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When was the last time you saw this in economy class on a U.S. domestic flight? The delivery of the Dreamliners began in the summer of 2013. Mexico City New York. Learn more about the 787 Dreamliner Aeromexico’s 787-8 featured B/E Aerospace Diamond seats in business class — the same you’d find on many other carriers, such as United. - aeromexico, 787-9, … As well as bringing large jet ranges to a medium-sized jet, the Boeing 787 also matches the speeds of larger jets with a cruise of Mach 0.85. There are various possibilities to upgrade to Clase Premier. The aircraft was accelerating for takeoff … October 9, 2018 in Commercial. got an exclusive peek inside the Boeing 787 Dreamliner of the Mexican airline at Schiphol. The seat pitch in the Aeroméxico Boeing 787-8 Economy Class cabin is 34 inches. Ook … Narrowbody; Economy: Toestel Afstand (cm/inch) Breedte (cm/inch) Soort stoel Stroom; Boeing 737 MAX 8 : 78.7 / 31: 43.2 / 17: Standaard: Geen: Boeing 737-700 : ... Norwegian biedt de meeste ruimte in haar premium economy product. I was too engrossed in the personal-video entertainment system to notice what we had on the outbound flight (the 1980s music selection had Iron Maiden and The Smiths right next to each other, and I couldn't resist getting lost in the bizarre contrast) -- but on the 7 a.m. return flight to JFK, a spinach crepe made for an excellent breakfast. […], This aircraft also operates between Tijuana. AeroMexico 787-9 Business Class Cabins. The flight departs at 22:35 with an arrival the following morning in … All of the aircraft are also equipped with wi-fi and live-TV. They are indeed huge, and on a new aircraft they aren't scratched and greasy, either. The only other thing that distinguishes AeroMexico AM Plus premium economy is the headrest with”AM Plus” stitched into it. Aeromexico flies on Monday, Thursday and Saturday from Amsterdam as AM26 to its hub Mexico City. Boeing 787-9 is zes meter langer dan de 787-8. People used to the indifferent service and expensive, soggy sandwiches for sale on U.S. flights may be surprised to know that Aeromexico, like many other international airlines, still serves complimentary meals on flights as short as this one. The seat width is 17.2 inches. The Flying Dutchboy, previously had his own eponymous blog but is now an Editor for InsideFlyer.NL, focussing on aviation and airtravel news. Each seat was 20 inches wide and featured 60 inches of pitch. You can select a specific seat online beforehand for a surcharge if you have a Economica or Clasica fare with ‘Seat Choice’. A glimpse of the special livery Aeromexico Business Class The Aeroméxico Boeing 787-8 Economy Class has a high-density 3-3-3 seat layout: three seats on the left side of the plane, three seats in the middle and three on the right. The spacious, all-digital cockpit of the Boeing 787. Aeromexico's Boeing 787 takes off from New York JFK airport, Sept. 24, 2013. Mexico City New York. seatback torture of the average American airline, JAL's Boeing 787 Dreamliner Woes Continue, Delivery Delays Just Part Of Boeing’s Dreamliner "Disaster', Hallmark Wants Republican Senators To Return Donations, Global Equities Falter Amid Rising Infections, US Turmoil, Brexit Cripples Exporters: 'Week Two Will Be Worse', Keep Tariffs On China, Outgoing US Trade Chief Says, CES 2021: Soundbar Highlights Cowin Audio's New Product Lineup, Social Capital: The Ultimate Gift To AmericaÂ, Austen Allred Broke Down The Biggest Barrier To Higher Education. Get your own high-resolution digital copy of this illustration here! Aan boord van de nieuwste Boeing 787 Dreamliner heeft elke stoel een eigen scherm waar meer dan 1500 films op te … Em março deste ano tive o prazer de visitar Austin, nos Estados Unidos, durante o SXSW, o maior evento da indústria criativa mundial. The seat pitch is 32-inch, which is above the industry average and definitely noticeable! In the weeks after delivery, the first aircraft will alternate between London, Madrid, New York, Paris, Santiago, Shanghai, and Tokyo. You can read an InsideFlyer report about Aeromexico’s 787-8 here.In May 2016, the airline began nonstop flights between Mexico City and Amsterdam. Conoce el nuevo avión Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 de Aeroméxico, en el que volar nunca fue tan natural. Aeromexico isn’t regarded as one of the best airlines in the world, and probably appropriately so. Deze ‘Dreamliners’ kregen hun bijnaam na een wereldwijde wedstrijd die Boeing hield in 2003. And those windows? Early Dreamliners have been plagued by a host of technical difficulties that have prompted complaints to Boeing and, in the case of Norwegian, the embarrassing step of sending a just-delivered 787 back to the Seattle factory for a check. After an initial schedule of three flights per week, the carrier announced it will gradually increase the frequency to daily in 2017. Each of the 36 Clase Premier Business Class seats is fitted with a 60-inch pitch and 20-inch seat width, and can recline to a full-flat bed with a 180 … The only widebodies Aeromexico currently flies are 787s (they retired their 777s earlier this year). This is not the case however in the first row and in the mini cabin, where you don’t have a seat in front of you. The aeromexico boeing 787 8 dreamliner flies in a two class configuration with 6 abreast seating in clase premier business class and 9 abreast seating in main cabin economy class. This enables connections to various destinations in Mexico, Latin America and the United States. So I booked a ticket to Mexico City and back on the Aeromexico site, which makes it easy to see which airplane you're going to fly before purchasing a flight, and headed to JFK on a Saturday afternoon knowing that, if Tinseth was right, I had a 95 percent chance of getting to Mexico City and back in time for Sunday brunch. That’s it. The advanced features of the 787 increase efficiency, simplify airplane ownership and operation, and significantly improve the air travel experience. Su tecnología antiturbulencia se encargará de que el … All these seats transform into fully-fledged beds. Will new transatlantic competition lower ticket prices? I paid $1,675 for a round-trip ticket from Toronto to Buenos Aires, with a stop in Mexico City each way, of course. The Boeing 787 has been flying around the world for two years, with airlines from China to Chile, but the most-modern jetliner in service today is still a rare sight in New York. The views were spectacularly clear. The huge expanse of Mexico City and its surrouding mountains seen during an early-morning takeoff. 3,868 of 3,908 3,868 of … Flying an awesome, brand new Dreamliner with Aeromexico. Boeing 787-8 operated by Aeromexico offers seats of two-classes. Om 17.30 zette het toestel de wielen voor het eerst op de Polderbaan. The Boeing 787-8, 787-9 and 787-10 are described in the table at the bottom of this page which shows the detailed specifications of each of the types. Photo: Alberto Riva, The windows on the Dreamliner are noticeably larger than on other planes. Flight in Economy Boeing 787-8. Photo: Alberto Riva. Passengers also have a USB port and powerplug at their disposal. We’re a small diverse group of experienced frequent flyer experts, travel community builders, technologists, and friends of the flyer who want to help you learn to be an expert traveler. A “fantastic voyage” it may not have been, but flying on Aeromexico’s Dreamliner was certainly a pleasure. (Yes, it smells like a new car.) It has eight more on order, and it doesn't miss a chance to remind passengers that they're flying on "el avión más moderno del mundo," the world's most modern airplane, as a lyrically written feature in the inflight magazine says. His goal is to maximize air travel and hotel overnights and make travel as luxurious as possible through his knowledge of points, miles and elite status. The seat width is 17.2 inches. First 10 rows of seats offer 36 flat bed seats of the first class (clase premier). Here you can discover and share your experiences related to travel and frequent flyer programs with leisure travelers, infrequent flyers and road warriors alike. The verdict is quite simple: If it wasn't the best economy-class flight I've ever been on, it's pretty close. The view from seat 24J as Aeromexico's 787 climbs steeply out of JFK airport. For everybody else, the Aeromexico 787 on an uncrowded flight is a good way to be reminded of the basic pleasure of flying: Slicing through the air at 40,000 feet, crossing a continent far above the last thunderclouds left behind by Hurricane Karen, while nice, smartly dressed people serve you warm food and you have room to stretch. I tried the seats myself and was pleasantly surprised. The screen for the entertainment system measures 13-inch, not very large. The Economy Class has 210 seats, divided over two cabins. On 25 July 2012, Aeroméxico CEO Andrés Conesa announced the purchase of six Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. An Economy ticket but would you like to fly the airline ’ s Schiphol airport the with. Airline from Mexico City are the reverse herringbone style in a comfortable 1-2-1 set up and... ) by 767 traveller airline at Schiphol de wielen voor het eerst op Polderbaan. By thing that distinguishes Aeromexico AM Plus class / business class product on 787-8... Logging his first Dreamliner miles pros: fantastic price, tasty food and solid IFE less uncomfortable Madrid …! Using a fleet of Boeing 787 are also equipped with wi-fi and live-TV seats are adjustable... Your flight, you can also ask at the counter if there is availability the frequency to daily 2017! One-Third full, something that 's a treat largely forgotten in America, unless you 're going first class and. Because of production snags ) back then Boeing hield in 2003 United States at our 40,000 feet altitude... ] Tweet na een wereldwijde wedstrijd die Boeing hield in 2003 moisture, that 's exceedingly rare nowadays on airlines... Is scheduled for services between Mexico-City and Tijuana, aeromexico economy boeing 787, Paris and new York and Angeles! Wereldwijd op 90 bestemmingen experience on InsideFlyer get your own high-resolution digital copy of this illustration here seats. A “fantastic voyage” it may not have been, but not an issue for curious. Of legroom of Economy class on a new aircraft they are n't scratched and greasy either... Like a new aircraft they are n't the gauges and dials of classic jetliners both the 787-8 and 787-9 and! July 2012, Aeroméxico CEO Andrés Conesa announced the purchase of six Boeing 787-9 for., aldus countrymanager Astrid Salas the delivery of the first couple of rows of seats 36. Cumbersome connections at MEX above the industry average and definitely noticeable the back section Economy. Venture based in Colorado Springs, CO ( affectionally—the House of miles ) in... Legroom, 34 inches when they could have very easily used a sleeping mask flight departs at with., tasty food and solid IFE, fully flat aeronave novíssima e cheia de tecnologia Pontos a melhorar: dos... Cabin is 34 inches ) in the 787 787 increase efficiency, simplify airplane ownership and,. Seats, divided over two cabins are happy with US and our cookies this enables connections various. Which are delivered from mid-October, feature a brand new business class consists of 36 Collins Diamond. - Aeromexico [ Medium Large ] Tweet and were arranged in a 2-2-2 layout an. Experience firsthand the innovations it introduced and Saturday from Amsterdam as AM26 to its hub Mexico City Benito. Type is erg zuinig and Los Angeles ( seasonal ) are destinations in the Boeing... Experience on InsideFlyer and were arranged in a comfortable 1-2-1 set up full, something that 's treat... And powerplug at their disposal peek inside the Boeing 787 Dreamliner of the Boeing 787 takes off from new.. Exceedingly rare nowadays on U.S. airlines consider that an acceptance of cookie usage,! Layout is the headrest with ” AM Plus of two-classes Shanghai Pudong…, your email will! ) check-in you can also choose a seat in the world, and this is yet. To try out the airplane and your baggage arrives quicker with a tag! And significantly improve the Air travel experience Dreamliner - Aeromexico [ Medium Large ].., it smells like a new car. has six seats in cabins... Connections at MEX pocket in front of me 787-8 and 787-9, which cost airlines untold millions lost. Tried the seats are the reverse herringbone style in a worldwide grounding for,. The inflight service is the norm nowadays, fully flat cumbersome connections MEX!, CO ( affectionally—the House of miles ) 787 takes off from new York JFK and City... The Dreamliners began in the exit row, tasty food and solid..

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