Kitchen Dialogues: A Meeting for History

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Kitchen Dialogues: A Meeting for History

People from Euro Toques inform…
?Di?logos de cocina? has
come about with the firm goal of becoming a reference point
which will be of interest to all. Euro-Toques aims to make
use of synergies to guarantee the success of the meeting,
something we consider vital in order to ensure its continuity.
Euro-Toques is a prestigious organisation with over 20
years experience and a social mass of almost 800 associates
throughout Spain.

The aim of this project is to establish the groundwork for
an international meeting for haut cuisine and quality catering
sectors, along with prestigious opinion makers, scholars,
networks and different research groups. We want to
debate and discuss questions of concern to professionals:
technology, innovation, trends, deep analysis of questions
which prevent the development of gastronomic culture,
meetings for products and producers, etc. In short, we wish
to promote the exchange of opinions and ideas.

Creative Gastronomic Dialogues: Feeding Know-How.
Euro-Toques International Gastronomy Meeting.
We have drawn up an intensive, attractive programme which
will last for a day and a half (12th and 13th March), including
14 speeches lasting 30 minutes and 3 roundtable discussions
lasting one hour, at Miram?n Technology Park (San
Sebasti?n-Donostia). We will contact you in mid-February
with further details.

We would love to be able to count on your attendance, given
the international scope of the event and the benefits it will
provide to all.

We need your support and experience in order to take this
wonderful adventure we have embarked upon forward.

Euro-Toques Espa?a

monday, 12 march
08:45 h. Presentation of the encounter and its contents by
the President of Euro-Toques.
09:00 h. Product, Raw Materials, The Environment, The
Cultural Environment.
09.00-09.30 h. Identity and Medium. Indigenous Breeds
and quality products. Mariano Gomez (Euskal abereak).
09.40-10.10 h. Sociology and Food. Carlo Petrini (Slow
Food. Terra madre).
10.20-10.50 h. Coffee Break.
11.00-11.30 h. Distribution. Alternative Development Networks.
Carlos Tristancho PQ (el pa?s donde habitan las
11.40-12.10 h. Commitment and the Environment. Jose
Uranga (Biological producer).
12.20-12.50 h. Labels, Kalitatea and Denominations. Alazne
Uribarri (Manager of Dinamics and Promotion at the
Kalitatea Foundation).
13:00-14:00 h. Round table. ?Quality, Characteristic Product
and Producers, an Impossibility ??
Mariano Gomez (Euskal abereak).
Carlo Petrini (Slow Food. Terra madre).
Carlos Tristancho PQ (el pa?s donde habitan las Quercus).
Jose Uranga (Productor biol?gico).
Alazne Uribarri (Kalitatea Foundation).
Joan Roca (chef).
14:30-15:30 h. Working lunch.
16:00 h. Technology, Technique and Science.
16.00-16.30 h. Other Ways of Thinking. Toni Massanes
(Alicia Foundation).
16.40-17.10 h. Other Ways of Understanding. Antonio
Duch (Azti Foundation).
17.20-17.50 h. Other Ways of Doing it. Harold Macgee.
18.00-18.30 h. Other Ways of Seeing it. Davide Cassi.
18:40-19:40 h. Mahai ingurua. ?What can Science Offer us
in Addition to Techniques and Technology??
Toni Massanes (Alicia Foundation).
Antonio Duch (Azti Foundation).
Harold Macgee.
Davide Cassi.
Heston Blumenthal (chef).
tuesday, 13 march
09:00 h. Visions Values and Soul.
09.00-09.30 h. Innovation. Jos? Luis Larrea (President of
09.40-10.10 h. Creativity. Igor Calzada (Mik).
10.20-10.50 h. Coffee Break.
11.00-11.30 h. Cross Culture. Santos Brega?a (Tabula).
11.40-12.10 h. Exchange and Debate. Luc Dubanchet
12.20-12.50 h. Fusion and Mix. B?n?dict Beaug?.
13:00-14:00 h. Round table. What Values do we Wish to
Foster for the Gastronomy of Today and Tomorrow?
Jos? Luis Larrea (President of Ibermatica).
Igor Calzada (Mik).
Santos Brega?a (Tabula).
Luc Dubanchet (Onmivore).
B?n?dict Beaug?.
Michel Bras (chef).

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