dogs who eat too much watermelon will probably get a tummy ache along with some diarrhea or other signs of gastrointestinal upset. Watermelon is a super healthy food low in calories and packed with nutrients. So, feeding your puppy watermelon isn’t really that big of a deal, but you will have to be extremely careful in removing the seeds from watermelon. Now, it is up to you whether you want to leave it that way and completely eliminate watermelon from your puppy’s diet. © 2020 FluffyPlanet,, Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Cherry Barb Guide – Types, Lifespan, Feeding, Tank mates. We (so are vets) positive for Yorkies to be fed with watermelon once in a while. To reduce the risk of seeds causing stomach trouble later in the day, play it safe and grab a seedless watermelon. What you should know? Nevertheless, here are a few pros and cons, which will help you decide if you want to feed your puppy watermelon. Are British Shorthair Cats Hypoallergenic? The answer is yes. No, you can’t. The content of this website is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Dogs can safely eat the flesh of a watermelon, but not the other parts of the fruit. Can dogs eat chia seeds? Watermelon seeds are big, and they will most likely end up stuck in your puppy’s throat, Eating watermelon seeds can cause constipation and intestinal blockage, which is pretty harsh for a young puppy, Your puppy can choke on watermelon seeds which is something you don’t want to happen, A great source of fiber that helps with digestion, Raw and unprocessed seeds are low in calorie and have Vitamins, The oil in seeds can help your pet get a healthy coat and protect its skin against bacteria. There’s nothing harmful in puppy eating watermelon, however, they should be old enough to digest solid foods. Speaking of fruits, not all fruits can be given to your puppy. Always check with a veterinarian upfront. Dogs are naturally extroverts, so it won’t take your puppy long to bond with you. Why are watermelon seeds possibly bad for dogs? The most important part of your puppy’s diet is water and protein. So, need any tips on how to be the new parent? Let us know in the comments below! So, here are a few facts explaining why you need to remove seeds before feeding watermelon to your puppy. Artificial sweeteners such as xylitol can even be toxic to dogs, so stick to plain watermelon that you prepare, yourself. Watermelon is full of beneficial nutrients that are healthy for dogs, including potassium and vitamins A, B6, and C. It’s also high in fiber, which is good for digestion. Preparing Watermelon for Dogs. Puppies that are under 6 months old should eat puppy food. While watermelon rind doesn’t contain anything hazardous to dogs, the texture and toughness of the rind is problematic. Puppies need a lot of protein because of their life stage, Pick out food that is specifically designed to meet your puppy’s all needs and matches its breed, Set up a routine to train your puppy from an early age, They are big. Some benefits of feeding seeds to your pet dog are: Now that you know it, what are some seeds that you can give to your pet dog? Puppies get excited and want the same thing to eat that their owners are eating, Get your puppy a feeding routine and stick to it, Don’t give extra treats that can destroy the feeding routine you have laid out for your puppy, Bananas are rich in fiber. Sweet products that contain watermelon or anything that is artificially watermelon flavored are probably not a good idea for dogs. Can Pugs eat watermelon? That’s normally puppies that are over six months old. Seeds could cause an intestinal blo But it’s difficult to ensure your dog will chew the rind thoroughly before swallowing, and larger pieces can cause gastrointestinal blockage or upset. It is rich in vitamins C, B-6 and A, and it also has a high amount of potassium. The seeds can pose a problem for dogs. You should still exercise caution when feeing him. So, a few things you need to know about feeding your puppy and adult dog are written right below. The short answer is yes, dogs can eat watermelon. This fruit is also one of the safe and healthy fruits dogs can eat. The problem is not knowing how much to feed? An adult dog and a puppy do not have the same digestive system. Feeding your puppy watermelon is not the problem. Watermelon can cause diarrhea in some dogs because of this, You can not mix watermelon with basic food and dairy products. The short answer is yes, dogs can eat watermelon. Dogtime is a property of TotallyHer Media, LLC, an Evolve Media, LLC company. Before you feed your dog watermelon or any other human food, you should ask your veterinarian or nutritionist about how much you should feed your dog, if any, and how often. For example, you can’t feed your puppy limes or berries, but you can feed it watermelon. All of the things I mentioned are not supposed to be eaten by our canines. What you should know. Moreover, your puppy needs the essential amino acids from proteins to get energy and to be healthy and playful. It’s also a source of lycopene, which is an antioxidant that may help prevent cancer. This organic product has a lot of nutrients and supplements that are helpful for your dog’s wellbeing, and they can be particularly reviving on a hot day. Dogs can chew on anything – an old shoe, a new throw pillow or even watermelon rind! It’s important to remove the rind and seeds first, as they can cause intestinal blockage, but watermelon flesh is otherwise safe for dogs. Just make sure that you remove the seeds and rind first since these can cause some intestinal blockage. Before feeding a puppy watermelon, just make sure that the pup is past its weaning period. You can make homemade food using fruit as an ingredient. Is it Safe? They are extremely sensitive and need proper care and love. Watermelon is not poisonous to dogs, in fact, the fruit is a health food powerhouse. Dogs may swallow the rind without completely chewing it, which can result in intestinal blockage. And this upsets you because you know it’s safe for your puppy to have that spoon of fruit. Just make sure to extract the seeds present in watermelon, so that they don’t get stuck in your puppy’s throat. No. So can German Shepherds eat watermelon? Watermelon should not make up a large part of a dog’s diet. Yes, watermelon is a safe, natural and tasty treat for Fido. Similarly, they need someone to look after them. Yes, both black and white watermelon seeds can be eaten by your dog. The Correct Diet Is Important. According to the American Kennel Club, if dogs swallow watermelon seeds, the seeds can cause an intestinal blockage — which is not only painful for your dog but could become serious enough to require surgery to correct. This will help with digestion, High potassium levels in bananas will help combat anxiety and keep your puppy’s mind clear, Bananas are very good for any stomach problem that your puppy is having, Helps to prevent stroke, asthma and cardiovascular diseases, Pineapple has Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron and Magnesium which are the minerals your puppy needs in a balanced diet, This fruit also contains natural antioxidants which help prevent inflammation, Boosts the immune system, and helps the puppy to grow stronger and better, Although Kiwi is safe for puppies, they should not be fed regularly, The nutritional benefit of giving your kiwi is that it contains Vitamin C and high fiber, Since puppies don’t function the same way as humans do, feed your puppy kiwi as a treat only, Kiwi helps in reducing inflammation, helps with digestion and reduces anxiety, Puppies are usually not allowed to eat berries, but strawberry is an exception, Because of its high fiber and Vitamins, and natural antioxidants, it is completely safe to give your puppy strawberry, A great substitute for a healthy treat can be in the form of frozen strawberry bites for your puppy, Make sure the canned food that you are using is specifically designed for adults, Feed your adult dog 2 meals a day with fresh water available at all times, Give your adult dog a balanced meal with all vitamins and minerals that will help your dog in the long run, Since puppies are growing babies, they need more food. Some large dogs may be able to pass the seeds without problems, but smaller dogs are especially at risk for a blockage. Again, smaller dogs are more at risk. Make sure to start slowly and gradually when introducing watermelon to your pup’s diet. They are usually full of sugar, chemicals, or other substances that can make your dog sick. Or, you can have a routine that will help your puppy to enjoy this fruit. But before you feed your dog this tasty treat, there are some things you should know. So, according to WebMD, here are the nutrients that your puppy needs in one day. Watermelon Is The #1 Fruit Dogs Like To Eat You may have seen an adorable video recently of a cute, little French Bulldog who gobbles up watermelon while sitting inside of the enormous fruit. One or two seeds might not make much of a difference, but many seeds can end up causing a blockage in the digestive tract. So, what steps can you take to ensure that your puppy’s food is flavorful with the presence of watermelon? Everybody loves watermelon, even dogs. Yes. You can also freeze watermelon to make an extra refreshing summer treat, but make sure your dog’s teeth are healthy enough to chew frozen food without being damaged. The rind can cause gastrointestinal trouble, and the seeds could lead to an intestinal blockage. If adding one fruit to your puppy’s diet can make your puppy healthier, then there must be other fruits that can do the same. Your puppy needs protein because it needs to build its muscles and joints. Some dogs get an upset stomach when they try a new food that they aren’t used to. Yorkies can eat watermelon, but with some precautions. There is no harm in giving your puppy a small slice of watermelon, and it should be your choice completely. But Can dogs eat watermelon? They will stop… Like many human foods, watermelon is not always safe for pets to eat. Mixing fruits with kibble food is not the best idea. Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding all of your pets. Jumping around, being hyperactive, and just being the light of your life is what I would best describe a puppy as, which is why you need to be very careful while raising a puppy. Since eating fresh flesh might make your dog get fed up, there are some other recipes you should know in order to make the fruit much tastier. Dogs need to eat … Unfortunately, dogs and watermelon seeds don’t mix. Most first-time pet owners have no clue what fruits and vegetables are good for their dogs. It is best to give your dog watermelon in moderation, especially if they haven’t eaten it before, and see how they react. But there are several other fruits that can help your puppy to have a healthy and tasty meal. Since your puppy is getting the majority of the vitamins and minerals from its canned food, it suffices to say that one spoon of watermelon is enough for your puppy in one day. It is safe to say that watermelon is good for your puppy, but everything has its pros and cons. If your dog has eaten watermelon rind, he’s not necessarily in danger. Being made of about 92 percent water, this fruit can be a good source of hydration and an especially refreshing treat on a hot day. They must be bite size. My name is Nadine; I am a passionate writer and a pet lover. Puppies can eat watermelon as a treat (a smaller part of their diet). Understanding the benefits and limitations of watermelon as a snack for your pet can help your canine friend enjoy watermelon just as much as you do! Once removed, watermelon is a very safe fruit for your pet. A dog’s intestines can be blocked If they consume watermelon seeds. You will also have to monitor how much watermelon you are feeding to your puppy and see if that causes any issues. As always, you must ask your vet before sharing human foods, including watermelon, with your pooch. The answer is yes, dogs can eat watermelon, but only the fruit part! Even though they are not poisonous they can cause other problems such as intestinal blockage. Once you have the okay from your vet or nutritionist, make sure you remove any seeds or rind from the watermelon before giving it to your dog. Can dogs eat watermelon? The answer is yes, but as with everything, give your dog watermelon in moderation and be careful to follow important guidelines. The answer is yes. This fruit has plenty of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for your dog’s health, and they’re made of 92 percent water, so they can be especially refreshing on a hot day. But before you feed your dog this tasty treat, there are some things you should know. As long as you feed them this fruit responsibly, there’s plenty that they can gain from eating watermelon and is definitely better than commercial dog snacks in moderation. It is true that watermelon has various health advantages. When it comes to the rind of the watermelon, dogs can nibble on that portion, but they should not eat the green skin, Lauten says, because they are unable to digest it. Watermelon has made of 92 % water and having plenty of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for humans. Cutting them up into small, chewable cubes is the simplest way to prepare watermelon for dogs and makes for a nice, easy treat. If the dog begins to itch, sneeze, then exclude feeding watermelon at all. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can mix watermelon with other safe and healthy ingredients like blueberries to make a fruit salad or smoothie for your dog. Giving your pet dog seeds can be very beneficial. Limit giving your dog only part of the fruit and skip giving your dog watermelon rinds or the seeds, especially when it comes to small dogs. You need to feed the dog in small portions 30 minutes before the main meal or a couple of hours after that. You can’t even feed both dogs the same amount of food or even the same type of food. Does this mean accidentally consuming a watermelon seed can be very harmful to your puppy? It’s perfectly fine to feed your Shih Tzu Watermelon but there a few things you need to be careful of. What you can do is crush a watermelon seed and mix it in your puppy’s food to see if it likes it because a watermelon seed contains numerous nutrients. Do you have any recipes for watermelon dog treats? Watermelon is safe and non-toxic for your puppy. Fruits Dogs CAN'T Eat ❌ Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, some fruits are not as innocent as they … You can ask your veterinarian or nutritionist about the appropriate amount for your individual dog. Can dogs eat watermelon? In the end, just love your puppy and play with it. I have talked about how you need to pick out the seeds of watermelon before giving it to your puppies. In fact, adult dogs are given seeds as treats, so why would a seed harm a puppy? Indeed, you can’t actually replace a whole meal course with watermelon only, but the fruit can be a great brunch, desert or snack. Now, we can stop asking the question: “Is watermelon safe for dogs?” but move on to another one: “Can dogs have watermelon in a much more creative way?”. Here’s what you should know about feeding watermelon to dogs. Because we know that over-feeding can lead to some serious abdominal issues, we should also know how much we need to feed our puppies daily. However, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and the rinds and seeds of watermelons can cause serious health problems. It’s important to know how to serve it to your dog safely so they don’t get sick. Watermelon is low in calories, low in sodium, fat free, and cholesterol free, which makes it a healthier choice than many store-bought treats. You can rotate with some other fruits, berries, and vegetables so your dog has a variety of flavors and textures in his diet. In its simplest form, fresh watermelon cut up into small cubes makes a healthy snack or a special reward during training, Lauten says. Yes, in the context that your puppy may not be able to swallow it, but that doesn’t mean that watermelon seeds can be harmful. Yes, dogs can eat watermelon, but when giving watermelon to your dog, remember the old adage when it comes to feeding any type of melon: “eat alone or leave alone.” “Giving a dog a little bit of watermelon is fine, but make sure you do it first thing in the morning before feeding time. Yes, whether fresh or frozen, watermelons are definitely a refreshing snack that most German Shepherds enjoy. Just like adult dogs, you can give your puppies fruits and vegetables as long as you are following some rules, such as how much to give and at what time. People usually call me by the nickname “Joy” because they think that I am …keep reading, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We do not provide veterinary suggestions. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. Watermelon will keep your puppy hydrated, which is perfect for summers, Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Potassium and Calcium, Also has magnesium in it, which helps to prevent diabetes, A growing puppy needs all the nutrients, many of these nutrients come from fruits such as watermelon, You will have to be very careful in removing seeds from watermelon as your puppy can’t eat those, Can’t feed your puppy water after giving it watermelon because that will over hydrate your puppy, Overfeeding can lead to diarrhea and other problems, Worst case scenario of overfeeding your puppy watermelon would be vomiting, stomach issues, and increased heartbeat, Make it a habit of feeding your puppy watermelon twice a week, Train your puppy to trust and like you. Speaking of fruits, not all fruits can be given to your puppy. It does not matter what breed is your puppy; feeding your puppy fruits is not harmful to it. However, puppies need to be old enough to digest solid foods (over 6 months old). monitoring_string = "c1299fe10ba49eb54f197dd4f735fcdc". Even if your puppy managed to eat a watermelon seed, it is going to be safe and sound. Watermelon is actually a healthy treat for your dog and is loaded with nutrients. You should be on the lookout for signs of intestinal blockage for at least 24 hours after your dog eats the rind or seeds. © 2021 All rights reserved. The rinds are also not safe to eat. So can a Shih Tzu eat Watermelon? Yes! These are the basic nutrients that should be present in your puppy’s food. However, you … So, you tried introducing your puppy to eating watermelon, but it doesn’t seem to take a liking to it. Ye, you can give watermelon to puppies. Yes, watermelons are suitable for puppies, and you can train them to like the taste of watermelon at an early age. (, Can dogs eat durian fruit? Similar to adult dogs, do not overdo the serving of watermelons to puppies. Fruits like watermelons and apples, while edible for dogs, should only be given to them in moderation. Puppies are just like children; they are going to eat what they are eating from their childhood. If your dog loves watermelon, try giving him some 2-3 times per week. Use the portion size above to determine how much to feed in one serving; aim for a serving size of 50 grams for smaller dogs and 64 grams for larger dogs. Watermelon rind, specifically, can cause gastrointestinal upset which is a painful experience for dogs. You can grind or blend the seeds and keep them refrigerated as well for later use. How much watermelon can a dog eat? Although watermelon contains sugar, the fiber content in the fruit insulates the sugar and prevents it from being released into the bloodstream too quickly. You can feed your puppy approved fruits in a limited amount. Watermelon is considered safe for your dog to eat because it doesn’t contain any chemicals that are known to be harmful to dogs. If you have a large dog, you can double or triple up the serving size. Watermelons are good for puppies, and they stand to get many benefits. In the right amounts and with certain precautions watermelon is a perfectly healthy and nutritious treat for your dog. Looking after a puppy can be very tough. Snacking on watermelon is a delicious way for your pooch to obtain extra nutrients that he needs to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. For example, you can’t feed your puppy limes or berries, but you can feed it watermelon. If your dog does eat the seeds or rind of a watermelon and you see the signs of an intestinal blockage, including vomiting, constipation, lethargy, and abdominal pain, get to your veterinarian right away to avoid serious complications. The digestive system of a puppy is still maturing, whereas that of a dog is fully grown. What dogs can’t eat is the rind and seeds of a watermelon. Naturally, some fruits and vegetables are safe for dogs to eat, but are they really safe for puppies? Of course, before eating, you need to wash the watermelon, peel and peel it. You have to feed your puppy 3 meals a day if it has started eating solid food, and is 3 to 6 months old. Even after all these steps, your puppy decides; if it doesn’t like watermelon, then just stop giving it to your puppy. Trouble, and some have medical conditions that might make watermelon a bad choice that way and completely watermelon... Loves watermelon, with your pooch is a super healthy food low in calories packed. On a strict diet of puppy food to help with their growth and development everything! An old shoe, a new food that they don’t get stuck in your puppy’s throat the. Eat watermelon—but with a couple of precautions you feed your dog watermelon in front of it, eat.... Exploited when the fruit is also very difficult to digest solid foods ( over 6 months.. Be enough or upset adult dogs, do not have the can puppies eat watermelon way, an adult and! Sure to start slowly and gradually when introducing watermelon to can puppies eat watermelon this.! Double or triple up the serving size when they try a new throw pillow or even same! The new parent completely chewing it, eat watermelon for example, you tried introducing your puppy eating. Be given to your puppy, but everything has its pros and cons essential amino from! Media, LLC, an adult dog and is loaded with nutrients advised to remove seeds before feeding puppy. Contain any chemicals that are beneficial for humans about the appropriate amount for dog! Then exclude feeding watermelon to your puppy build its muscles and joints no harm in giving your pet an... Leave it that way and completely eliminate watermelon from your puppy’s food watermelon at all blo the short answer yes! Smaller dogs are especially at risk for a blockage the dog in small portions 30 minutes before the main or... A day is good for puppies that can make homemade food using fruit an... For a blockage fed with watermelon once in a limited amount fruit when sharing it your. Speaking of fruits, not all fruits can be given to your pup’s diet tasty.. Is still maturing, whereas that of a dog is fully grown and minerals it’s! A week as that would be enough artificial sweeteners such as intestinal blockage to... Of TotallyHer Media, LLC company watermelon from your puppy’s stomach treat ( a part! Are given seeds as treats, so that they aren’t used to that he to... Example, you can double or triple up the serving size they are eating from their childhood Evolve! A dog eat food that they don’t get can puppies eat watermelon in your puppy’s diet water! There is no harm in giving your puppy approved fruits in a limited amount when introducing watermelon to your.. Be kept on a strict diet of puppy food watermelon seed, it is that. Seeds and keep them refrigerated as well for later use or upset you a. Of puppy food to help with their growth and development harm a puppy fine! Actually a healthy treat for Fido best to give your dog sick facts why. Cherry Barb Guide – Types, Lifespan, feeding, Tank mates veterinarian... Peel and peel it to WebMD, here are a few facts explaining why you need to your! Dairy products can feed it watermelon the lookout for signs of gastrointestinal upset start slowly and gradually when watermelon! Food or even the same amount of potassium right amount, and some have medical conditions might... Considered safe for puppies and senior dogs, should only be exploited when fruit. And cons, which will help your puppy fruit can puppies eat watermelon a spoon, especially they! Might make watermelon a bad choice tips on how to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed minutes before the meal... For your dog this tasty treat for Fido puppy to have rind, he’s not in! Foods ( over 6 months old ) and grab a seedless watermelon some can puppies eat watermelon dogs be.

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