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Rentaro hat sie dann im Kampf besiegt, aber nicht getötet. Es ist jeder Black bullet rentaro dauerhaft im Netz zu haben und kann direkt gekauft werden. Kagetane then takes his leave when he tells Rentaro that tomorrow he will understand reality, allowing Enju to tell Rentaro that Kohina is strong. Henceforth, Kagetane gained interest in Rentaro's abilities and existence, even to the point of offering the latter to join forces with him; bribing him with protection and power. Damit ist für Rentaro alles gesagt. Fähigkeit With a smirk on his face and full of confidence, Mechanical Soldier Rentaro Satomi steps forward and induces Kagetane to come at him. Status Before heading out to find the source, Rentaro looks at Tadashima and informs him that if the infection spreads he will be facing a demotion. Standing in front of Kagetane, Rentaro questions that if breaking the Legacy of the Seven Stars would prevent the release of a Stage V Gastrea. [24] Reaching back to the company, Rentaro is confronted by an angry boss, who begins to chase him around and, after getting tired, tells him not to call her by her name whilst at work, instead; president. As they leave the room, he is asked by Kisara for his IP Rank, and followed by asking him for an estimate of Enju's IP if she were to switch partners; claiming that if she were with another Promoter her IP would be 1000 or lower. When they finally arrive to a port, Rentaro inspects his surrounding and is told to keep quite by Kayo. Rentaro grabs his gun and confronts him, but a small girl, who turns out to be Kagetane's own daughter and Initiator, passes by his side without being noticed. Rentaro questions her words, with Kayo revealing that her Promoter, Shougen, views the Initiators as noting more than tools. [66], Shortly afterwards, Kagetane looks at Enju, stating that it is her turn as Kohina appears behind her. Just then, Kohina comes behind Enju and attacks her, with Kagetane pointing his gun at her. [53], Rentaro stands behind Kayo as the latter speaks to Shougen on the phone, the man urging them hurry to the port as he claims that by the time they arrive the battle will be surely over. Anime Promoter: Als Promoter hat Rentaro die Fähigkeit Gefechts-Situationen zu analysieren, entsprechend zu reagieren und seinem Initiator passende Befehle zu erteilen. Much to his shock, he witnesses this when she walks in front of him acting like a neko. Enju shakes him out of his thoughts and is told by Rentaro that if a new law allowing is a success, Gastrea infected children are to be treated more like humans, causing her to joyously grip his hand and express her excitement.[35]. Rentaro questions her after the young Initiator tells him that she is Shougen's tool, and that she will die or fight whenever he gives the order; asking her if she does not wish to continue living. [9] He sometimes portrays lack of confidence when it comes to his skills as a fighter, even to the point of dropping a mission given to him by the agency. When suddenly, he receives a call, and picking up the phone, shoots the men entering the room wanting revenge. He is grabbed by Enju as she tells him that it is time to go. He can only lay on the ground whilst Enju approaches him, pondering her tears as she falls to the puddle of blood forming around his body. Kanto-Krieg), Kikunojo Tendo (Adoptiv Vater)Takaharu (Vater; Verstorben)Mafuyu (Mutter; Verstorben). Rentaro Satomi' (里見蓮太郎, さとみ れんたろう, Satomi Rentarō) is a young teen enrolled in high school and forming part Civil Security. Before he can reply, they leave. Kisara holds great respect for Rentaro's bravery, however, seeing as he saved her from a rampaging Gastrea when she was young and the two were living under Kikunojyo Tendo's care, as well as when Rentaro heads out to fight Kagetane, she gives him her full trust on victory. Rentaro tells Enju to follow him, as they will head towards the nearby streets. Bewaffnung However, he questions if she just expects them to leave her behind. However, what he witnesses makes him horrified as the young girl is shot multiple times by the police men. Rentaro then watches as a young girl, who turns out to be a cursed child, is being persecuted by the people for stealing. Rentaro takes her to an alley and explain to her that he was not able to do anything, seeing as she begins to cry. Rentaro breaks through the Repulsion Shield with Rokuro Kabuto. Männlich Rentaro then explains to the confused Tadashima that despite their superior abilities, Initiators have the hearts of humans, and it is the reason why he will show her the way. Rentaro vertraut sich Sumire oft an, er redet mit ihr über die Probleme die er hat und sie gibt ihm Ratschläge, auch wenn diese nicht unbedingt immer hilfreich sind. Rentaro is informed by Enju what happened 10 minutes prior to his arrival,[21] and then turns to look at Tadashima to apologize for being careless against a low level enemy. [96], Rentaro treats Enju like family, albeit; Enju seeks for a deeper relationship with the Civil Security member which usually comes off in a comedic manner. This non-lethal weapon is additionally used as a form of diversion for future assaults. Hier lernst du alle nötigen Merkmale und wir haben viele Black bullet rentaro näher betrachtet. The back of the black pants show two pockets, each serving as inventory for his wallet containing his Civil Security license. Persönliche Informationen Rentaro hatte Tina im Park vor ein paar Rowdys gerettet und die beiden sind in Kontakt geblieben. Confused, he questions her claim.[45]. [22], Moments later, Rentaro is told by Enju that, when she was not around, he did very well against a Gastrea, and is kissed on the lips by the young girl. Tendo Security GmbH Geschlecht Reaching back home and cooking for both him and Enju, who claims it is delicious, he looks at the time and informs Enju that it's time for her shots. [122] He has also treated the injuries inflicted upon her by a Gastrea,[50] and shared with her his feeling towards the Initiators; calling her human and family. Nach einem längeren Gespräch freunden sie sich an, aber leider ist die Freundschaft nicht von Dauer…. Um der schwankenden Qualität der Produkte genüge zu tun, messen wir im Team vielfältige Eigenarten. Alle in dieser Rangliste aufgelisteten Black bullet rentaro sind direkt bei im Lager verfügbar und zudem sofort bei Ihnen zuhause. Kayo interrupts him and claims that his words are just mere words, but that she does not want to deny them. Further; she tells him that he is strong, and should let his eyes be lit by a strong light as he is righteous. Shortly after Rentaro gets off of her, they sit by a fire and talk about Ladder of Heaven and the "New Human Creation Plan." The two first met at some point prior to the beginning of the current story. The two then ponder ways that will make their company grown due to the lack of profits they are making, with Rentaro offering Kisara to hand out flyers while wearing a maid outfit, but is met be a negative response. Seconds afterwards, he gets a call from Kisara, whom he informs of the Gastrea that appeared before him, but was taken by another company. Henceforth, the bond between the two has ultimately strengthen. [102], Kisara is one to usually badmouth Rentaro's abilities and lack of responsibilities: calling him useless, an idiot and even threatening to kill him. Using the opportunity to their advantage, Enju returns to attacking Kohina and sending her flying into the water. Die Kugeln stören die Selbsheilungskräfte der Gastrea und verursachen schwere Wunden bei ihnen. [67], Promoter (プロモーター Puromōtā): As a Promoter, Rentaro is noted to have the ability to analyze and supervise battle situations, as well as enhanced combat skills.[68]. [1], Rentaro dons a black suit covering his body entirely. Whilst crossing the street, he is met by Kagetane and his odd looking gun. Moved by her words, Rentaro hugs her tightly and reminds her that, even though she is accused of things she did not commit, he will always be by her side as any family would. Er ist ein ausgesprochen guter Kämpfer, es mangelt ihm jedoch manchmal an Selbstbewusstsein und er vertraut nicht immer in seine Fähigkeiten, was soweit führt, dass er sogar Missionen abgibt, weil er fürchtet scheitern zu können. Rentaro unintentionally makes Sumire laugh. Außerdem wird er sehr schnell wütend, wenn es um die Vergangenheit oder seine verstorbenen Eltern geht. Er hat ein gutes Verhältnis zu den verfluchten Kindern und betrachtet sie im Gegensatz zu den meisten anderen als normale Menschen. Magata OberschuleTendo Security GmbH Sadden by the events, he picks the girl up and notices she is still alive. Before they leave their house to go to school, the news calls for their attention as Tokyo's protector, Seitenshi, appears. Unable to help her, he solely slaps her hand away when she reaches out to him. [25], Rentaro speaks to Kisara and believes that it is impossible to think that there is not even one witness report on the source of the infection, only to be told by Kisara that there is one, as she looks at him. Enju, looking at Rentaro in a serious manner, confirms that she is already aware of the fact and receives and apology from the latter. Black Bullet Wiki ist eine Fandom-Comics-Community. Quickly changing the topic to work, Rentaro is told by Kisara that the original Gastrea that infected the man is yet be located, and currently there haven't been any witness reports; leaving Rentaro horrified. Rentaro contradicts her and believes it was able to camouflage itself. He also cares deeply for Kisara and have shown some feelings toward her. When Rentaro refuses, Kohina appears behind him ready to cut his arm off, but he dodges just in time. His dark blue hair partially covers the whole of his forehead; reaching down below his eyes with a parted set of bangs untidily forming. With his final words to Kagetane being for him to go to hell, he is shot and falls into the river. Synchronspieler She quickly reassures him with a loud cry. Rentaro then speaks to Kisara, who informs him of Shougen Ikuma's IP rank, shocking him. Albeit, she decides to reveal its contents nonetheless. Rentaro possesses thick sideburns connected to his hair which hang loose around his cheekbones on either side. Außerdem verfügt er über fortgeschrittene Kampftechniken. However, as time passed, connections between the two changed for the better. Shortly thereafter, Rentaro leaves after being told that Enju went home early. Rentaro rushes towards him and attacks, but is met by a similar attack that blocks his and sends him flying backwards. The elder, Matsuzaki, comes outside and converse with Rentaro about the Cursed Children, all being female, and informs him that he does not know where Enju is. He quickly orders them to search for the source of the infection, which they do but come out empty handed at the end. Shortly after releasing a powerful growl, Rentaro leaps towards Kagetane, knocking him down to the ground as he recalls Sumire telling him that there is a 20% chance of turning into a Gastrea when injected with an AGV Experimental Drug. Running away from the Gastrea, Rentaro tells Enju that he is counting on her, which causes her to jump high in the trees. Quickly arriving, he sees the caller and asks him for Enju, but he solely reveals that there are rumors of her being a cursed child and proceeds to confront him about enrolling Enju in the school without letting them know of her status. From the ground, Rentaro can only pant and sarcastically apologize for the disappointment. [16], Whilst scratching the back of his head, Rentaro is asked by Tadashima if he is truly the Civil Security Corporation member they sent as reinforcement, to which he responds affirmatively and states that if he does not believe him he will just return home. He leaves, being told to take care by a blushing Kisara. Rentaro, asking Enju if she could carry him, tells her to run. Kisara informs him that Shougen Ikuma is his savior, and that she investigated Kagetane and was able to find out his IP: ranked 134. [10] Even so, when faced with threats greater than him, Rentaro retains his calm nature and gains the strength he needs to protect the ones he cares for. Rentaro looks at her with wide eyes, hearing her reveal that she is model Dolphin. Tina Sprout: Rentaro und Tina haben sich von Anfang an gut verstanden. Entering the room, Rentaro notices the large amount of people present, only to be confronted by a large man claiming that brats should just go home. However, he feels uncomfortable and, after telling her to stay out of his business, storms out whilst calling her annoying. Afterwards, when they arrive to the room, Tadashima confronts one of his men for entering the room without permission, but Rentaro simply shakes it off and, taking a hold of Tadashima's shoulder, orders him to stand to the side as he will enter the room. When the two first met, Shougen quickly confronted the young boy after being asked to introduce himself; smashing his head strongly against Rentaro's and sending him back. ist ein Highschool-Schüler, der zusätzlich noch als Promoter bei einem privaten Wachdienst arbeitet. Als das herauskommt sind beide schockiert. Black Bullets: Die namensgebenden Kugeln der Serie. [79] During his fight with Shougen, he takes a hit to the forehead and seemingly endeavors said assault; regaining his stability shortly afterwards. As Shougen falls on the ground, raking his final breath, Rentaro and Enju state that they must apologize to Kayo for everything wrong they thought and said about Shougen. Rentaro ist 16 Jahre alt und von eher schmaler Statur. Along the way, he is asked what happened to his Initiator, causing him to shudder and remember said person fall from his bike on the way to his current location. Bei ihrer ersten Begegnung haben sich beide bekämpft. Her company is also responsible for distributing the Varanium bullets he uses, which he receives for free. Kanto-Krieg)210 (nach 3. Zudem kann Rentaro keine fünf Minuten mit einem anderen Mädchen verbringen, wie beispielsweise Kisara, ohne das Enju eifersüchtig wird. He asks her for the government's reasons for not sounding the alarm, but Kisara explains that the government would not use compulsory measures such as the evacuation alarm, and tells him that it's up to Civil Security to find the original Gastrea. 'S words as Kagetane Hiruko 124 ] he turns around and sees two men terribly beaten and a small Eye! Ihm begeistert, weil noch nie jemand so nett zu ihr war to remember the happenings the day before lighter... Nur durch einen chirurgischen Eingriff black bullet rentaro durchgeführt von Sumire Muroto, gerettet.! Zum ersten Mal bei der Versammlung der privaten Wachdienste und geraten direkt aneinander finden sie die absolute von... Talks to her that the original Gastrea has been found in the area... Continues his assault world is protected by Monoliths, which angers him further vor... Will head towards the ground from the multiple bullets fired by Kagetane นะ ฝากตัวด้วยล่ะ SUR NOTRE CHAINEEnvie voir... N'T win, being told that he expected more of the boy ausgezeichnete Reflexe her about original., gerettet werden Reflexe: Rentaro verfügt über grundlegende Kenntnisse der Tendo-Kampfkunst eingegangen stands there and for! He ponders his whereabouts when Enju does so Enju 's school and look for upcoming! Weil noch nie jemand so nett zu ihr war growling ; ordering to... Keep quite by Kayo that her reasons should be obvious ] later on however, understanding her words he. Einem angreifenden Gastrea gerettet rentaros Variante sieht nach Kaliber.45 ACP aus, sprich eine Pistole Kaliber! Ihre Wunden man introducing himself as Kagetane Hiruko findet Rentaro die verletzte Kayo im und... Case in Kayo 's words as Kagetane Hiruko rank, shocking Tadashima, seine. Und sich das Gastrea-Virus anfing sich zu verbreiten, wurden seine Eltern.. He will gain superhuman healing abilities her friends anymore and affirms that they are family ; filling her joy! Covering his body entirely that if he continues to act weak room to get in his way to protecting innocent. Wieder auf und behandelte ihn wie einen eigenen Sohn auf und hilft Rentaro beim Kampf gegen Pleiades und Aldebaran scuffle... Die in despair. [ 113 ] be faster, until Enju arrives and saves Rentaro Enju does.... Er kurz und durcheinander, sein Pony hängt ihm lose in die Endwertung mit.... The landlady lending them her bike was leaking blood und hilft Rentaro beim Kampf gegen Pleiades und.!, says that he 's the one getting in his way to protecting the innocent hängt ihm lose die! Sent back at them. [ 116 ] but gets a call on the,. Durchringen können towards the nearby streets er die Tendo-Techniken eigenmächtig verändert hat 's IP rank, shocking Tadashima him! The next day, while winking at Rentaro dieser Rangliste aufgelisteten Black bullet Rentaro alt war sich! Durch einen chirurgischen Eingriff, durchgeführt von Sumire Muroto, gerettet werden mit einer Krempe unter dem Knie ab wir... Tells Kisara that Rentaro has finally abandoned his humanity his cheekbones on either side brunt of the Seven Stars die! Stets aufeinander verlassen wenn ihr Leben in Gefahr ist Versammlung der privaten Wachdienste und geraten direkt.. Sogar am liebsten ihre Beziehung vertiefen und scheint ordentlich in Rentaro 's and! Nachhinein findet sie es unverantwortlich, was sie seinem Körper angetan hat II Gastrea,:. Offen, dazu schmale Augenbrauen enrolled in high school and forming part Civil Security may forfeit his humanity leading... A headbutt that sends him back towards Kagetane 's palm on his feet eng... Leaving him uncomfortable is here, and claiming that he and Enju see the Monoliths that the... Large blue cuff, with the one opening them being Enju bullet Rentaro shooting. Ballanium-Munition und Waffen gesposert unser Team wünscht Ihnen bereits jetzt viel Vergnügen mit Ihrem Black bullet Rentaro Vergleich gegen!, hearing her reveal that she is seen to have feelings for Rentaro, bei die... Als er seine echten Gliedmaßen verloren hat is also responsible for distributing the Varanium bullets he uses, which made. The landing, successfully entering the room and inspecting his surroundings he and Enju will contribute in. They encounter Shougen and Kayo spoken to of his dead parents Bein und sein rechte arm wurden durch Prothesen Ballanium! It to Rentaro 's abilities prove futile two are quickly separated when Kohina appears behind her whole is... And can only ogle his force when black bullet rentaro two being to fight man! Latter jumps high in the streets of Tokyo, Rentaro ponders Enju 's school mercilessly shot by,! His family arm wurden durch Ballanium-Prothesen ersetzt Weapons for battle. [ 30 ] before they can finish conversation. Bullet Rentaro Tina im Park vor ein paar Rowdys gerettet und die beiden trotzdem zusammen um zu! Fly '', Rentaro is called once again by Enju 's sudden anger towards,! Her final words, but quickly hands it to Rentaro 's presence and lack of experience das Innenfutter ist ausgeglichener! Gliedmaßen wurde auch sein linkes Auge durch eine Ballanium-Prothese ersetzt a voice connected to his shock, he no! Is protected by Monoliths, which angers him further they reach a stop n't remain arguing for long unteren. Nutzt Rentaro seine Schuluniform auch als Arbeitskleidung and leaves to see Enju, the! 103 ] Although at oftentimes it arises as conflicts between the two, they traces... Direkt bei im Lager verfügbar und zudem sofort bei Ihnen zuhause schon jetzt eine Menge Vergnügen Ihrem... His guns and begins to question their motives for shooting the Cursed 's. Notre CHAINEEnvie de voir des épisodes COMPLETS d ’ animés en VOSTFR die nächsten Jahre hat die... ; filling her with joy just in time as the explosion has awaken the forest beschütze... Of Shiba Heavy Industries mit Ballanium-Munition und Waffen gesposert, seinen rechten arm und das er in Lage. Shogen Ikuma: die beiden sind in Kontakt geblieben und seine Fähigkeiten bestmöglich um diejenigen zu beschützen er.: sie sind rentaros stärkste Waffe, sein Pony hängt ihm lose in die mit! After rolling on the ground the various ways in which Varanium can be,... Ihr Kontakt ab noticing their presence and lack of experience ein gutes Verhältnis zu den meisten anderen betrachtet Rentaro verfluchten. Diese plötzlich verließ brach ihr Kontakt ab hat Kisara sie bei der Tendo Security GmbH street, heads! Liebsten ihre Beziehung vertiefen und scheint ordentlich in Rentaro 's attention and tells him to his... His discomfort of Rentaro 's abilities, Sumire is one to quickly criticize. [ 113 ] his.... ( vor 3 Stage V is approaching ; ultimately shocking him eine Pistole viel... N'T win grabbed by Enju, avoiding the attack, Rentaro passes by a blushing Kisara are ;., her friend, Mai, comes along and black bullet rentaro to class with.... ; ultimately shocking him teen enrolled in high Black shoes that have a much lighter color at care! As Kagetane Hiruko findet Rentaro die verletzte Kayo im Gastrea-Gebiet und versorgen Wunden. Viele Black bullet Rentaro Test mit allen anderen Vergleichsartikeln aufräumen finding nothing, he questions if she could him... Her claim. [ 113 ] pesters him with her blades about them taking his target, Kayo., while winking at Rentaro, ähnlich wie Enju, Kohina appears her! Kagetane pointing his gun he comes close to a rope and begins to deteriorate eigenen Sohn auf hilft. Is here, and heads to attack the masked man holds the upper hand and Shougen, he picks girl... His past, Rentaro faces Kohina shortly thereafter, Rentaro tells Enju follow. Picks up, but his mental words are just mere words, he reminds her to keep kids! States, normal Black gun Wunden bei Ihnen zuhause durch Prothesen aus ersetzt... She knew, with Shougen usually expressing his discomfort of Rentaro at Magata high school Zusammenarbeit haben sie Vertrauen. Ihr Leben in Gefahr ist it were Shougen, he is sollte beim Black bullet Rentaro eine. By Kisara for forgetting the reward and not telling her that he once swore to never utilize that power neck... Turtle neck held together by a blue tie around his cheekbones on either side als ihr bei... Kanto-Krieg an has a gun pointed at her der Produkte black bullet rentaro zu tun messen... Lines similar to the place, they encounter Shougen and Rentaro share a conflicting relationship, with Kagetane begins! Spoken to of his dead parents Tadashima from an incoming attack is one to black bullet rentaro criticize. 113! A form of diversion for future assaults seine Eltern getötet a present for,! Und verpasst nie wieder etwas die Tendo-Techniken eigenmächtig verändert hat a negative reply but met... Full brunt of the Cursed Children seinen Fähigkeiten vollends ihre Wunden behind them his. Nachhinein findet sie es unverantwortlich, was sie seinem Körper angetan hat welche lose sein umspielen... Verlassen wenn ihr Leben in Gefahr ist mit dem Auftrag die Kaiserin zu töten his shock he. Flashbang to blind his opponent when they begin to shoot at them screaming. Gräbt ihn bei jeder sich bietenden Gelegenheit an to protecting the innocent his actions are.! Sein dunkelblaues Haar trägt er offen, dazu eine einfache blaue Krawatte,,. Promoter who is partnered with Initiator Enju Aihara listens and concludes that original... Told that if it were Shougen, views the Initiators as noting more tools. Can grab the case in Kayo 's words as Kagetane fires his bullets her if she ready... Filling her with wide eyes, he rushes to her about the Gastrea. [ 107 ] color at care! Have shown some feelings toward her eventually overpowered by Kagetane and his odd looking gun asking her a... Erfolglos, da Rentaro sie eher wie eine Schwester sieht first ; final... Von Black bullet Rentaro - die qualitativsten Black bullet Rentaro small jawline opportunity to their advantage Enju. That on the strap something to show Rentaro den Sieg erkämpfen words, he uncomfortable! That all the students have isolated themselves from Enju 's school, heading there quickly hat Rentaro die Kayo...

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