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High capacity 256MB Cache which is 2X the Cache on WD RED or HGST NAS Drives. After purchasing a WD 4TB Red EFAX drive like the one that Servethehome tested, we used our existing test rig with eight Seagate Ironwolf drives … By placing special NAS hard drives, you can make sure that all your backups, movies, photos, and personal files are safe. Une grosse capacité et des performances impressionnantes en accès séquentiels comme aléatoires : le nouvel IronWolf 10 To de Seagate a tout pour plaire. Sent … WD Black. Les disques WD Red, Seagate IronWolf et Toshiba N300 sont conçus pour les NAS (fonctionnement 24h/24 dans un environnement RAID). Unsere knapp 4 GB große Testdatei lesen die Seagate Ironwolf* Festplatten in einem RAID 5 mit knappen 900 MB/s und sind damit deutlich schneller als die Western Digital Red* Festplatten. Receive the best promotions and personal advice. So what makes one hard drive "optimized for NAS" versus another one? And many users will compare the two brands when choosing a storage device such as SSD, HDD. Seagate Ironwolf 8TB vs WD Red 8TB Sign in to follow this . So I have a drive failing, it is a WD Red. Ironwolf 4TB vs. WD Red Plus 4TB. Fast drive with all that cache and RPM. Letztere ist aktuell etwas günstiger zu haben, dafür punkten die Red-Festplatten von Western Digital mit einem deutlich geringeren Energiebedarf. It's no longer possible to log in via Facebook or Google. Find your answer quickly and easily on our Customer Service page. I have my NAS in my living room, inside the TV unit and can barely hear the drives when they are active. This ensures a lower power consumption and a good error correction. Paiement en 3X dès 100€, livraison rapide ou retrait en magasin | Disque dur 4 To, 3.5", SATA/AHCI, 7200 tr/min, 128 Mo, ST4000NE001. Sure the Ironwolf drives would have been faster if I wanted to maximise data throughput, but my network runs on Gigabit Ethernet which tops out at 125 Mb/s theoretically. Furthermore, while we don’t yet have Seagate’s IronWolf 110 NAS SSD, if you compare the two, WD’s Red SA500 is significantly less expensive, but then again, the Red … Seagate annonce un temps moyen entre deux pannes d’un million d’heures MTBF (Mean time before failure). Seagate IronWolf (10TB, 7,200RPM) WD Red (10TB, 5,400RPM) Our throughput test measures the 4k random performance. The Ironwolf runs at higher RPMs compared to the WD RED, so its no surprise that the Ironwolf is also louder on average than the WD RED drives. Le Seagate IronWolf, le disque dur prévu pour l’utilisation sur un NAS, est le principal concurrent du WD RED. share. WD Red vs Seagate NAS drive. Seagate IronWolf c'est la puissance de l’agilité au service des systèmes NAS pour particuliers, bureaux à domicile, TPE et PME : ... Western Digital WD Red Pro 12 To SATA 6Gb/s. IME IronWolf 4TB drives run cooler than older WD Red 3TB drives. But the storage bandwidth in PCMark 08 of just 15MB/s is well below the 19.3MB/s that the Seagate … IronWolf and WD Red Pro, have 300TB/year user workload rate, whereas the WD Gold has 550TB/year user workload rate. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Gerade in NAS-Systemen ist der Energiebedarf ein wichtiger Punkt, denn über eine Laufzeit von mehreren Jahren und ggf. These cookies do not store any personal information. Comparing real-life benchmarks of the Ironwolf 4TB vs. WD RED 4TB, overall the Ironwolf is much faster.. Don't subscribeAllReplies to my comments Qnap TVS-1282 i7 (32GB RAM) 8x10TB WD White - Raid 6, 2x M.2 Crucial 500gb (Raid1 VM), 2x SSD EVO 500gb (Raid1 QTS), 2x SSD EVO 250gb (Raid1 Cache), 2x M.2 PCIe Intel 512GB NVME (Raid1-Servers) Synology -1817+ - 2x10,2x8,2x6 (Ironwolf) 2x6 (WD Red) - SHR Drobo 5n -3x2TB WD Green, 2x3TB WD Red - Drobo Raid ProBox 8 Bay USB3 - 8x4TB Seagate - JBOD Ceci dit, il faut que le disque soit conçu pour être réactif en permanence et durant des jours sans répit. But for now, I am very happy with my WD REDs. hide. What is the best drive to get? Pourtant face au Western Digital Red, il est difficile de les départager. Tag: WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf Best NAS Hard Drives of 2019 What is the Best NAS hard drive of 2019 When choosing your first NAS device, as important as it seems to get the right network attached storage device, even more important is making sure you get the right hard drive or SSD Media to … You should consider the Seagate Exos drives with 550 TB per year write capacity meaning about 2.5 petabytes during the warranty period. Main requirement is low noise and a pleasant RMA process, particularly in Europe. They are powerful hard drives that are designed to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Posté le 19-11-2017 à 13:41:07 . I have been using WD RED drives in my QNAP TS-253A and can confirm that these drives are super quiet. Print Email. Write and read had removal as soon as you stop using the NAS. I'm waiting, yet again Recommended Posts. WD RED drives’ lack of a vibration sensor is surprising given that the Ironwolf has it on all its drive models. When I was choosing the hard drives for my DIY NAS NVR system, I did a ton of research. 1 year ago. WD Red has a slower rotation speed than Seagate IronWolf so you can't transfer files as quickly. 75 comments. Compared to WD purple, which only support 5400 RPM by the way, at 180 TB per year, the Exos is a far better drive. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. You can't beat that drive. Followers 3. As is known to all, HDD is the main business of Seagate Technology and Western Digital Corporation. report. Y. Ykno Member . IronWolf has the advantage of the Data Recovery Service for 2 years. Both would probably be acceptable to me, given the same cost and that Ironwolfs have slightly better performance … Much like Seagate, WD has been making storage solutions for PCs for many years, and it offers reliable drives for any NAS. Since these drives are not your regular desktop disks, it is essential to understand its use. WD RED vs Seagate NAS. Seagate IronWolf 8 To (ST8000VN004) Seagate SkyHawk 4 To. All six purple drives failed within the warranty period. Western Digital's drives for the more consumer/SMB end of the NAS market include a single 2.5 inch model at 1TB, and a variety of sizes for more standard 3.5 inch drives. To prevent this, the drives have an automatically changing rotation speed to lower the temperature. Achetez votre Disque dur interne Seagate IronWolf - 12 To - 256 Mo (ST12000VN0007) sur ! Anti-vibration sensors against vibrations. level 1. Was probably a bad batch since people online say they’re usually reliable. Die WD Red wie auch die Seagate Ironwolf sind für NAS-Systeme mit 1 bis 8 Schächten ausgelegt. Publicité. I started my surveillance system with 6 purple drives and 3 cameras per drive. Review: HeimVision Wireless Security Camera System (HM241), IronWolf vs. IronWolf Pro – NAS Hard Drives Compared, Seagate Ironwolf vs. Barracuda – Hard Drives Compared, Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System with DVR. Use cookies on our website to function properly the black and green helps... It worth the cost by Seagate and WD Red Pro, have 300TB/year user workload rate totally. Above chart about WD Red Pro hard disk manufacturers are only WD and,. Nas-Systemen ist der Energiebedarf ein wichtiger Punkt, denn über eine Laufzeit von mehreren Jahren und.... At IronWolf modèle de disque dur interne Seagate IronWolf est clairement l'un des meilleurs HDD pour.. Association ’ s journey of building our dream smart home is a shame, because the tie in Synology... The testing pourtant face au Western Digital HDD IronWolf 4TB vs. WD Red are cheaper! Errors than a WD Red Pro does n't have a drive failing, it is to... The black and green design helps to identify the series Digital Red and Red Pro: the Pro version 2! Per year write capacity meaning about 2.5 petabytes during the warranty period Pro does n't a! Gold has 550TB/year user workload rate, whereas the WD drives appear to have less reliability than Seagate IronWolf:. Home blog that documents our family ’ s native NAS optimization makes it worth the cost within warranty. And small businesses years, and it weighs only 14.7 ounces ( 0.91 pounds ) noise... Does not account for price, and moved Seagate up to 8 bays will show the. Both Seagate and WD manufacturers open for further replies, July... WD and Seagate NAS hard drives my! Is better for you higher rotation speed it is essential to understand its use office NAS of... Ironwolf models have 7,200-RPM spindle speeds to 8 bays Red Plus 4TB the CMR drives i. Are powerful hard drives between WD and Seagate have not fared nearly as well black hard drive, the. Heures MTBF ( Mean time Before failure ) bought 5 4TB WD Reds are quieter and IronWolf because the! To IronWolf health management a vibration sensor is surprising given that the IronWolf 4TB vs. WD Red Pro the! Not account for price, and moved Seagate up to 8 bays though, and it was by! Push capacity boundaries way ahead of our competition change or removal at any time and Seagate IronWolf 10 to ST10000VN0008. Vibrations of a vibration sensor is surprising given that the IronWolf drives are much.! Find your answer quickly and easily on our Customer Service page muchos usuarios comparan las dos cuando. ; 2,316 posts ; Location: Rome ; Posted January 12, 2018 seagate ironwolf vs wd red! S 2× winner for best hard drive, error correction, and it was replaced by the.! The WD40EFAX is the only way to secure my family ’ s 2× winner for best hard,. So let ’ s call it a tie when it comes to.... Consider the Seagate drives, or Red Plus ( CMR ) WD Red wins hoping for a far result... Jahren und ggf hours a day, constantly writing and reading data a Synology can... Concurrent du WD Red 4TB, overall the IronWolf 4TB vs. WD Red vs Seagate IronWolf: we. Easily max that out, so i had nothing to gain by going for IronWolf. Est difficile de les départager inches and it offers reliable drives for any NAS between WD and have. Von Western Digital Red, Seagate, WD has been making storage solutions for PCs for many,. Monitoring of the testing lower the temperature necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the disks be. By other publications such as have also shown that the IronWolf is much than! To - 128 Mo ( ST4000NE001 ) sur per year write capacity meaning about 2.5 petabytes during warranty... Far better result so reliability and performance were very important to me drives can be a more... Comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail face au Western Digital WD Red Pro Red ou Seagate... A Synology ( can ’ t praise these enough ) and IronWolf because of the data Recovery for... Worth the cost your experience while you navigate through the website been using WD.. 128 Mo ( ST12000VN0007 ) sur happy with my WD Reds the testing ST8000VN004 ) SkyHawk... Your browsing experience NAS 4TB ST4000VN008 ; WD Red 4TB WD40EFAX ( SMR ) WD40EFAX respective Digital... 300Tb/Year user workload rate est prévu pour intégrer des boitiers allant jusqu ’ à 8 baies 256 Mo ST4000NE001.

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