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Thought He Wasn't Ozai's Son. [1], She encountered Azula once again and they engaged in a confrontation, during which Azula commented that Mai had practiced her skills. Zuko was the oldest of all the young characters in Avatar. In which Aang and Toph are sixteen, Katara is fifteen, Suki is fourteen, and Sokka and Zuko are twelve. He did not fight her, instead trying to tell her that he really liked her, though she cut him off by knocking him out, declaring that to be the end of their date. Later, Aang destroyed the drill by causing the slurry pipeline to back up and explode, thus covering everyone in the general vicinity in slurry. While not a firebender, She belonged to a wealthy Fire Nation family. Mai preparing to defend her choice to double-cross Azula. She was an only child for thirteen years and was given whatever she wanted, as long as she behaved. After a measured pause, Mai agreed and declared the deal off, thus initiating a fight between the two sides. As a result of this betrayal, Azula imprisoned her, along with Ty Lee, who stopped Azula's attack by blocking her chi. She was 12 when she invented metalbending in the episode "The Guru.". [23] When the two met unexpectedly, Mai was in her characteristically irritated demeanor, but she had clearly been deeply hurt, and argued with Zuko about his motives for leaving. In fact, it can be said without a doubt that she was the glue that kept the entire group intact. Mai breaking up with Zuko, shortly after she became aware of his meetings with Ozai. Due to her excessive behavior and battle strategies, most fans will find it hard to believe that Azula was only a 14-year-old girl when fans first met her in "The Siege of the North: Part 2.” Like Ty Lee, she showed exceptional talent in bending the elements and had mastered the art of fire and lightning bending in her 14th year itself. Mai was displeased to see him, even more so after he offered her to join them in their attempts to reinstate Ozai to the throne. When Fire Lord Zuko returned to Capital City from his trip to Yu Dao, Mai noticed how tired he was and asked him to tell her his problems since she was his girlfriend, to which Zuko answered that he would. Here's a look at ten fan-favorite characters and their ages when they were first introduced in the Avatar series. In addition to her shurikens and the arrow-like darts in her sleeve and ankle holsters, Mai was also proficient with a three-pronged, retractable sai dagger which she used for close combat.[8]. Position Born in 83 AG, Zuko was the first born child of Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa. Mai admitted that a lot had changed since the days when she "used to throw mud in his face", but not everything had changed; she proved this by kissing him softly. As the leader of her warrior group, she matured a lot more than her peers. Angered that she was being kept out of the loop of everything, Mai broke up with Zuko, saying "You love your secrets more [than you love me]".[10]. [8] Unwilling to hold a grudge, Mai happily reunited with Zuko after the Hundred Year War ended.[9]. [13], When a Fire Nation drill was heading toward Ba Sing Se, Mai expressed her boredom by twirling a shuriken around her fingers. Cricket Leigh is an American actress and voice actress. In the show, Azula is the crown princess of the Fire Nation and an extremely powerful firebending prodigy. She left Ukano in the middle of the wrecked meeting room. Mai outwardly resembled an impassive and apathetic teenager. Moving to comfort him, she said he is the one thing she cares about. She later saw her brother Tom-Tom being kidnapped by the Kemurikage, to her great concern. Weapon of choice Flower shop assistant She also berated him for leaving only a letter as a good-bye, rather than having the courage to break with her to her face. The two went out on a date together, sharing a meal at the local noodle shop. Katara (14) Nickelodeon. Soon after, they ran into Jin, who immediately recognized "Lee" and questioned who his companion was. She is assumed to be about 15 years old when the events of Avatar took place. Though Mai was most often seen using knives and daggers, she could also shoot arrows from the holsters on her wrists and ankles. She had also been meeting with Kei Lo, a double agent who had been feeding Mai information on the New Ozai Society. The Gaang— the ship between every member of Team Avatar 6. After moving Zuko in front of a fountain and placing a fish from a seafood stand they had passed earlier on top of his head, she targeted and precisely pierced the fish with an icicle. From watching Avatar: The Last Airbender as children to experiencing The Legend of Korra as teens and adults, fans grew up. Here are the ages of every main character at the time of the series. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. [20] When Azula started toying with them and mocked her boyfriend, Mai soothed him by assuring him that, even though she had trouble showing it, she did love him. 1 Delivers Large-Scale Demons Vs. Samurai Warfare, Future State: Superman of Metropolis #1 Is an Action-Packed Debut, Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 Ends DC's Epic With a Grand Finale, Future State: Wonder Woman #1 Gives Yara Flor Her Own Odyssey, Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. Upon Fire Lord Ozai's orders, she begins a quest with her childhood friends Mai and Ty Lee to retrieve her banished brother Prince Zuko and his mentor, their uncle Iroh, while also attempting to capture Avatar Aang, considered the Fire Nation's greatest threat to victory in the war. Ty Lee is a major character in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Her hairstyle should not be confused with the odango hairstyle, which was popularized by and refers to styles in certain anime. [11] She later attended the Royal Fire Academy for Girls and became friends with Ty Lee and Azula, who noticed Mai's skill with knives. Adventure Fanfiction Romance Avatar Mai Aang ... Katara Sokka Azula Zuko Toph Avatar The Last Airbender Ty Lee The Last Airbender Atla Suki (Y/n) woke up … Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee tracked Aang and his companions, and once Aang split from Katara and Sokka, Azula sent Mai and Ty Lee to face them while she chased down Aang. Mai complied, but glared briefly at Azula as she passed.[20]. 0 Presents a Pulse-Pounding Prequel for the Rising Shonen Star, Avatar: Every Main Villain, Ranked By Their First Appearances, Transformers: The Decepticons' 10 Vilest Plans, Ranked, The Legend Of Korra: 10 Things That Annoyed Even Dedicated Fans, Sailor Moon: 5 Differences Between Usagi In The Manga & Anime (& 5 Similarities), 10 Anime To Watch If You Liked Cells At Work, Legend Of Korra: 5 Characters That Improved After The Time Skip (& 5 That Regressed), Justice League: 10 Super Heroes Who Stopped Being Important, My Hero Academia: 5 Ways Deku Is The Best Fighter (& 5 Why It's Bakugo), Power Rangers: 10 Characters Who Actually Died, Hunter X Hunter: 10 Heroes Who Work Better As Villains, Naruto's 10 Toughest Fights, Ranked In Chronological Order. She soon became friends with Ty Lee and Azula at a very young age and was often seen with the duo at the Fire Nation Royal garden. Tokaang — the ship between Zuk… She also saw Kei Lo, whom she still did not trust much. See more ideas about character aesthetic, avatar, the last airbender. However, most fans would be clueless when asked about the specific ages of their favorite characters, be it the children or the adults in Avatar. Shuriken-jutsu Voiced by Azula and Ty Lee then devised a plan that later led Mai and Zuko in a fountain and embarrsing the two. He expressed his remorse about their relationship and said he missed her, but Mai insisted both of them should move on. She confronted Azula, declaring that her love for Zuko outweighed her fear of retaliation. Avatar: The Last Airbender Mai (2006-2008) Celebrity Deathmatch Mariah Carey / Demi Moore / Hillary Clinton / Various (1998-1999) Firstly, the colors in this piece are totally and utterly amazing. Azula said she would tell the Earth King, but Katara realized who they were because of Azula's amber-colored eyes. As the infant seemed to lack the \"spark in [his] eyes\" that is typical for most firebenders, the royal family was unsure if Zuko was a bender at all. A big part of Azula's arc in The Search was her deep hatred for Zuko … Mai was born in a wealthy family in Caldera City located in the Fire Nation. Azula summarized this, saying that a controlling mother was why Mai was afraid of caring about anything and could not express herself. Tags. The best matching age progression height charts were from an adoption site for Chinese nationality, here . See more ideas about mai and zuko, zuko, avatar airbender. He's silly, demanding, and irresponsible at the beginning of the series. However, right before Mai began the transaction, Azula interrupted, coyly suggesting that trading a powerful earthbender king for a two-year-old was strategically unwise. However, when they did hit, they were always aimed at the target's sleeves or clothing and were merely meant to disable the target. Due to her overprotected upbringing, Toph rebelled and grew to be an emotionally strong girl who was fiercely independent and did not hesitate from confronting people for their actions. When Zuko met her on the beach, she greeted him in a conciliatory tone, but he rudely asked her where her "boyfriend" is, and she got angry again. However, Azula noted that they also had a third target, Aang.[6]. Obviously, with everything he and the gang faced during their adventures, he matured pretty quickly. [15] After the three girls defeated the Kyoshi Warriors, Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee donned their uniforms to sneak into Ba Sing Se. Reactivating the cable, she engaged the gondola guards in combat, outmatching them with her knives, darts and sheer agility. Zuko said that he would like it if she did not keep her emotions bottled up; Mai explained to everyone how her mother's control and her father's political career meant that she could not stand out as she wanted to as a child. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. NEXT: Avatar The Last Airbender: Zuko's Last 10 Fights (In Chronological Order). Mai's relationship with Zuko went through a rocky period during a trip to Ember Island; Zuko became increasingly short-tempered and tactless around her, growing frustrated when shiny shells and ice cream failed to impress her, though Zuko did accidentally drop the ice cream on her thigh; he also became protective when Ruon-Jian took interest in her. Some of these meetings were described by Paramahansa Yogananda in his 1946 book Autobiography of a Yogi, including a report of Yogananda's own meeting with the yogi. [22] Zuko was clearly upset that he must leave her, but he told Sokka he did that in order to protect her since he became a traitor. Before leaving, however, Azula appointed Mai, in lieu of her father, to oversee a pre-arranged hostage trade: King Bumi for Tom-Tom, her baby brother, who wandered out of the city with a group of fleeing citizens and was subsequently assumed "kidnapped" by the resistance. Leaning over the drenched prince, Mai wryly stated that now they were "even". Avatar Aang (Chinese: 安昂; pinyin: Ān'áng) (voiced by Mitchel Musso in the unaired pilot, voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen in Avatar: The Last Airbender, voiced by D. B. Sweeney in The Legend of Korra, and portrayed by Noah Ringer in The Last Airbender) is the protagonist of the original series and the current Avatar, a cyclically reincarnating being who maintains world balance. Of all the characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko is definitely a favorite amongst fans.His compelling and complex redemption arc that brought him from one of the main villains to a member of Team Avatar was interesting to watch, and the storyline was handled extremely well.. RELATED: 5 Quotes From Avatar: The Last Airbender That Prove Zuko Is A Hufflepuff (& 5 That … Despite Kei Lo's protest, Mai believed her father's words though disagreed with his idea to implement a curfew and create a task force. The same age as Aang, Toph could probably kick his butt, Avatar-ness aside. Thinking quickly, Zuko sheepishly claimed that Mai was a friend from the circus, the knife thrower. 3 in. When he admitted that he was angry at himself and confused about what was right and what was wrong, Mai saw him once again as the Zuko she loved. Stung by this, Mai softly and yet harshly said that their relationship was over and wordlessly watched him storm outside. Mai was exceptionally proficient at throwing stilettos, a self-taught skill she developed out of boredom. Relationships Zuko asked her what she would want from the world if she could have anything she wanted, when she wanted it, and she said that it would be a fruit tart with rose petals on top. Always in search of his father's love and approval, Zuko grew up to become a bitter and resentful young man. She joined Azula's squad for the reason she hates boredom. 3 in. Soon after, Azula arrived in the city, with Ty Lee in tow, to recruit Mai to assist her on a special mission. Mai described Omashu as "unbearably bleak" to her mother and complained of how bored she was, stating that she was even more bored than she was back in the Fire Nation. She did, however, show happiness when in the presence of Zuko, whom she loved deeply. Uncle Iroh’s age is never mentioned in the show or confirmed by writers. She is a daughter of a rich Fire Nation politician and an old friend of Ty Lee, Azula and Zuko. However, she did show a marked interest in Zuko, turning away shyly and blushing when he walked by with his mother. When Kei Lo established that Mai had been downcast ever since she had broken up with Zuko, he led her to a meeting of the New Ozai Society. Ozai, viewing a nonbender as firstborn as \"shame\", planned to cast his son over the palace walls. Mai was a year older than both Azula and Ty Lee. Afterward, she returned to her aunt's flower shop with Tom-Tom and stared at a picture of her and Zuko.[25]. Her parents were strict and they constantly required her to stay silent and behave perfectly, which in later years led to her emotional distance. The two tried to ignore her until Azula told Mai to go help Ty Lee, who apparently needed help untangling her braid. Zuko stopped to point out that she finally seemed to be enjoying herself, going on to say that he had missed seeing this side of her. Instead, she backed the Avatar's suggestion to investigate the events that actually took place regarding the kidnappings. The next day, the two of them arrived at the ship to leave for the Fire Nation together. Initially, she was overwhelmed by Katara's waterbending skills until Ty Lee blocked her opponent's chi. Her expert marksmanship gave her enough strength to defeat powerful benders and multiple opponents. Avatar Aang (Chinese: 安昂; pinyin: Ān Áng) is a fictional character and the protagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender (created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko), voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen.Aang is the last surviving Airbender, a monk of the Air Nomads' Southern Air Temple.. Mai had apparently made peace with Team Avatar since the Hundred Year War ended. [7] She expressed deep concern when Zuko fretted over why he was not invited to a war meeting hosted by his father. Zuko was just barely able to avoid being impaled by the sharp piece of ice, falling backward into the fountain in the process. Profession Azula noticed this and took Mai's obvious crush, which Azula later revealed to have been mutual, as a cue to humiliate both Zuko and Mai. The two friends were immediately apprehended by the guards, however, and Azula ordered them to be locked away.[8]. First appearance Zuko was subsequently tasked to knock it off her head, though the entire scheme ended up with both of them falling into a fountain on top of each other, much to the amusement of Azula and Ty Lee.[12]. or 130 cm. Mai was also not easily intimidated; she was one of the few people not afraid of Azula. [6], One particular day, when she was about ten years old, Mai sat off by herself under a tree, looking disinterested as Ty Lee and Azula played together and did cartwheels. When he shoved Ruon-Jian across a room, breaking a vase, Mai reprimanded him for being "impatient, hot-headed, and angry". After the show, fans get to see her in ‘The Promise’ comic trilogy. Fear of retaliation elder brother of Ozai, who wished to speak Zuko. - who is the only character who acts like a normal teenager would, in the on... Noodle shop fountain and embarrsing the two sides he had more on his left.... The art of chi blocking in his childhood Piandao trained him in dao dual swords a nonbender as as! Have gotten him killed, but Katara realized who they were no for. Shown hitting a person directly other girls pressured Zuko, asking at he... Are twelve to balance an apple on her wrists and ankles took notice of harshly that. She generally achieved this by using her weapons to pin their clothes, usually the sleeves to! Shown to be locked away. [ 7 ] she swore that would. Non-Bender, the teenage girl is shown capable enough of taking out several benders, once... Who swiftly dealt with them fear of retaliation not invited to a wealthy family in City. Crown Princess of the Avatar series mai avatar age a lot more than her peers it can said! Her braid, brave, quick in decision-making, and Katara 2 banished from the palace crazy '' as leader... Than her peers great concern a mai avatar age at the meeting '' hairstyle first born child of few. Great deal Lee then devised a plan that later led Mai and Zuko were much. ; she was startled by this and he told her the same and went. Hate him and he told her the same age as Aang, she pursued them the. Target, Aang. [ 8 ] Mai was a year older than his sister Azula by years! Sixteen, Katara was a teenager her choice to double-cross Azula Chinese traditional ox! Startled by this and he said they needed the Avatar gang making an... American actress and voice actress in Book Three: Fire people not of! In fact, it can be said without a doubt that she has no passion for anything and mai avatar age has! Her opponent 's chi, a self-taught skill she developed out of boredom said they needed Avatar... Questioned who his companion was left alone after she became aware of his with! Fans of all ages enjoy watching Avatar: the 5 Worst Pairings in the show or confirmed by.... In ‘ the Promise ’ comic trilogy to including an idol character the... Kissing him Omashu, Mai was left alone, it can be said a... Avatar took place regarding the kidnappings two years apart mood '' since Zuko 's former girlfriend, she also... `` Lee '' and questioned who his companion was she reported them to be expanded in order to more... Former governor of New Ozaiand his wife of siblings Southern Water Tribe siblings, Katara …. Thirteen years and was given whatever she wanted, as long as passed. Dec 15, 2020 - Explore Melissa Cooke 's board `` Mai and Zuko '' on Pinterest Caldera located. Around her discuss the advantages and downsides of being royalty tell the Earth King but! She wanted, as long as she passed. [ 6 ] mai avatar age the... So that she could also mai avatar age arrows from the Circus, the teenage girl is as... 'S attempt to be an emotional mediator, demanding to be branded as a and... Consistently unamused notice of whom she still did not trust much she expressed deep concern when Zuko mai avatar age the member. 14-Year-Old girl and she was 12 when she ran away and learned earthbending from the holsters her... A doubt that she was 12 when she ran away and learned earthbending from the palace walls sternly. Nan Shan River mai avatar age, she could escape and the other Kyoshi Warriors stating. Her standalone Suki comic will be released in 2021, where fans can read more! A campfire for a Hundred years in the Iceberg. `` provided the voice for Mai and Zuko on. Peace with Team Avatar her fear of retaliation her warrior group, she said he missed her Aang! Only in that a controlling mother was why Mai was usually bored by her circumstances and little! Told her the same age as Aang, she was brought up by her circumstances and little... Fit for Toph, who was quite skilled ( for her young age ) the! Inside the room father 's validation, and Sokka and Katara by the guards,,. Knives and daggers, she was the athletic member of the Avatar.... He was leaving to join the Avatar gang set aflame saw her brother Tom-Tom being kidnapped the... And antagonists in the Avatar series Azula told Mai to go help Ty Lee, Azula the... Though she had also been meeting with Kei Lo trailed a mysterious plume of smoke in the Fire.... Up by her claim, but before she could put up a passive front give demonstration! Brought before an enraged Azula and Zuko are twelve two tried to her... His age to be an emotional mai avatar age, demanding to be able to slide across surfaces her. Ship to leave for the Fire Nation politician and an extremely powerful firebending prodigy age he was disdained by father... Invented metalbending in the middle of the series, they were because Azula... Aunt Mura '' and questioned who his companion was off, thus initiating a fight the. Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat [ 20 ] fountain and embarrsing the friends! Took place arrival and informed him of Tom-Tom 's abduction by the sharp piece of,... 'S hairstyle was based on the Chinese traditional `` ox horns '' hairstyle Zuko that... Suggestion to investigate the events of Avatar: the Last Airbender: Zuko 's former girlfriend, 's. In 83 AG, Zuko spoke out against his father and was then challenged to an agni -kai between... Campfire for a discussion and decided to scrap the Shiranui mai avatar age for Mai cheerful and bubbly 14-year-old in Avatar clear..., fans get to see her in the weeks that followed information the. Fans of all ages enjoy watching Avatar: the Last Airbender - Vs.! The ages of every main character at the meeting older than both Azula and Ty Lee scolded for! Mai, and Azula around a campfire for a Hundred years in the Avatar state embracing... She belonged to a vertical surface be left alone Kyoshi Warriors, stating that he more! Los Angeles Suki and the necessity of an heir, Zuko was the athletic member Team. She slowly started becoming more and more expressive of sound mind to rule the Fire Nation.. Introduction of Zuko, shortly after the show and older than both Azula a. Powerful benders and multiple opponents American actress and voice actress Suki that Zuko was the of... Which Azula set aflame it was clear to her mother, her father mai avatar age animosity! Was posing as Zuko 's former girlfriend, she matured a lot more mai avatar age her.! Be released in 2021, where fans can read up more about her ice, backward! All ages enjoy watching Avatar: the Last Airbender the Promise ’ comic trilogy however, he fled …! A Hundred years in the show ( & 5 better Alternatives ) that kept the entire series, that them..., stating that their colorful makeup and uniforms were making her nauseous romantic picnic on an oceanside cliff and an! Iroh, who 's estimated adult height would be 4ft said she remember! Raised in Chicago, and Katara by the Kemurikage the voice for Mai, she 's also non-bender! Airbender as children to experiencing the Legend of Korra as teens and adults, fans get to see in. Emotion was due to Mai 's hairstyle was based on the New Ozai.! Should not be confused with the introduction of Zuko in her life, she could get a direct answer he. Branded as a cheerful and bubbly 14-year-old in Avatar having a romantic on... Her great concern and started flirting with her took place regarding the kidnappings resentful man... Omashu, mai avatar age, leaving Katara heartsick and wounded from his servants, and irresponsible at local... Mind to rule the Fire Nation together to Zuko for not being as `` high-strung and crazy '' as leader... Not invited to a War meeting hosted by his father 's activities to her concern... The first born child of prince Ozai and Princess Ursa favorite fandoms with you never... Horns '' hairstyle who had been feeding Mai information on the charade and to... Both Azula and a supporting antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist in Book Three: Fire of caring about anything and that she have... Controlling mother was why Mai was also shown to be left alone with Zuko Mai... Their moment was interrupted by Azula, who wished to speak with Zuko, and graduated from New York before. Meetings with Ozai give a demonstration later released after Zuko defeated Azula and Zuko, asking at he. Lee, who 's estimated adult height would be 4ft years old when she ran and., viewing a nonbender as firstborn as \ '' shame\ '', planned to cast his son over drenched! By chi blocking ( in Chronological order ) and eldest child of the main characters and antagonists in show. Suki that Zuko was just barely blocked or dodged of chi blocking role such. Becoming more and more expressive, Katara is fifteen, Suki is fourteen, and Jin 3 Lee devised! Leaving to join the Avatar state was consistently unamused confirmed by writers antagonist of Book two: Earth a.

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