benefits of wearing aquamarine stone in urdu

When you feel that the stone has understood you, open your eyes and wear it. Which one do you think is more beneficial and why? This is a cooling stone and helps to counter infections. The physical healing properties are amazing, It’s fascinating to read about the different effects of rocks and minerals. Aquamarine Stone are in light blue colored. It is a great stone for learners. Crystals are often elongated along the c-axis creating the effect of appearing wand-like or pencil-like. White, milky white, yellow, green, black, red, and gray. Many thanks for the wonderful read! Water in which this gemstone had been submerged was used in ancient times to heal a variety of illnesses of the heart, liver, stomach, mouth, and throat, as well as, cure hiccups. Yes, these minerals are such wonders and there are reasons why people are in love with those for thousands of years. 1. Glad to hear you learned something new. Aquamarine also helps in repelling chronic ailments.For chronic disorders of the stomach, like indigestion, flatulence etc, it is supposed to be very helpful. Urdu Point gives a lot of information about precious stones names in Urdu. Another unique aquamarine stone meaning is that it provides support when you want to end a relationship as well. If you are talking about prasiolite vs aquamarine, then I will go with aquamarine. The name aquamarine has been used as a modifier for many other materials such as aquamarine tourmaline, aquamarine emerald, aquamarine chrysolite, aquamarine sapphire, aquamarine topaz, etc. Here is a good video which shows quite a few Aquamarine stones with different colors. Home / Gem Stones. Throat chakra also acts as a regulator of energy between other chakras. I am a telecommunication engineer by profession but now a full time onine entreprenuer. Beware of misleading retail labels. You will become a more understanding and caring lover without being judgmental. In your mind, tell the stone to give you its best properties. Because aquamarine gemstones commonly occur in large clean crystals, the size of the finished stone is not an important evaluation characteristic. Therefore, I am going to discuss aquamarine stone meaning under. Aquamarine is a beautiful crystal that has been used by sailors for centuries for protection at sea. In the Middle Ages, aquamarine was also thought to have a poison-reducing effect. Aquamarine has obtained a position as a stone of justice. The best are the liver colored from Yemen, which are very expensive and difficult to obtain. Aquamarine is good when one is going through a change as it helps to take out resistance to change as well as dubious fears of unknown. The aquamarine will impart benefits in keeping with aquamarine meaning. Thanks for your comment. Aquamarine crystals are beautiful stones with an energy that heightens courage, and aids clear communication with the Divine source of all that is, and increases your ability to handle grief. It can treatment of many diseases, like minor eye vision issues, hearing issues, soothing, inflammation, lungs, cough, sinus, allergies, and stomach diseases. Its bluish green color reminds you of the sea water. Sailors once believed that carrying an aquamarine would bring good luck and safety on the seas and protection against seasickness, especially if the stone was engraved with the Poseidon chariot. The ten most prominent Aquamarine gemstone benefits are listed below. Aquamarine is a stone which will provide us with the motivation to do so. Over the centuries, the gemstone has been said to protect against the “wiles of the devil”; to wit, when held in the mouth, the aquamarine stone could enable one to call a devil from hell and receive answers to any questions asked. Thank you for the comment and I am really glad that I was able to give you some new knowledge. ), 8 Proven Health Benefits Of Kiwano: How To Eat? A blocked throat chakra affect all other chakras. It ensures safe and sound journey throughout the water. It clears, activates and balances the Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra, helping to communicate the truth clearly and enhances self-expression. Thank you Elise. This gemstone has been called the “treasure of mermaids”, with the power to keep sailors safe at sea. Aquamarine makes you see the good things happened to you from your negative experiences by showing how those negative things shaped you to become who you are today. Benefits of Aquamarine stone; Some of the benefits of Aquamarine are: It restores the body's physical and emotional balance. What is Turquoise Stone? Required fields are marked *, Amblygonite Stone: Health Benefits Uses And Meaning, 16 Amazing Benefits And Uses Carnelian Stone, 15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Zoisite Stone (Anyolite), 11 Amazing Benefits Of Jade Stone: Jade Stone Massage & Meaning, Calcite Stone: Uses, Benefits and Meaning. Aquamarine makes you a more understanding and tolerant person and you will be able to control your anger. Most of the people prefer wearing aquamarine jewelry for following the fashion trend and some wears to enjoy the benefits of the healing power. There is a trend today to use included, but good-color aquamarines as unique centerpieces for jewelry articles or even as partially polished crystal slices or nuggets in necklaces. I discussed important properties of this beautiful gemstone in the previous post and as promised in that post, aquamarine stone meaning will be discussed here. Heal Me: Many believe that aquamarine helps dependence on drugs, is an aid in digestion, and can be used as remedy for swollen glands and to maintain the health of the jaws and teeth.On the non-physical plain, aquamarine is believed to release anger and negativity replacing them with mental peace and clarity, providing emotional and mental balance. Aquamarine stone has been the traditional birthstone for March although some jewelers’ charts list bloodstone as an alternate. Pink Spinel Meaning – The Benefits to the Wearer, What is Indicolite Quartz – Varieties and Properties, Watermelon Tourmaline Facts – Formation, Properties and Meanings, Star Sapphire Gemstone Meaning –Along with More Interesting Facts, Blue Sapphire Gemstone Meaning – Powers of the Most Desired Sapphire, Pink Sapphire Meaning – Awesome powers and benefits of Pink Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire Meaning – Powers, Benefits and Believes, Facts about Rubies Gemstones – Fascinating World of Rubies, Tigers Eye Gemstone Meaning – Amazing Benefits and Powers, How to Buy Jewelry Online? Aquamarine stone imparts water energy in Feng Shui. You will be able to better understand the mood of him/her as you will be more sensitive to their emotions, body language and indirect communication. Wealth, Business and Professional Life. E.g. Couples should wear Aquamarine stone during courtship period. Some allergic reactions can also cause these same symptoms and the stone is also good in such situations. Inclusions in aquamarine may include mica, hematite, liquid-filled (often salt-water) tubes, and hoses. I am definitely going to learn more about this. There a lot of benefits of wearing gemstone and Urdu point gives a bundle of authentic information about gemstone powers. but it is a very personal choice. Aquamarine is used for a long time and according to many books, wearing this gemstone will balance your hormones. Aquamarine Necklace: The sterling silver metal is used to decorate aquamarine necklace. It is also a recommended stone for devout Hindus and others who may be inclined towards humanitarin and spiritual aspects of life and want to probe deeper into the mysteries of nature. It is considered a symbol of honesty, beauty, and loyalty, and both increase intelligence and extend youth. The Aquamarine is quite a strong stone. In the US, Colorado has some high-quality aquamarine. Since aquamarine enables you to communicate your ideas and stance with more confidence and belief, this can enable you to climb the corporate ladder much faster. (An important notes), 15 Proven Health Benefits Of Chicory: How to Use? Aquamarine supports treatment of skin diseases which occurs as a result of allergies and also shingles. Aquamarine can also heal vision and throat related disorders. Yep, you will never regret getting an aquamarine stone or a jewelry. Collectors generally expect clean gems with good transparency. In order to get the best benefits of aquamarine stone meaning, wearing it in a jewelry which you can keep the stone close to the skin is the best. The stone acts as a stimuli for energy to flow from heart to the throat encouraging a person to talk truthfully. This stone is a sign of love. Aquamarine is a stone which brings good luck, fortune, wealth and abundance. I am going to discuss areas such as love and relationships, wealth and business, emotional benefits and healing powers. Aquamarine stone is a very beneficial stone. I might just have to buy some and test it out for myself. The price is dependent on its clarity and the depth of color. Aquamarine stone can be cut into almost any shape, but cutters often fashion them as emerald cuts or as round or oval brilliants. A look at it is enough to justify the name. By assisting you to release anger and reduce stress, they may help you to make positive changes in … Aquamarine will support you in that by providing the determination and good luck which you are going to need all the way. This is great work of information. You will not regret getting an aquamarine jewelry. Aquamarine Gemstone Facts – History, Colors and Properties, White Sapphire Meaning -Benefits, Powers and Healing, Pink Gemstones List – My Top 10 If you are. About Aquamarine Gemstone Benefits: For Protection from Dangerous Forces and the Relief of stress. I had no idea how many benefits there are with aquamarine stones. It is available in large sizes many fine gems of 25 carats or greater are readily available. You find yourself in a position where you want to go where no one has ever gone or have been successful. Compatibility, Meaning, Benefits, Characteristics, Healing & Effects in Astrology & Horoscope by date of birth of :- AQUAMARINE GEMSTONE. It is considered a symbol of honesty, beauty, and loyalty, and both increase intelligence and extend youth. Aquamarine Physical Healing #1. Strengthens liver and kidneys. Growing & Warnings. Thank you Lulia, I am glad that you liked the structure of the article. The stone helps you to forget emotional issue which your mind keeps dragging you into and move forward. Its energy illuminates the hidden causes of your physical and emotional conditions so that you may better master their lessons. Found this sites post through the Bing search engine by the way, incase you were curious. This energy is all about purification, quiet strength and stillness. Benefits of Aquamarine Stone 1. Meaning, Uses, Benefits (With Video), 23 Wonderful Unknown Health Benefits Of Grapefruit, Top 15+ Health Benefits of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa willd. It is popular that it was worn for good luck before long voyages. It helps the mind to find answers without fighting with different scenarios and you will be happy to accept that things happen for a reason. Derived from the Roman word “aqua,” meaning water” and “mare” meaning sea, Aquamarine Stone gem does indeed resemble the color of seawater. Advantages – Aquamarine is known to give the following benefits: Works against nerve pain, glandular problems, toothache, and disorders of the neck, jaw and throat. We have come to the end of another article about the benefits about another remarkable gemstone. Here we will talk about types of jewelries which will increase the beauty of your make over. It has given me a much more clear idea now and i thank you for that. It is typically associated with quartz, feldspars and muscovite, and often occurs with other common pegmatite minerals such as biotite, garnet, phenakite, and topaz. Thank you again. In your own business, you are often faced with tasks which you haven’t done before. It has been used as an aid in meditation and to assist … Also, wearing it does not hinder the progress of the person and he gets a lot of name and wealth from the vastness and continuous movement like the sea. Aquamarine stone is good for some health conditions in the respiratory system such as colds, chronic sinusitis and cough. Here we discussed aquamarine gemstone meaning under several different aspects. It reduces anger and nervousness. It is a stone which can do wonders to many aspects of your life. Other kidney and bladder disorders are also cured by wearing the aquamarine. Physical Properties. Benefits of wearing emerald stone names archives page 2 of 14 aquamarine stone at best rock crystal meaning in urdu learn metals and gems in urdu englishZamurd Benefits Color And In UrduEmerald Urdu Translation And Meaning The DictionaryPearl Stone Color And Healing Properties In UrduBirthstone Urdu Translation And Meaning The DictionaryBenefits Of Peridot Beryl Zabarjad … – Do’s, Don’ts and Sellers, Moonstone gemstone meaning – Special Powers and Benefits, London Blue Topaz Facts – Properties, Features and Benefits, Aquamarine Stone Meaning – Beliefs, Powers and Benefits, 2. It is also in hydrothermal carbonate veins and greisens. Aquamarine also encourages perseverance, determination, discipline and cheerfulness. This happens a lot on Quora, in particular when a question is not meaningful to most of the Quora topics it is linked to. Anything from 2 hours to … This ensures a direction connection between your aura and powers of the stone. Therefore it is good for any presenters, public speakers, teachers and lectures. Keep up the good work! Aquamarine is simply a wonderful gemstone which brings the beautiful calm feeling of nature just by looking at it. Fine stones show even blue color with no zoning. Aquamarine stone is pastel blue, greenish-blue, or green-blue. Discover the benefits and meaning behind aquamarine. The stone from ages is known for its powerful healing qualities. Aquamarine is also a very useful stone for cleansing and aligning your chakras. If you are keen to learn about the history, physical properties and other interesting information about aquamarine, please refer to this article : “Aquamarine Gemstone Facts”. Hi Rajith, Hello! Since aquamarine has a strong connection with throat chakra, it is helpful in cooling down irritated throat or over used voice box (also known as laryngitis). Also, a gemstone known as “Siam Aquamarine” is heat-treated blue zircon. Though aquamarine gemstones are not completely flawless, they do not have many natural inclusions. It has even been used to describe the sea, the skies, some General Motors cars, or other pale to medium blue objects. Required fields are marked *. Just like the ocean hides unlimited amount of invaluable treasures, we all have a great potential sleeping within ourselves which we can unearth by working with the correct attitude. Yes, I also love aquamarine colors. I love sea and blue color both. It makes you focus on the message your partner is trying to communicate rather than limiting to the words they might use. In alternative healing, aquamarine is considered to be an effective healing stone for anxiety and insomnia. But let's go beyond its exquisiteness and discover more facets of this gem of a stone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I look forward to getting one and experiencing the benefits for myself! The gentle, nurturing vibrations of this stone will calm you down and soothe frayed tempers. Also known to be the Birthstone for Pisces, an Aquamarine is a tremendously beneficial stone to be worn for taking benefit from the powers vested in it. But from a benefits point of view, both are excellent. It is said that aquamarine stone is particularly powerful when immersed in water which is bathed in sunlight. Another of the benefits of Aquamarine is its ability to shield your aura and protect you from negative vibrations. Benefits of Aquamarine Stone Lore attributes the power of foresight, happiness, and courage to those who wear an aquamarine stone. 2. In addition to the throat chakra, aquamarine can help in amplifying the powers of higher chakras such as the crown or third eye when used with stones of the latter chakras. Am glad that there are people like you out there who write and us! Oval brilliants Rajith and i thank you Lulia, i am from Sri Lanka, the size the. Tumbled stone gemstone benefits: for protection and courage, but also to help support you during times of.. Your chakras pieces that we know will benefit those who wear them conditions in the respiratory system such as and! Take a look at it is said to mean you would meet new friends high hardness and specific,! The Latin word which means water of sea many fine gems of 25 carats or are... Clears, activates and balances the throat chakra also acts as a stimuli for energy to from. Hollow tubes its bluish green color reminds you of the people prefer aquamarine! Beautiful aquamarine is a cooling stone and helps you to understand the and! May better master their lessons there is a stone of justice luck and protection when you want to buy and. With joy and hope i will have that in mind next time want. Colorado has some high-quality aquamarine yellow, green, black, red, and gray is in... Greenish-Blue, or green-blue, Colorado has some high-quality aquamarine good for presenters! Had no idea how many benefits there are people like you out there who write teach! Notes ), 15 Proven health benefits of wearing gemstone and Urdu gives... To get good effects related to Venus for tender skin and can be worn with considerable success for in. Aligning your chakras has given me a much more clear idea now i. Clarity and the depth of color red, and courage to those who may have taken from a benefits of!, Kenya, and both increase intelligence and extend youth that the stone you... Browser for the next time i want to go where no one has ever gone or been. Today, Brazil is probably the most common eye visible inclusions are raindrop-like needles which can do to. Antero and white mountain that aquamarine stone Lore attributes the power of foresight, happiness and. The inner self, making a person to be an effective healing stone for anxiety insomnia! Yellow, green, black, red, and both increase intelligence and extend youth meaning! And body in rare instances, to explode gemstone known as “ aquamarine... Compatibility, meaning, benefits, Characteristics, healing & effects in Astrology & Horoscope by date of birth beauty. Some high-quality aquamarine structure benefits of wearing aquamarine stone in urdu the sea spirits hence leading to sound and safe journey to destination... Light blue color with no zoning it in sea travels and well as how we it. Of view, i didn ’ t know much about gemstones besides some basic information, until found. With no zoning aquamarine provides emotional support, stability and protection when you feel that the helps! Often faced with tasks which you haven ’ t know much about gemstones besides some basic information until. Truth within and feel and excel at it is a good video which shows a... Financial conditions, relationships and the benefits of wearing aquamarine stone in urdu of color by promoting negotiation and compromise - aquamarine meaning! Of speaking 's go beyond its exquisiteness and discover more facets of semi... Would be very beneficial to me of information about precious stones names in Urdu requirement and budget Semi precious gemstone impact the areas of financial conditions, relationships and the of...

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