2002 ford explorer reliability

on Fri Mar 21 2014. It was a sealed unit. ", "I've had to replace all four of the inner workings of the windows. Another common problem for the 2002-2003 Explorer is wheel bearing failure at around 90k miles, with a typical repair bill of $500 to $1000 depending on how many wheel bearings failed. FORD'S RECALL CAMPAIGN NUMBER IS 09S09.OWNERS MAY ALSO CONTACT THE NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION'S VEHICLE SAFETY HOTLINE AT 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), OR GO TO HTTP://WWW.SAFERCAR.GOV . Radiator, cooling fan, antifreeze leaks, water pump, thermostat, overheating. ", "had to at different times , replace bearings,hub assemblys. This was the first four-door SUV produced by Ford. FORD HAS DECIDED TO CONDUCT A SPECIAL SERVICE CAMPAIGN TO INSPECT AND TORQUE THE LIFTGATE GLASS BRACKET ON AFFECTED VEHICLES. Repair cost was $1200.00", "I have had the air compressor replaced as well as the thermostat. Replaced engine with used engine from salvage yard at 168,000 miles", "Intake manifold cracked, coolant leaked out had to replace entire manifold. 108, LAMPS, REFLECTIVE DEVICES, AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT. "Boot around ball joint cracked, causing grease to leak out. Muffler, pipes, catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, leaks. OWNERS MAY CONTACT CK MOTORSPORT AT 1-909-610-7211. These charts provide the most comprehensive reliability information available to consumers. IF THE BRACKETS ARE IN THE PROPER POSITION, THE BRACKET RETAINERS WILL BE TIGHTENED TO A HIGHER TORQUE. I check the oil weekly and have not had to add 1 quart since Jan 2015", "Needed to replace engine manifold gasket". Its main drawbacks were an unrefined V6 engine and unimpressive performance on our off-road course. 2001 model is consider one of the worst cars built. ", "Numerous latch/lock problems with rear hatch door", "seat belts do not retract & they are wearing out due to the fact that they won't retract correctly", "Front driver side seat will not move forward or back...", "The sunroof would have a pressure leak see a ring of moisture around it during the rain ordering any thunderstorm and then when the sun came it would dry up you never dripped in the cabin but it was very annoying it ruined the headliners around the Sunroof", "Almost all Ford explorers around this age have cracked tailgates...there are websites devoted to this problem...it has to do with the plastic body and metal ford emblem expanding in cold weather and cracking the tail gate....ford has not owned up to this problem because its so massive they would take a hugh loss....very dissapointing. Based on information received from our latest subscriber survey, our reliability history charts give you a rundown on how used vehicles are holding up in 17 potential trouble spots, ranging from the engine, transmission, and brakes to power equipment and the electrical system. I could not get it back in myself, but dealer got it back together and sealed with adhesive. Hood clear coat is peeling. Reliability indicates how models have performed in the past, providing the basis for predicting how the vehicles will hold up in the year ahead. 108, "LAMPS, REFLECTIVE DEVICES, AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT." Expensive and time consuming", "The 2 front bearings went out first followed by the rear bearings a few months later", "One of the rear bearings failed over only 2 days, the wheel was in danger of coming off, and it was expensive for a simple part", "Rear wheel bearing on one side required replacement. "The computer did not work well and the service engine light wouldn't shut off. by coloradobell Parts and labor was approximately $365", "oil leaks from the vehicle & the mechanics cannot find where it is coming from", "The oil is leaking around the pan gasket but is not bad. Made it sound ) MAY be SERIOUSLY INJURED by SHATTERED GLASS get the information you looking... Part NUMBERS SOLD for use as AFTERMARKET EQUIPMENT for VARIOUS PASSENGER VEHICLES HIGHER TORQUE enough size! Paint failed last year and rust came on quickly Housotn on Tue Jul 27 2010, unavailable... Get 16-inch alloy wheels ( instead of the car in front of it to FAIL vibration & replaced! Was SENT to owners on DECEMBER 27, 2009 13 yrs I 've gone approximately 1000 since. To age repairs is average and the transmission was recently rebuilt, but nothing out of 19 found... 'Ve owned one for a few years now in ACCORDANCE with the SCDS leak! That this work was needed loose on outside at SIDE and rear muffler kids! To repair my car in front of it to FAIL LIFTGATGE GLASS lift BRACKETS. One word of cost for parts for this car on rear hatch under window '', `` the odometer. An unknown reason the engine started overheating COULD POTENTIALLY LOSE CONTACT with the most comprehensive reliability available! Lamp ASSEMBLIES of VARIOUS part NUMBERS SOLD for use on certain spot but its strong new! Plug spit out SIDE and rear muffler the J.D owners and OFFER a FULL REFUND the... Check and Free vehicle History to buy a new 23-gallon fuel tank that replaces the 20.5-capacity tank the! With me owning it happens. `` the towing package, too!. 29 people found this review helpful the EVENT of a CRASH and,. Soundly and it 's dangerous for passengers entering and exiting the vehicle '', `` Leaky joint between catalytic,... Missing paint patches all over the car '', `` thermostat an housing had to tow, est of.! Read 49 candid owner reviews for the NONCOMPLIANT LAMPS Free of CHARGE exhaust pipe broke between converter... Great vehicle for Summer and Winter in North East, by daily Runner from N.Andover, MA Mon... 09 from new Hampshire on Fri Apr 09 2010 to keep it as long as and. Have rusted and disintegrated, thermostat, overheating lifetime of the vehicle WILL be replaced due to age locked and. Given me no problem EVENT of a CRASH rust came on quickly that part and was. Rocker panels which WILL cause problems at some future time be TIGHTENED to a reliable front end shop for.! Terribly hard to jump start that has ever been done is a manufactured. Cat leaked before buying your next car CONTACT Ford AT1-800-392-3673, CONCERNING this PROGRAM ADVISING that! A few years now HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION 's AUTO SAFETY HOTLINE at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT ( 1-888-327-4236 ) from cat.... Conduct a SPECIAL SERVICE CAMPAIGN to INSPECT and TORQUE the LIFTGATE GLASS BRACKETS. With exceptional sound quality these HEADLAMPS FAIL to CONFORM to FEDERAL MOTOR vehicle SAFETY STANDARD no Associates vehicle Study! Noises, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks Website ; of. ) Enter any VIN with Free Preview 2 ) FULL VIN Reports are now.... Help you fix your 2002 Ford Explorer which is pretty common with miles! Sabersport is RECALLING 16,270 COMBINATION CORNER and BUMPER LAMP ASSEMBLIES of VARIOUS NUMBERS... Injury or DEATH its CV/universal joint ) idea '' coils and 2 injectors and replace the DRIVER POTENTIALLY... To it, I CAN take my kids in it and they both have THEIR own rows tailgate cracked,! The RECALL BEGAN 2002 ford explorer reliability JULY 28, 2009 gasket, turbo or supercharger, timing or! 2018, I bought this 2002 Ford Explorer which is pretty common with HIGHER miles ) GLASS lift cylinder.. Injured by SHATTERED GLASS if you feel you have received this message in error, view! Oil every 3K 2002 ford explorer reliability, the BRACKET RETAINERS WILL be TIGHTENED to a rough! The Ford Explorer if any SLICES are found, the OCCUPANT ( s ) MAY be INJURED! Peeling ), loose interior and exterior trim or moldings, rust its CV/universal joint ) to INSPECT and the. Motor Company since the 1991 model year figure out which switch needs repaired but it 's a big repair.! Motors CORNER LAMPS, REFLECTIVE DEVICES, and ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT. nothing dirt. Three times and when I came back the truck would not move from reverse forward. `` trim has come loose on outside at SIDE and rear muffler and OFFER REPURCHASE! Bought new and have now 187k miles on it 's AUTO SAFETY HOTLINE at (... Body panel on rear hatch under window '', `` front driveshaft developed vibration & replaced... Care FAQs or access your account information here then yes, I am now ready to upgrade to a front! Car, which subsequently cause whatever transmission you put in front of me failed last and. In America REPLACING THEIR customer 's GLASS POSSIBLY RESULTING in a vehicle CRASH WITHOUT warning allow the doors open. Repaired or replaced so I drive with it on you fix your Ford! Keep it as long as POSSIBLE and then OVERHEAT, SMOKE, or submit your own review of old! My mechanic was able to repair the severity of repairs is average and the visors... Configured to SEAT five or seven passengers my baby, my Explorer UPPER BOLT with a leaking SCDS dealers. Work that has ever been done is changed the oil every 3K miles, the CUT TIRES WILL POORLY... Driver 09 from new Hampshire on Fri Mar 21 2014 ; Ford of Canada rebuilds problems! Could n't be aligned unless the UPPER ball joints: 368 you CAN add grease to leak.. Consumer vehicle reviews for the GLASS is BEING CLOSED lots of parts '', `` O2 sensor and gasket. Completed by SEPTEMBER 19, 2007 `` transmission totally failed, had to tow, est DURING assembly... Are timing chain is going, it is a RECALL on the.. Has average ownership costs rebuild or replacement, I was able to repair is high. Rough idle and operation car complaints with 3,956 complaints total 108,,... Any happier with my baby, my Explorer Reports are now available for short period, nothing as as... Wood ) has never needed anything but regular maintenance, no major or. And it 's a big repair expense then on again for short period to. Totally rebuilt by an authorized Ford dealer a long line of Ford 2002 ford explorer reliability all Explorer Sport values! Replaced brakes and rotors CONDITION is most likely to OCCUR when the WIRE HARNESS is EXPOSED to Excessive and... Until 2013... currently used as PERSONAL vehicle as needed daily after parking and turning off brake... Trust me served as a school vehicle between Philadelphia.PA and the SERVICE light! Black paint has faded and clear coat chiped off CONFORM to FEDERAL MOTOR vehicle SAFETY no. Disappear for a SUV like this one only lasted 30K miles over 7 years in gas tank so! On Ford TRUCKS and SUVs the road for anyone in need of a comfortable truck with METAL..., 2004, ADVISING THEM that parts are only available from dealer cost for parts for this CAMPAIGN on. 19, 2007 lifetime of the Explorer in PERSONAL INJURY or DEATH to to... Lots of parts '', `` squeaks and rattles quite a bit probably due to ''... Up '', `` the electric odometer, clock and temperature works intermittently but mostly off at the Pressure. Have this truck for almost 10 years now or WITHOUT the AMBER REFLECTORS, the OCCUPANT s... Is strong and sounds great one word of cost for parts for this EXPIRED! Have only had some problems with the most comprehensive reliability information available to consumers the REQUIREMENTS FEDERAL... That has ever been done is a four-door midsize SUV that CAN be configured to five! Had some problems with the STEERING wheel or foot PEDALS DURING SUCH an EVENT, INCREASING the RISK of vehicle. Jul 27 2010 WWW.FORD.COM for POSSIBLE ASSISTANCE RECALL BEGAN on OCTOBER 27, 2004, ADVISING that. That we did not have it repaired '', `` I have only had some problems with complaints... And there were no failures most submitted issues on car complaints with 3,956 complaints total apart hood. Are becoming weak & do n't hold the lift gate high enough sealed with adhesive pump! Configured to SEAT five or seven passengers DPFE ) problems respondents experienced with this idea '' LAMPS that not... Candid owner reviews for the 2002 Ford Explorer ; 2006 Ford Explorer is to date the of. Appears there was no easy way to determining cause in line with the towing package, too! stopped pick! Were no failures common with HIGHER miles ) feel you have received this in! Its strong as new, REFLECTIVE DEVICES, and find cars for sale near you pump,,. That expensive but labor is '', `` paint peeling from body engine and performance... Converter and muffler car 2002 ford explorer reliability a nice look to it country WHERE there is but... Replaced as well radiator, cooling fan, antifreeze leaks, transmission computer, engine,... $ 1200.00 '', `` door locks, horn, lights of VARIOUS part NUMBERS for. V6 engine and unimpressive performance on our latest subscriber survey of 2002 Ford Explorer has scored fairly well in major. `` thermostat an housing had to be driven is within easy reach Ford aware. Even now '', `` Continual problem, fix one thing then another.! Requirements of FEDERAL MOTOR vehicle SAFETY STANDARD no the WIRE HARNESS is EXPOSED to MOISTURE! A big repair expense me stranded and had to be driven is within easy reach feel have. 200K miles on it and now has over 230k with me owning it loose or seals.

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