what climate zone is washington state

Colleges and universities include the University of Washington, Seattle University, Washington State University, Western Washington University, Eastern Washington University, Central Washington University, Saint Martin's University, Pacific Lutheran University, Gonzaga University, University of Puget Sound, The Evergreen State College, and Whitman College. The state does not collect a corporate income tax or franchise tax either. the US) shall be assigned a climate zone based on Section 301.3. Western Washington is known for its mild climate, considerable fog, frequent cloud cover, long-lasting drizzles in the winter and warm, temperate summers. To the west of Washington lies the Pacific Ocean. The high mountains of the Cascade Range run north–south, bisecting the state. [132], On March 27, 2006, Governor Christine Gregoire signed into law the recently approved House Bill 2322. [108], As of December 2018[update], the state's unemployment rate is 4.3 percent.[109]. A Fortune magazine survey of the top 20 Most Admired Companies in the U.S. has four Washington-based companies: Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Costco. Though the ban would be effective statewide in 2010, it would take place in Whatcom County, Spokane County, and Clark County in 2008. Washington is often referred to as Washington state to distinguish it from the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Washington is the 18th largest state, with an area of 71,362 square miles (184,827 km2), and the 13th most populous state, with more than 7.6 million people. Rainfall in Washington varies dramatically going from east to west. This event triggered the Cayuse War between settlers and Indians. In 2013 and 2014, both houses of the Washington State Legislature (the Washington Senate and the Washington House of Representatives) were controlled by Democrats. After the 2014 elections, the Democrats retained control of the House, while Republicans took a majority in the Senate without the need for a coalition. The state also has several public arts focused high schools including Tacoma School of the Arts, the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, and The Center School. [145], In 2019 the legislature passed the Clean Energy Transformation Act, which requires all electricity sales to be from zero-carbon sources by 2045 and net-zero by 2030. The weather patterns across the state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest region are incredibly diverse. The air spiraling inward in a counter-clockwise fashion causes Washington's prevailing winds to come from the southwest, and bring relatively warm and moist air masses and a predictably wet season. Begun by the state legislature in 1990, it allows students to attend institutions of higher education at public expense, simultaneously earning high school and college credit.[150]. Since then, in the 2018 election, the Democrats have only expanded their majorities. [42] Because of the wide range of geography, the State of Washington is home to several different ecoregions, which allow for a varied range of bird species. Washington ranks second only to California in wine production. Representatives serve two-year terms, while senators serve for four years. Murray has represented the state since 1993, while Cantwell was first elected in 2001. Washington's ten representatives in the United States House of Representatives (see map of districts) as of the 2020 election are Suzan DelBene (D-1), Rick Larsen (D-2), Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-3), Dan Newhouse (R-4), Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-5), Derek Kilmer (D-6), Pramila Jayapal (D-7), Kim Schrier (D-8), Adam Smith (D-9), and Marilyn Strickland (D-10). [10] Washington, D.C.'s, own statehood movement in the 21st century includes a proposal to use the name "State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth", which would conflict with the current state of Washington. These maps are based on the average annual extreme minimum temperatures. Climate can mean the average weather for a particular region and time period taken over 30 years. Due to Western Washington's large population, Democrats usually fare better statewide. [9], Confusion over the state of Washington and the city of Washington, D.C., led to renaming proposals during the statehood process for Washington in 1889, including David Dudley Field II's suggestion to name the new state "Tacoma". The creation of Idaho Territory in 1863 established the final eastern border. During World War II, the state became a focus for war industries. In 2013, Washington ranked first in the nation in production of red raspberries (92.7 percent of total U.S. production), hops (79.2 percent), spearmint oil (72.9 percent), wrinkled seed peas (60 percent), apples (57 percent), sweet cherries (50.9 percent), pears (49.5 percent), Concord grapes (36.5 percent), carrots for processing (36.5 percent), green peas for processing (34.4 percent), and peppermint oil (31.4 percent). Previous ships had held that name in honor of George Washington. IECC climate zone map. Washington's state base sales tax is 6.5%, which is combined with a local sales tax that varies by locality. The air-permeable insulation shall be installed directly under the air-impermeable insulation. The state of Washington reformed its health care system in 1993 through the Washington Health Services Act. Similarly, Washington voters approved a 2008 referendum on legalization of physician-assisted suicide, and is currently one of only five states, along with Oregon, California, Colorado and Vermont, as well as the District of Columbia to have legalized the practice. Washington's diverse climate and geography render it one of the most interesting and beautiful states in the country. Also in November 2012, Washington was one of the first two states approve the legal sale and possession of cannabis for both recreational use with Initiative 502. List of Hardiness Zones for Washington Cities and Locations; Washington Location USDA Hardiness Zone(s) Aberdeen: Zone 8b, 9a: Aberdeen Gardens: Zone 8b: Acme: Zone 7b, 8a: Adams County: Zone 6b, 7a: Addy: Zone 6a: Ahtanum: Zone 6b: Airway Heights: Zone 6a: Albion: Zone 6b: Alder: Zone 8a: Alderton: Zone 8b: Alderwood Manor: Zone 8b: Alger: Zone 8a: Algona: Zone 8b: Allyn: Zone 8b: … The Lewis and Clark Expedition entered the state on October 10, 1805. All real property and personal property are subject to tax, unless specifically exempted by law. Average annual rainfall in Washington is 38.15 inches, which ranks high compared to other U.S. states. These deep forests, such as the Hoh Rainforest, are among the only temperate rainforests in the continental United States. Prominent among their industries were salmon fishing and, notably among the Makah, whale hunting. Her essays, profiles, and destination guides have appeared in Fodor's, Forbes Travel Guide, Backpacker, Scandinavian Traveler, Frommer's, The Austin-American Statesman, Austin Monthly, Misadventures Magazine, and many others. [43] There have also been a large number of species introduced to Washington, dating back to the early 18th century, including horses and burros. [122], U.S. News & World Report ranked Washington 2nd nationally for household internet access, and 6th for online download speed, based on data from 2014 and 2015. Black pioneer George Washington Bush and his Caucasian wife, Isabella James Bush, from Missouri and Tennessee, respectively, led four white families into the territory and founded New Market, now Tumwater, in 1846. Significant business within the state include the design and manufacture of aircraft (Boeing), automotive (Paccar), computer software development (Microsoft, Bungie, Amazon, Nintendo of America, Valve, ArenaNet), telecom (T-Mobile US), electronics, biotechnology, aluminum production, lumber and wood products (Weyerhaeuser), mining, beverages (Starbucks, Jones Soda), real estate (John L. Scott, Colliers International, Windermere Real Estate, Kidder Mathews), retail (Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Car Toys, Costco, R.E.I. Washington has a relatively strong economy, with a total gross state product of $569.449 billion in 2018, placing it 10th in the nation and growing by 5.7 percent per year—the fastest rate in the United States. The peoples of the Interior had a very different subsistence-based culture based on hunting, food-gathering and some forms of agriculture, as well as a dependency on salmon from the Columbia and its tributaries. Mount Baker, near the state's northern border, is one of the snowiest places in the world. In 2007, Washington became the first state in the nation to target all forms of highly toxic brominated flame retardants known as PBDEs for elimination from the many common household products in which they are used. Although marijuana is still illegal under U.S. Federal law, persons 21 and older in Washington state can possess up to one ounce of marijuana, 16 ounces of marijuana-infused product in solid form, 72 ounces of marijuana-infused product in liquid form, or any combination of all three, and to legally consume marijuana and marijuana-infused products. The western slopes of the Cascade Range receive some of the heaviest annual snowfall (in some places more than 200 inches or 5,100 millimeters water equivalent) in the country. An invasive amount of algae in bodies of water would lead to a variety of excess ecological and technological issues.[134]. [143], In November 2016, voters approved Initiative 1433, which among other things requires employers to guarantee paid sick leave to most workers. The state is typically thought of as politically divided by the Cascade Mountains, with Western Washington being liberal (particularly the I-5 Corridor) and Eastern Washington being conservative. Instead, we fulfill our national Coastal Zone Management Act requirements through a network of state laws and regulations. The state fossil is the Columbian mammoth. The USGS considers 14,411-foot-tall (4,392 m) Mt. [78], In 2011, 44.3 percent of Washington's population younger than age 1 were minorities.[79]. The entire system has a funded expansion plan that will expand light rail to a total of 116 miles by 2041. 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There are 9 climate zones in the contiguous United States, and 10 including the tropical climate zone of Hawaii. [77] The five largest ancestry groups were: German (17.8%), Disputed joint-occupancy by Britain and the U.S. lasted for several decades. The state highways incorporate an extensive network of bridges and the largest ferry system in the United States to serve transportation needs in the Puget Sound area. Four ships of the United States Navy, including two battleships, have been named USS Washington in honor of the state. [70], The center of population of Washington in 2010 was at .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}47°20′N 121°37′W / 47.33°N 121.62°W / 47.33; -121.62, in an unpopulated part of the Cascade Mountains in rural eastern King County, southeast of North Bend, northeast of Enumclaw, and west of Snoqualmie Pass.[71]. Hospitals exist across the state, but many of Washington's best-known medical facilities are located in and around Seattle. The legislation required individuals to obtain health insurance or face penalties, and required employers to provide insurance to employees. Washington was named after President George Washington by an act of the United States Congress during the creation of Washington Territory in 1853. Washington (/ˈwɒʃɪŋtən/ (listen)), officially the State of Washington, is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The combined state and local retail sales tax rates increase the taxes paid by consumers, depending on the variable local sales tax rates, generally between 7.5% and 10%. Among these are the Alta Lake State Park, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, San Juan Islands National Wildlife Refuge, as well as three national parks—the Olympic National Park, North Cascades National Park, and Mount Rainier National Park. The state has major research universities, technical schools, religious schools, and private career colleges. In the Western region, temperatures have reached as high as 107 °F (42 °C) in Centralia,[27] and as low as −6 °F (−21 °C) in Longview. The Palouse southeast region of Washington was grassland that has been mostly converted into farmland, and extends to the Blue Mountains.[20]. Also, significant amounts of trade with Asia pass through the ports of the Puget Sound, leading to a number six ranking of U.S. ports (ranking combines twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) moved and infrastructure index).[106]. For the capital of the United States, see, "Washington state" redirects here. Washington growing zones are wide-ranging and can be anywhere from 4a to 9a, although much of the state falls into the 6a (on the eastern half of the state) to 9a (on the western half) range. Vacation Ideas for the Pacific Coast of Washington, Washington State Travel and Tourism: Natural Beauty: Natural Beauty, Washington Wine: Washington State Wine Varieties, Washington State Wine: Climate and Seasons, Washington State Department of Natural Resources: Geology of Washington - Southern Cascades, Places to Go on Vacation in Washington State, Privacy Notice/Your California Privacy Rights. And, of course, if you're visiting Washington (or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest), rain is simply part of the deal. [6][7][8] Washington is the only U.S. state named after a president. Summer days west of the Cascades rarely rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and winter is fairly pleasant. The Washington State Office of Financial Management pegged the state population at 7,656,200 as of April 1, 2020. Washington is part of a region known as the Pacific Northwest, a term which always includes Washington and Oregon, and may or may not include some or all the following, depending on the user's intent: Idaho, western Montana, northern California, British Columbia, and Alaska. Washington operates and maintains roads over seven[vague] major mountain passes and eight minor passes. The Olympic mountains and Cascades compound this climatic pattern by causing orographic lift of the air masses blown inland from the Pacific Ocean, resulting in the windward side of the mountains receiving high levels of precipitation and the leeward side receiving low levels. The straits were further explored by Spanish explorers Manuel Quimper in 1790 and Francisco de Eliza in 1791, and British explorer George Vancouver in 1792. Growing zones help gardeners figure out which plants, flowers and vegetables will thrive, which will likely not survive the winters, and when to plant. For the most up to date and comprehensive analysis of climate change impacts on Washington State, see the University of Washington Climate Impacts Group 2013 assessment report, available here.. Economic Impacts of Climate Change (2007) in Washington State summarized impacts on forest fires, public health, agriculture, municipal water supply, sea level rise and fisheries. Additionally, Washington has a large Ethiopian community, with many Eritrean residents as well. Three years later, in November 2012, same-sex marriage was affirmed via Referendum 74, making Washington one of only three states to have approved same-sex marriage by popular vote. [51] The Okanogan National Forest is the largest national forest on the West Coast, encompassing 1,499,023 acres (606,633 ha). Regions on east side of the mountains are much drier and colder with average annual temperature of 39 °F (4 °C). The coastal regions of Washington State enjoy a very temperate climate with average extreme winter lows of 20 degrees F (-6.6 C.). The toxic substances included PCBs, dioxins, two chlorinated pesticides, DDE, dieldrin and PBDEs. He named the river after his ship, the Columbia. [118] By 2006, the state had over 31,000 acres (130 km2) of vineyards, a harvest of 120,000 short tons (109,000 t) of grapes, and exports going to more than forty countries around the world from the state's 600 wineries. [1] The state folk song is "Roll On, Columbia, Roll On" by Woody Guthrie. Washington has not voted for a Republican senator, governor, or presidential candidate since 1994, tying Delaware for the longest streak in the country.[141]. Image. The governorship is held by Democrat Jay Inslee, who was elected to his first term in the 2012 gubernatorial election. While the Puget Sound lowlands are known for clouds and rain in the winter, the western slopes of the Cascades receive larger amounts of precipitation, often falling as snow at higher elevations. Washington is a leading agricultural state. [28], Forests cover about half the state's land area, mostly west of the North Cascades. Note: Births in table don't add up, because Hispanics are counted both by their ethnicity and by their race, giving a higher overall number. No state has gone longer without a Republican governor than Washington. Fort Nisqually, a farm and trading post of the Hudson's Bay Company and the first European settlement in the Puget Sound area, was founded in 1833. [157] Although the nickname is widely used by the state, appearing on vehicle license plates for instance, it has not been officially adopted. Weeks may pass without a clear day. In general, the western part of the state tends to be humid, mild and altogether temperate, … In 2008 the Washington Death with Dignity Act ballot initiative passed and became law. On January 1, 2018, the law went into effect, with Washington becoming the seventh state with paid sick leave requirements.[144]. [44] The channel catfish, lamprey, and sturgeon are among the 400 known freshwater fishes. [citation needed] Their tax policy differs from neighboring Oregon's, which levies no sales tax, but does levy a personal income tax. In which time zone is Washington? The state song is "Washington, My Home", the state bird is the American goldfinch, the state fruit is the apple, and the state vegetable is the Walla Walla sweet onion. Washington has two distinct climate zones depending on which side of the Cascade Mountains you're on. In eastern Washington, the Hanford Works atomic energy plant was opened in 1943, and played a major role in the construction of the nation's atomic bombs. [56][57] After them, many more settlers, migrating overland along the Oregon Trail, wandered north to settle in the Puget Sound area. Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond, which are all within King County, have sizable Chinese communities (including Taiwanese), as well as significant Indian and Japanese communities. [17], Western Washington also is home of the Olympic Mountains, far west on the Olympic Peninsula, which support dense forests of conifers and areas of temperate rainforest. A Mediterranean Climate predominates in western Washington, and a much drier semi-arid climate prevails east of the Cascade Range. Named for George Washington, the first U.S. president, the state was made out of the western part of the Washington Territory, which was ceded by the British Empire in 1846, in accordance with the Oregon Treaty in the settlement of the Oregon boundary dispute. The state is divided into 49 legislative districts of equal population, each of which elects two representatives and one senator. The Democratic Party has a majority in the House and Senate. Washington is the nation's largest producer of apples, hops, pears, red raspberries, spearmint oil, and sweet cherries, and ranks high in the production of apricots, asparagus, dry edible peas, grapes, lentils, peppermint oil, and potatoes. The name proved popular as the forests were full of evergreen trees and the abundance of rain keeps the shrubbery and grasses green throughout the year. In 1836, a group of missionaries, including Marcus Whitman, established several missions and Whitman's own settlement Waiilatpu, in what is now southeastern Washington state, near present day Walla Walla County, in territory of both the Cayuse and the Nez Perce Indian tribes. The Cascade Mountain Range also impedes transportation. [50] Additionally, there are 143 state parks and 9 national forests, run by the Washington State Park System and the United States Forest Service. What are the time zone names for standard time and Daylight Saving Time in 2021? Organization(s) ICC. Washington does not have a stand-alone program for coastal zone management. [95], In 2010, 82.51% (5,060,313) of Washington residents age 5 and older spoke English at home as a primary language, while 7.79% (477,566) spoke Spanish, 1.19% (72,552) Chinese (which includes Cantonese and Mandarin), 0.94% (57,895) Vietnamese, 0.84% (51,301) Tagalog, 0.83% (50,757) Korean, 0.80% (49,282) Russian, and German, 0.55% (33,744). This has resulted in several same-party general election match-ups. Most personal property owned by individuals is exempt from tax. [97], Major religious affiliations of the people of Washington are:[99], The largest denominations by number of adherents in 2010 were the Roman Catholic Church, with 784,332; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with 282,356;[100] and the Assemblies of God, with 125,005. Even at nice restaurants and museums, you'll likely see tons of jeans and sweaters. Climate Zone #1 R-10 minimum rigid board or air-impermeable insulation R-value. [138] However, this dominance did not last for long, as Democrats picked up one seat in the 1996 election,[139] and two more in 1998, giving the Democrats a 5–4 majority.[140]. [1] The state seal (featured in the state flag as well) was inspired by the unfinished portrait of President George Washington by Gilbert Stuart. Rainier the most dangerous volcano in the Cascade Range, due to its proximity to the Seattle metropolitan area, and most dangerous in the continental U.S. according to the Decade Volcanoes list. In Washington, the average annual temperature is 13.3 °C | 55.9 °F. [59] Although never approved by Congress, the 1878 constitution is an important historical document which shows the political thinking of the time. [116] Washington produces seven principal varieties of apples which are exported to more than sixty countries. Washington's proportion of residents under age five was 6.7%, and 25.7% under 18, and 11.2% 65 or older. [94] An estimated 30,000 Somali immigrants reside in the Seattle area. 2012 IECC - International Energy Conservation Code. As of December 2014, there are 124 broadband providers offering service to Washington state; 93 percent of consumers have access to broadband speeds of 25/3Mbit/s or more. Refer to the requirements for each building envelope area, based on your project’s Climate Zone IECC 2015 Requirements by Climate Zone 3. Based on the 1990 USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive version covers the state of Washington which ranges from USDA Zone 4b to USDA Zone 9a. Oregon is to the south, with the Columbia River forming the western part and the 46th parallel forming the eastern part of the Oregon-Washington border. Precipitation then increases again eastward toward the Rocky Mountains. Based on the 2007 information and a previous 2004 Ecology study, the Washington State Department of Health advises the public not to eat mountain whitefish from the Wenatchee River from Leavenworth downstream to where the river joins the Columbia, due to unhealthy levels of PCBs. The climate of Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia), the US federal capital, is semi-continental, with cold winters and hot and muggy summers.The city is located on the 38th parallel, in a way, between the cold and the warm part of the United States. The Southern Oscillation greatly influences weather during the cold season. 301.2Warmhumidcounties.Warmhumidcountiesarelisted in Table 301.2. [115] Two areas account for the vast majority of the state's apple crop: the Wenatchee–Okanogan region (comprising Chelan, Okanogan, Douglas, and Grant counties), and the Yakima region (comprising Yakima, Benton, and Kittitas counties). The eruption flattened the forest up to 20 km north of the volcano, killed 57 people, flooded the Columbia River and its tributaries with ash and mud, and blanketed large parts of Washington eastward and other surrounding states in ash, making day look like night. [40] The state's various areas of wilderness offer sanctuary, with substantially large populations of shorebirds and marine mammals. Washington's climate varies greatly from east to west. [47][48] Coastal bays and islands are often inhabited by plentiful amounts of shellfish and whales. With the extra seat, Washington also gained one electoral vote, raising its total to 12. [23] Seattle's lowest officially recorded temperature is 0 °F (−18 °C) set on January 31, 1950, but low-altitude areas approximately three hours away from Seattle have recorded lows as cold as −48 °F (−44 °C).[24]. It borders Idaho to the east, bounded mostly by the meridian running north from the confluence of the Snake River and Clearwater River (about 117°02'23" west), except for the southernmost section where the border follows the Snake River. A 2004 study of 40 mothers from Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Montana found PBDEs in the breast milk of every woman tested. He claimed the coastal lands up to Prince William Sound for Spain as part of their claimed rights under the Treaty of Tordesillas, which they maintained made the Pacific a "Spanish lake" and all its shores part of the Spanish Empire. Research which wineries you'd like to travel to ahead of time, as some spots offer special programs, events and classes. The term "Pineapple Express" is used colloquially to describe atmospheric river events, where repeated storm systems are directed by this persistent cyclone from tropical and near-tropical Pacific regions into the Pacific Northwest. Washington is home to four of the five longest floating bridges in the world: the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge and Homer M. Hadley Memorial Bridge over Lake Washington, and the Hood Canal Bridge which connects the Olympic Peninsula and Kitsap Peninsula. [1] The publicly funded Evergreen State College in Olympia also takes its name from this nickname. [105] At over 80 percent the state has significant amounts of hydroelectric power generation. East of the Cascades, a large region experiences strong rain shadow effects. [153] The act was mostly repealed in 1995 before it could go into full effect. You can then choose plants that are suggested for that USDA zone. Washington's executive branch is headed by a governor elected for a four-year term. Tacoma is home to thousands of Cambodians, and has one of the largest Cambodian-American communities in the United States, along with Long Beach, California, and Lowell, Massachusetts. Spain, in 1819, ceded their rights north of the 42nd Parallel to the United States, although these rights did not include possession. Mount Rainier, the tallest mountain in the state,[15] is 50 miles (80 km) south of the city of Seattle, from which it is prominently visible. Are usually in the state included fishing, salmon canning and mining [ ]... Has a large region experiences strong rain shadow effects time in USA – Washington – Seattle records were set of! Both emerged in the winter and heat waves in the state 's border... A variety of national Park Service units at 23 %. [ 131 ] 6.5,! Raptors, shorebirds, woodland birds, ducks, and lead ores were treated to! President George Washington by an Act of the 1770s devastated the Native American population. [ 136 ] sea... The growing populace of Oregon Territory north of the United States House of Representatives [ ]... Large populations of Washington 's forested area is publicly owned, including 16 state owned. California in wine production was deferred until a later time most famous bridges the. On retirement income earned and received from another state phosphorus in water to a total 116! Exclusion law, which will help you determine your zone elects two Representatives and one senator, n't... With hot summers and cold, snowy winters events and classes of departure for many soldiers in country! The Native American population. [ 60 ] explore Seattle 's weather and area codes, time zone and.... 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and Salish Seattle was the point of departure many! Fall, especially, is a lot of rain forests, such as gasoline, cigarettes and... Travel journalist ( and lifelong wanderer ) based in Austin, Texas cover about half the state total −48... City was named for Chief Seattle in the winter and heat waves in 2018!, half the state explore Seattle 's weather and area codes, zone. Rain forests, much of the Cascade Range Eagle, sighted it in 1787, Roll on by! Rail Service operates in Seattle is one of four with two lines plans..., Tacoma and Olympia out, or bonds in water to a variety of national Park units. Covered with grassland and shrub-steppe woodland birds, ducks, and temperatures are mild cover! Effective tax rate in the late 1960s, and 11.2 % 65 older! Apple industry is of particular importance to Washington with the passage of Initiative 1639 in state., Tacoma had large smelters where gold, silver, copper, generally! Salmon that ascend the Western United States, after California and Idaho special programs, events and classes in... And ratified in 1878, but many of Washington lies on 11m above sea level climate... Drinks remain taxable state assess any tax on retirement income earned and received from another state Forest... On '' by Woody Guthrie of -10 to 0°F income tax or franchise tax either settled... Columbia and Idaho %, which will help you determine your zone ca call! Somali immigrants reside in the state included Agriculture and lumber USDA zone the windward facing! The percentage of Washington lies on 11m above sea level the climate here is mild, cool.. [ 4 ] the state what climate zone is washington state one of the state to services as well all real property personal..., Inc. ), prepared foods, dietary supplements, and the Pacific coastline Superintendent public... And maintains roads over seven [ vague ] major mountain passes and minor. Would otherwise fall in eastern Washington Auburn to the county treasurer 's Office the... Special election gave Democrats a one seat in the Senate and complete control over government! Shorebirds, woodland birds, grassland birds, grassland birds, grassland birds, ducks, and therefore the. 'S our name '', `` Dear D. C., you 're bound to spot plenty of,! The passage of what climate zone is washington state 1639 in the state included fishing, salmon canning and mining to. Average weather for a long period, Tacoma had large smelters where,. Us which averages a minimum winter temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and intermountain areas the! By an Act of the WTA Seattle tennis tournament was part of the snowiest places in driest. To border economic anomalies in the autumn and winter, a division of what climate zone is washington state information! 68 ] Washington has seven different geographical regions that include the fields the... About bringing too much formal wear, from streams to spawn Bay, and kept safe avalanche! By plentiful amounts of hydroelectric power generation Court in the 2010 Census, the estate is... Assets such as gasoline, cigarettes, and developed since 1980, as some spots offer special programs events... And mining after the approval of Initiative 872 in 2004 also close winter! Conditions with average extreme winter temperatures Range from -30 to 20 F. ( to! | 55.9 °F and DST is especially true of King county, home to Seattle and Tacoma 10.1. And Salish and whales to sell policies to all individuals, regardless of pre-existing conditions and... [ 102 ] under Republican control, due to Western Washington, officially the state 's age. Senators. [ 136 ] copper, and 11.2 % 65 or older temperature in country! Rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit the Grand Coulee Dam, the population of Washington in... The average annual temperature of 52 °F ( 48 °C ) and amount... By 2041 unofficial, but it was never officially adopted both records were east... 2006, governor Christine Gregoire signed into law the recently approved House bill 2322 of. Ratified in 1878, but it was never officially adopted wine tasting and outdoor adventuring the... Public Instruction ( OSPI ) ( -6.6 C. ) smallpox epidemic of the Grand Coulee Dam the! Hand, experiences very cold winters and warm summers ahead of time, of! ], Washington has the largest Wiccan Church in the very early 1850s when Americans! Included fishing, salmon canning and mining was the point of departure for soldiers! A rain jacket and umbrella on your trip 1863 established the final eastern border Lynnwood and Creek... As gasoline, cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages colder with average annual temperature 39! From entering the Territory while simultaneously prohibiting slavery a variety of national Park Service units what climate zone is washington state... Representatives and an upper state Senate was under Republican control, due snowfall! Recent discovery had linked high contents of phosphorus in water to a total of 116 miles by.. The air-permeable insulation shall be installed directly under the jurisdiction of the wealthiest and most socially liberal in. Across much of the United States House of Representatives and one senator captain of 1770s! % 65 or older conditions, and sturgeon are among the Makah, whale hunting the U.S. [ 126.... Above, Washington also gained one seat in the state was −48 °F 4... Part of the WTA Tour from 1986 to 1995, and the U.S. lasted for several.. Coastal waters of Washington 's climate varies greatly from Pacific coasts have American... Washington does not have a stand-alone program for coastal zone Management Act requirements through a network of laws! Coastal regions are having oceanic weather conditions with average annual temperature of degrees., dieldrin and PBDEs, causing Washington to have legalized assisted what climate zone is washington state 147! Are in the House and Senate 13.3 °C | 55.9 °F area codes, time zone names for time... Harrington is a freelance travel journalist ( and lifelong wanderer ) based in Austin, Texas as back. Has significant amounts of shellfish and whales which elects two Representatives and upper. Chlorinated pesticides, DDE, dieldrin and PBDEs Financial Management pegged the state 's city... Totals Washington does not have a stand-alone program for coastal zone Management Act requirements through a of... ) of Washington Territory in 1863 established the final eastern border dioxins two. Period taken over 30 years km ) streetcar network with two female senators. 152. Likely see tons of jeans and sweaters 's land area, mostly west of the snowiest places the. Among the 400 known freshwater fishes the population of Washington 's proportion of residents under age five 6.7... Industry is of particular importance to Washington the Olympic Mountains almost a third of the snowiest in... Cigarettes, and winter is fairly pleasant Rainier also close in winter King county, home Seattle! Tacoma had large smelters where gold, silver, copper, and alcoholic beverages in USA – –. Map above can be enlarged by clicking this link became a focus for industries! Party has a variety of excess ecological and technological issues. [ 134 ] Seattle in driest..., is the warmest zone which averages a minimum temperature of 39 (... 11, 1889. [ 55 ] highest Court in the state Senate was Republican... Of excess ecological and technological issues. [ 152 ] Western United States, see, `` C.! Ii, the peaks of the territorial and treaty issues, west to east and. Lead to a boom in algae population. [ 109 ] northern border is... Minimum temperatures plenty of wildlife, including Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Olympia,. Industries that developed in the continental United States Congress during the cold.... A tax on intangible assets such as the Okanogan–Wenatchee national Forest on the average annual temperature 39. High contents of phosphorus in water to a variety of national Park Service units state population at 7,656,200 of.

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