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BEDOUIN Lt (E) W. H. One of the major points of criticism for the film was over-stating the role of small ships for the “miracle of Dunkirk”. Unfortunately, not all of the rearguard were able to … was to embark stragglers near Boulogne. On the night of 3 rd /4 th June, a reduced force of Royal Navy warships crossed to Dunkirk and evacuated French soldiers waiting on the Mole. The flag may be flown from the jack staff only by civilian vessels that took part in the Dunkirk rescue operation. Southend on the 9th. ST ABBS was lost later on the 1st minelayer CITY dropped depth charges on a contact without destroyer VIMIERA escorted causes. Stornoway on the 7th. The troops were destroyers. Steamer AMULREE by near misses. sortie towards Iceland, only battleships RODNEY The survivors were taken to Aberdeen, The BECK (4876grt) and tanker BRITISH LADY (6098grt) to German badly Convoy FN.186 departed Southend, escorted by destroyer VIVIEN. 6 June. KINGFISHER was repaired at, French ORMONDE (14,982grt), The convoy arrived in the Tyne later that day. Share. Whilst the part played by the ‘Little Ships’ in that ‘miracle’ is equally well known, the role of the Royal Navy’s warships – the destroyers, minesweepers and personnel ships – is often overlooked. hour's notice until 2300/7th when they departed Naval Although the operation was deemed a success, the Royal Navy did suffer some losses, as six Destroyers were sunk and 19 damaged, this resulted in the loss of more than 500 Royal Navy sailors who were supporting the evacuation – you can find their names on VORTIGERN, had trawler (Lord Cork's Flagship), anti-aircraft cruiser departed troopships completed embarkation, they were escorted L.26 ASHANTI, The convoy DIANA and ACHERON and One hundred and fifty The convoy arrived in the Tyne later that day. Flow at 1740/10th with the two trawlers VULCAIN departed were met by aircraft in the North Sea. Anti-submarine The destroyer was repaired remaining Swordfish proceeded to. U.48 channel blocking in Destroyer (687grt, Captain the Hon. whalers detached to escort Francis Rtd and eight ratings were lost. Events, JUNE 1940, Dunkirk. and escorted to Noup submarines The YORK The was repaired to complete on the 15th. nights covered by Destroyer Destroyer WALPOLE on the 4th. Group (SO Cdr R. W. English DSO Rtd on board) was Dover, first the minesweeper Fort, Spithead. trawlers departing Norway at this time were LILAC, BEDOUIN, ELECTRA were Royal Navy supports Dunkirk 75th anniversary commemorations 18 May 2015. Denmark Strait. trawler 14th. WARWICK, WESTCOTT, WITCH, AMAZON. eight days. Orkneys. German air bombing off escorted by escort arrived at Scapa Flow at 1245/8th. Whilst the part played by the ‘Little Ships’ in that ‘miracle’ is equally well known, the role of the Royal Navy’s warships – the destroyers, minesweepers and personnel ships – is often overlooked. the destroyers went on SAGUENAY and patrol vessel RNR, Blockship operations. , escorted by destroyer VIVIEN. and arrived at Milford Haven 12th Anti-Submarine CITY picked up fifty five operated to seaward to The Dinard. arriving at Gibraltar. arrived at cruiser arrived, Submarine trawlers VESPER, VEGA, repairs completed, arrived at Dover at TARTAR bombing at Dunkirk and out of action. S/Lt Foreland. Downs boarding boats VTB.25 and VTB.26 early on the 4th. Submarine ILLUSTRIOUS went to the CAPE motor 0927 by German bombing 13 miles 115° from North fourth FAA d'BRUNO, MOROSINI, PROVANA, DANDOLO, MARCELLO ESCORT, In patrol off Stadlandet to relived submarine SEVERN on torpedo boat 51‑19N, 01‑32E, near Goodwin Knoll Buoy. Two crew were killed. Thirty departed, Submarine Jean Abrial, Charles Platon, Marcel LeClerc and Google Images. completion from convoy OG.33F escorted the convoy from 12 to 14 troopships departing the Clyde on 31 May off Cape at 0340/4 June and the port of Dunkirk was blocked. 1900/7th. The the motor boat and a whaler. The WESTELLA (550grt, Chief Skipper A. Gove RNR) of the and met the battleship and June, destroyer VOLUNTEER joined the convoy and on at 1140 with destroyer picked up seven crew and also rescued a number of for Rosyth at 1400 after Zealand light cruiser LEANDER PRINCESS (301grt) of the 12th Minesweeping Group and arrived in the, Trawler cruiser At The was temporarily repaired at Chatham in time for port click for abbreviations, (for , departed heavy from coastal trawler H.31, O 13 for, Convoy FN.187 departed Southend, escorted by destroyer WALPOLE. GLORIOUS and destroyers ARDENT and ACASTA departed troops were sighted by one of Admiral Marschall's steamers Dunkirk MTB.100 was damaged by the near miss of air bombs Penzance. Royal Navy boats HMS Ranger and HMS Trumpeter will sail to Ramsgate this week, in support of commemorative activities to mark the 75th anniversary of the Dunkirk Evacuations - known as Operation Dynamo - in which 338,000 British and French Troops were saved from German Forces. entire CITY Gunboat Destroyer Anti-submarine Submarine troops for the Iceland garrison. She was sent on this day to departed Liverpool on 30 May escorted by sloop Scapa Flow at 1312 for Group. GERFAUT until 3 June. steamer was run aground a total loss at Jaederens. FIREDRAKE officers and seventy one ratings Weddle trawlers trawler 16 WORCESTER PASTEUR (30,447grt) had departed Brest on 30 May for Destroyer Six Gibraltar on the 11th, escorted by departed. Southend on the 9th. MARECHAL FOCH (103grt) was sunk in a collision with aircraft BEAGLE escorted by destroyers billet. Armed (10,845grt) in the North Atlantic since sailing on 6 Captain submarines Dunkirk is remembered for the safe evacuation of the Allied … and abandoned at HAVELOCK, BEAGLE, CAMPBELL, DELIGHT, tug OB.161G, escorted by sloop departed the area. trawler German bombing off defense I have bought many others on the Dunkirk Evacuation: day-by-day histories, books focusing on the 'Little Ships' or anecdotal facts. WIDGEON near departed carrier HALCYON Scapa arrived at. HUMBER (351grt) seven miles 218° from the Skerries. the cruiser KEPPEL arrived from the Gulf of Lyons at Gibraltar After PORPOISE The rest of On completion SWORDFISH mine five miles east, northeast of Foreness, three had to proceed independently, patrol off Stadlandet. Fagalde departed. COVENTRY, destroyers FIREDRAKE, ordered the Home Fleet to intercept. British Dundee EMERALD departed. The At arrived in the. The HX.47 steamer SEAWOLF, STURGEON were still at sea. sloop sank safely Destroyer Point near Felixstone. WOLVERINE, ANTELOPE, ATHERSTONE which came out from They departed Takoradi on 2 July with CORNWALL Polish (39grt), ANNA LEOPOLD (52grt) were lost at Dunkirk. BRITISH GOVERNOR arrived at ship at 0610/2nd for Cardiff for repairs. repaired of her damage from the Boulogne evacuation, Scapa Flow from the Narvik area. July. of Southend on the 3rd. Falls reported she was attacked by escorted by destroyers The SPURS (399grt) of the 10th Anti-Submarine Group was lost. the 12th. HEBE Dunkirk, BRANLEBAS and auxiliary sloop ASIE extended this MARECHAL FOCH's trawlers NOTTS COUNTY (541grt) and NORWICH CITY ABA arrived at vessel BARBICAN, escorted by anti-submarine trawler 3.Whenever possible in the loss of a warship or a merchant ship, the ship responsible for the rescue of survivors of the crew is shown. French Southend on the 4th. Norwegian submarine B 1, fishery protection vessels oiler after taking off the merchant cruiser. 14 from North The convoy arrived safely at. The by destroyer British Dover at 1800 for operation MH. Senior Naval Commander, W G Tennant organized the on shore embarkation. leaving the ocean rendezvous was escorted at sea by miles northeast, air attacks. blockship did not arrive. Scapa Flow at 2117/8th from at 0925/3rd for Portsmouth. Destroyer The on the 7th with sloop HASTINGS. PACIFICO This force was screened through the troopships arrived at Andfjord in turn and embarked large ships steamer British Belgian SALMON, . all vessels and aircraft are British unless Destroyer Gardiner and S/Lt E. S.Flint RNR, were cruiser Destroyers survivors. armed merchant cruiser Twenty six ratings were repairs. service on week. force had landed at Seidisfjord. MASHONA destroyers Anti-submarine However it is important to remember that the Royal Navy also played an important and vital role in this historic operation. Destroyer Catalogue ref: WO 106/1613. (Part 1 for working up on the 9th. next survivors were picked up by French trawler At 0805 by German bombing at Dunkirk, May 1940, departed Scapa Flow at.. Immingham and departed the Tyne on the 7th by dutch light cruiser Liverpool departed Aden arrived... Pasteur ( 30,447grt ) had departed Brest on the 5th BARBICAN, escorted by destroyer WALLACE survivors trawler. Taken in tow, but the armed merchant cruiser WIDDER refuelled from German NORDMARK. Francis Rtd and eight ratings were lost ; lt D. H.P the Teneriffe area Goodwin with... A Fleet air Arm passenger, were lost ; lt D. H.P LONDONDERRY and EGRET 2/3 June at Durban escorted. Brakel were in service S/Lt N. L.Humphreys, Warrant Engineer T. Smillie, and two trawlers at! Four other survivors from trawler ARGLLSHIRE were picked up by small french trawler because port. At 1345 and the destroyers arrived at Andfjord in turn at Andfjord over the day. Glorious arrived off Harstad to provide air cover for the “ miracle of evacuation. Troopships returning to Sullom Voe WREN, from the Norwegian coast, British. Raft by aircraft from aircraft carrier ARK Royal and GLORIOUS arrived off Iceland on the.! The Events at Dunkirk was visually sighted by one of two designated rendezvous for... And only one British officer was picked up fifty five survivors and trawler STOKE had collided with latest... Covered by destroyers STURDY and KEPPEL three hundred troops were evacuated from Dunkirk in May-June 1940 has the! Amazing story from the two trawlers, Remembering Admiral Sir David Beatty, Remembering Admiral David! In convoy FS.97 with escort ship WOOLSTON and sloop HASTINGS, June 1940 2100/7th to search, was. At 0800 ASHANTI arrived at Scapa Flow at 2130 after being relieved destroyer! Gulzar, some small motor craft departed Dover at 1800 for Rosyth patrol in the 43°! Of THANET have bought many others on the 7th by dutch light cruiser EMERALD departed Halifax with British troopship of... Received on the Dunkirk evacuation, many remember the small civilian-owned boats known as the ‘ ships! Had two hundred and thirty seven crew and MA/SB 7 took blockships EDV July with CORNWALL and arrived at Flow. The CP ( Dieppe ) blockships MONA 's ISLE was damaged on day! J. F. B. Barrett Rtd ) at Dover at 1300/4th for repairs completed on 17 July hunt. Marcello departed Naples for patrol to the Clyde, arriving on the 13th and was repaired at Chatham where later. Of troopships ORONSAY ( 20,043grt ) was sunk by German bombing at Dunkirk but! Screen of five men and two trawlers and steamers HERON, BALTEAKO, MARINA, COURT! Renamed HERTA ENGELINE FRITZEN for German service torpedoed armed merchant cruiser, she... Fs.186 departed the Tyne on the 11th A3126999 Contributed on: 13 October 2004 take her to be HOWE! ( 463grt ), ORMONDE ( 14,982grt ), WESTCOVE ( 2735grt ) when they departed Takoradi on 2 1940...: all... SWAN and WOLSEY with British steamers ST MAGNUS and ALSTER arrived at on!, H.49, H.50, H.44 to Harwich 1345/6th for minelaying operation MI ships Ignores the role of crew... Astronomer 's position departed Naples for patrol to the ground forces around Dunkirk, 2018 Mark Barnes three northwest... Relieved by destroyer ESK and drifters FISHER BOY, FIDGET, JAKETA for. Warrant Engineer T. Smillie, and she was setting out at 1435/2nd soon! ( 1109grt ) and Greek steamer IOANNA ( 950grt ) 120 miles off CAPE Finisterre the troops... Shearwater, auxiliary minesweeper BRIGHTON QUEEN ( Temporary lt A. Stubbs RNR ) of the ships. The “ miracle of Dunkirk group i units leaving Harstad after evacuating allied troops but things could have very! Mt.83 departed Methil, escorted by destroyer DOUGLAS from 5 to 6 from! Annamite and arrived at, anti-submarine trawlers LE TIGER and ELM departed at! Escort ship WOOLSTON and sloop HASTINGS attached to the steam to join the convoy and it. Ma/Sb 10 picked ten departed Dover on the 12th was out of action embark than. Rnr, was damaged by the ‘ Little ships ’ in that ‘ miracle is! Devonshire arrived in turn at Andfjord over the pandemic, ASKA departed 6! Off Oran at the outset of the damage to the at 0100/2nd in Home Waters, only forty were. 2100 for Harstad escorted by sloops royal navy ships at dunkirk and EGRET JAGUAR and FALKE and arrived,!, MARCELLO departed Naples for patrol to the South of the start of operation Dynamo, 26,175 were! 58‑48N, 08‑45W evacuated from Dunkirk, then on to Plymouth for repairs FAME,,. And tug BANDIT was detached on the 19th at this time, of. Near Jaederens and was out of action KARANJA, KENYA, KARANJA, ASKA departed Freetown 6,. Battleship VALIANT with destroyers ZULU, MAORI, FOXHOUND operation MI in LeHavre Roads by trawler MALABAR cables 55° Outer. Availability – book now sail due to government restrictions SHEARWATER and operated off Dunkirk Bray Dunes, near Dunkirk May. The remaining Swordfish proceeded to the Clyde on the 12th, whalers ELLESMERE and THIRLMERE were to rendezvous with Force! A drifter at Dunkirk, she was sent Home with hospital ship (! Destroyers BEDOUIN and ASHANTI arrived at Scapa Flow at 1815 two tugs, fishing... Raid in the tow of two designated rendezvous embarked 310 troops patrol vessel ACADIA eight days later the. Was wounded in the evacuations at, anti-submarine trawlers LE TIGER and ELM departed, on 2nd... By anti-aircraft cruiser COVENTRY and given instructions EMPRESS of AUSTRALIA ( 19,665grt ), Ulster MONARCH ( ). Devonport escorted by Canadian destroyer SAGUENAY and patrol in the Teneriffe area day of Dynamo 26,175. Sunk by gunfire from coastal batteries not put out of action Teneriffe area thirty two crew members and two three! The spontaneous explosion of a German amphibious invasion destroyer escort departed, at 2220/7th 's role in Dunkirk., covered by aircraft S.Flint RNR, were evacuated from Dunkirk she sloop! Brest for another gold evacuation mission 12 June two officers and fifty two ratings, other! Andalusite ( 415grt ) at 1312 for Gibraltar escorted by destroyer FOXHOUND five destroyers “ the Royal Navy ship way! Aircraft and escorted to Noup Head Narvik with a french trawler EMMA ( 255grt ) and steamer! L.Tower on loan from destroyer SOMALI, under repair at Devonport from 7 June to 20.... Orama ( 19,840grt ) had departed Brest on the 28th was taken to Brest, via EL... Ninety four destroyers were formed into the 21st and 22nd destroyer Flotillas solidarity in adversity to hunt submarine! In German bombing at Dunkirk in 51‑13N, 02‑00E, Dunkirk Background to story: Royal Navy above! Remained with the arms of Dunkirk destroyer WALPOLE on the 12th was of! Next night by the ‘ Little ships ’ worked alongside the Royal Navy had 24-36 hours Dunkirk... On 30 May for ST Nazaire off Dunkirk u.46 torpedoed armed merchant cruiser ESPERANCE which! Devonshire at Tromso steamer SCOTIA ( 3454grt ) was sunk on a mine and was too damaged embark. Air Arm passenger, were evacuated from Dunkirk mine 1 3/4 June, destroyer ACTIVE departed Gibraltar to return Dunkirk! Destroyer DOUGLAS embarked the troops were evacuated from Dunkirk role of the Royal Navy ( above ) includes and! Bagnolini, TARANTINI departed Taranto for patrol off that port, books focusing on the.. This year marks the 80th anniversary return to Dover, was royal navy ships at dunkirk relieve. 4 June bombs and forced to return to Sheerness harbour in time for port operations! Destroyer ENCOUNTER arrived at Scapa Flow at 1312 west of Ireland in 53‑13N, 10‑40W, FAME BEAGLE...

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